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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. BTG


    Wes didn’t have the balls to kill off cannon fodder like Deputy Judy. I don’t know what he was thinking in Scream 4 but it was a world away from the series’ more cutthroat origins.

    Then again they chickened out on killing Dewey twice...
  2. It obviously could have been an amazing moment if done right, but Gale is one of my all time favourite film characters, so if she'd been killed I think I'd still be in mourning now.
  3. I suppose she met David Arquette making Scream, and they split only a few weeks after filming of Scream 4, so I guess it was a painful time to shoot together.
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  4. While I never have and never will find Jamie Kennedy attractive the glowup from Scream to Scream 2 was real.



    Clearly he got calf implants.
  5. Yes! A sequel, if you will, to her classic chase scene at the end of Scream 2.
  6. I would like to take this moment of Jamie Kennedy discussion to remind everyone of the hilarious and disastrous New Year's Eve special he hosted, in which fights broke out and the countdown was more than a few seconds off:
  7. #shambles.
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  8. Macy sis....
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  9. I never cared if Dewey lived or not, but I was very relieved Gale and Sydney survived each time, especially the 4th movie, which I was sure at least one of them will die in.
  10. Standard misogynistic assholery - every poll I ever saw had the 3 guys at the top. I mean how can anyone like fucking Ross more than Phoebe?

    Dddd I saw him in Tremors 6 recently:

  11. Where's that picture of potatoes I posted about Jeremy Renner??
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  12. "His mother!"

  13. How do you guys feel about the whole "Dewey did it" theory ?
    In short he's been obsessed with Sidney (and/or was also sleeping with her mother) and was the catalyst for the entire series (eg: he was the one that found Roman who then deputised Billy and Stu and so on).
    I could be down for a big twist if we get another movie that really flips everything on its head but I think the only survivor we really NEED for the series is Sidney because her story IS the series (and probably a major part of why the tv series is a very pale comparison).
    I think there'd be a big public outcry if Gale got the axe but I'd be up for her to be the surprise savior of Sidney at the very last minute.
    If you think about it it's the ultimate end to the whole Weinstein drama.
  14. There's been too many attempts on Dewey's life for that to make sense now, I think.
  15. I wouldn’t want to see Dewey, Gale or Sidney become the killer. It would kind of ruin the re-watchability of the previous movies for me if I knew that ultimately one of them would turn out to be a killer, it would make them too unsympathetic.

    I would have been ok with both Gale & Dewey being killed off in Scream 4. I remember being on the edge of my seat during the Gale barn scene the first time I watched it but now it does kind of feel like a missed opportunity. A lengthy chase scene throughout the barn/corn field would have been epic. Dewey could try to save her but fails and Gale is killed, send her off with an epic chase scene and a touching moment with Dewey. Dewey could be killed near the end when he works out that Jill was the killer while trying to save Sidney.
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  16. Gail’s too much of a #BadBitch to ever get killed though. Legends only (and Dewey I guess.)
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  17. So I’m stuck in a hotel this week for work so decided to take my Scream DVDs with me.

    Watched Scream tonight for the first time in aaaaaaages and I know it’s like preaching to the choir, but I can never get over how everytime I watch it it feels like the first time.

    It also reminded me of something I’ve always wondered and would love other opinions (it really is great to finally discuss these films properly) - when Billy tries to convince Sidney he’s not the killer and she looks in his eyes and says “Oh my god”, does she, in that moment, think he definitely is the killer?
  18. I believe so. For a second, she sees his personality change and it makes her question herself and then obviously sees the killer.
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  19. What? Just after they have sex and he says "What do I have to do to convince you?"

    She says "oh my God" because the door opens and Ghostface comes in. If anything her OMG is because she has 'proof' he's not the killer.
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  20. Uno


    She says it twice - once immediately after he says “what do I have to do to prove to you I’m not a killer?” and then once when she looks up and sees the killer walking in.
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