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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The Mindy/Sam scene was pretty inessential but I wish they had kept in the Dewey/Judy scene, it was nice to see them share some additional time together.
  2. BTG


    Screaming @ the artist drawing of Kirby! Like Kirby wouldn’t have had old social media accounts or her YouTube interview they could’ve got actual pictures from.

    Like I said before, glad that was cut out. I hate the idea that Kirby is missing.
  3. they should have kept both of those scenes it. THey feel very screamesque. THe judy and dewey scene realy was needed to give theor characters more presence in the movie.
  4. I'd love it if Scream 6 focused on one of those Netflix true crime docs making a binge-series about all of the murders, it'd be a good way to pull back in surviving characters for interviews while the killer(s) takes advantage of them all being gathered proximately.

    What a great scene! I can't remember Dewey and Judy sharing a scene in the final cut?
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  5. Made me chuckle
  6. They unfortunately did not
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  8. I will be taking in requests to stalk the movie sets ddd
  9. Ron Howard as Himbry is genius!
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  10. Alicia Silverstone as Tatum is cute since I think they wanted her as Casey before Drew decided to play the part.
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  11. Oh I love her reactions.

  12. I love how he was actually in the costume for some of it. His enthusiasm for the whole movie is adorable. I love it when actors seem genuinely in love with their work and it's not just another gig to pay the bills.
  13. I kind of love that cut scene with Judy/Dewey. I think they should have left that one in but I guess David was really not happy with Dewey being portrayed as a drunk so if they cut the bit with him and Vince, they had to cut this as well.
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  14. I’ve been waiting for this! I love how much she loves the films
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  15. Hey so I watched this again since it came out on digital and I noticed that during the final dedication to Wes, there are bird calls because he loved bird watching. It made me well up a little bit.

    Still very enjoyable and the third act is a riot. Mikey Madison goes there.
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