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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I love that Neve is getting all this work!
  2. Scream 2

  3. Yesss! I was obsessed with this game when I was younger. I hope she gets to do lots of action.
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  4. I'm watching The Lincoln Lawyer and whilst it's a bit rubbish and very '1998' in how it's written and the stories are paced, Neve is brilliant and definitely the best thing about it.
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  5. Starting to re-watch the TV series and it’s pretty good really isn’t it? I forgot how much I liked most of the characters.
  6. This will have a budget of 35 million as opposed to 5's 24 million. I hope its on the screen.
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  7. Those 11 million dollaaaaasrs better be spent on chase scenes

  8. For real though. Also some wide location shots. As far as chase scene's I'll even take a couple one's like Cici's which was short but sweet. Preferably Gale in Scream 2 length though.
  9. Gale's chase scene in Scream 2 is one of the greatest sequences in slasher movie history. The location, the suspense, those red streaks! It was unforgettable!
  10. The fact that Dame Sarah Michelle Gellar has two of the best chase/kill scenes in the slasher movie world is just pure class.
  11. Uno


    Off topic, but seeing youtubers make that stupid face in every single one of their thumbnails is so damn aggravating.
  12. Especially his face.
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  13. Yeah, I kind of agree. A lot of it is click bait too, as often it has no correlation to the video itself, ha.
  14. Cringe thumbnail aside that Youtuber actually does put a lot of effort into his videos. Like I can't imagine the hours of editing. Still who killed who has never been that big of a deal to me in the franchise. It's not something I spend that much time thinking about.
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  15. He already played along Courteney in Friends.
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