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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I missed Scream 23. Was it good?
  2. Stab 17 was better (unpopular opinion)
  3. So there’s only one bonus feature on the Scream 2 4K which is the Audio commentary that we already have
  4. Not even some deleted scenes or a blooper real or something?!
  5. Where are the cut Cici scenes?
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  6. I need a new audio commentary with SMG and Selma Blair. This homophobia.

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  7. I mean HelloSidney isn’t exactly the font of all knowledge so I’d wait for an official press release.
  8. They did give us the first look at the 4K artwork so they are probably right
  9. No Becoming Mrs. Loomis feature?!

  10. So is Neve in the new one or not?
  11. Ms. Campbell keeping us guessing and anticipating.

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  12. We need her not in the trailers, posters, or previews if she is... give us a shock and a twist.
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  13. My queen deserves the world and a cliffhanger ending with her involved? Here for it. But, completely respect her decision to walk away if she really isn’t in it at all. Bring on season 2 of the Lincoln Lawyer then.
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  14. I was bored and ended up on the parental guidance section for 5cream on IMDb and the last line in this one about Amber is sending me, why is it the perfect description of this franchise?

  15. Is the 4k blu-ray of the first one worth getting, is the picture quality decent?
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  16. Yes! A big improvement over the Blu-ray in my opinion
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  17. It’s the best the film has ever, and likely will ever look.

    Tighter grain structure, increased clarity, sumptuous colour palette, and finally the correct framing. It’s an absolute treat of a transfer, and I hope that carries on to Scream 2 in October.
  18. [​IMG]
    Legacy extras only, but to be honest there really isn’t any information about Scream 2 that hasn’t already been covered online and in the Still Screaming retrospective.

    Sucks that we’ll never see Starfuckers, though.
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