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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

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    That’s a bit of truth and a lot of fan fiction. Sarah Darling is based on her, and she apparently didn't like the script rewrites but by all accounts, she spent her time on set questioning her character’s motivation and suggesting improvements to Wes who didn’t care for it and thought she was a bit annoying.
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  2. I can see SMG feeling that way and it being true. She was young and has mentioned being difficult at times on Buffy and she also allegedly feuded with Susan Lucci on All My Children. I can see her wanting a larger and more fleshed out role, but in the end I do think Cici was very memorable even with limited screen time.

    I like to compare Cici to Olivia in 4. Both had memorable death scenes, but I feel in 2 they did a better job of establishing ho Cici was and giving her a personality, so her death sequence worked better. With Olivia, I just couldn’t tell you anything memorable about her as a character.
  3. Cici was memorable because of Sarah's acting.
  4. I thought Sarah only had a small role cause she was busy with Buffy and I know what you did last sumer which was written by Kevin.
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  5. Cici only had two scenes but as mentioned, she was one of the best parts of Scream 2. Ultimately, I think they made the right choice cutting her scene with the sorority sisters and putting her in the classroom scene, she comes off funny and smart and is so easy to root for during her death scene later.
  6. One thing I love about Scream 2 is that they really made every second count. In addition to Cici and the sorority sisters, you also had Joel in a memorable but small role. I even thought Joshua Jackson was memorable in it. Not only was the film perfectly cast, but I liked that even if it's an actor you like in a smaller role you still felt satisfied.

    The new film seems to have a large cast so I'm hoping for a similar vibe where everybody gets a moment.
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  7. Rewatched 1 and 2 last night. They never get old. You always notice something you didn't notice before.
    And nostalgia hits me every time i put them on.
    All those memories come rushing back. The end of the 90s, VHS tapes, watching it over and over again with kids from school, school trips and sleeping in a tent while being scared by some douche that had a scream was HUGE back then. Pop culture in the making.

    Plan to watch 3 and 4 tonight.
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  8. It's the perfect example of how to balance the new cast with the legacy stars. All subsequent sequels struggled with that, even Scream 5 which kind of underserved the legacy cast if I'm being honest. It really is the perfect sequel, fuck Aliens.
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  9. Aliens is a good film, but Scream 2 did a better job of maintaining the tone of Scream while also having it's own flair. Aliens was a completely different thing from Alien, which seemed to continue with each sequel with diminishing returns each time.

    We're very lucky with Scream in that with all the stuff we can nitpick about, they have done a good job of staying true to what Scream is supposed to be. It's amazing they've carried the same story so long and have kept it fresh.
  10. Obviously it’s not without some flaws and minor plot holes, but the consistency of the Scream films both in front of and behind the camera is unrivalled compared to every other horror franchise.
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  11. Just finished the 3rd one! But before i put on the 4th one, i was wondering, would anyone like a prequel about the 70s hollywood and what happened to Maureen Prescott? There are so many ways the story could go! She was making scary movies after being lured in by Milton, abused in that basement, got pregnant etc. Wasn't there a lot of cults and serial killers in LA at that time?
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  12. No, as that whole backstory they concocted in 3 is shite, and needs never to be mentioned onscreen again
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  13. Done with the 4th one!
    Jeeez i forgot how badly lit it was. Too many dark scenes, you can't even see peoples faces properly...and that ugly yellow/orange grade throughout the whole movie. What were they thinking?
    I can't believe Wes allowed that! I mean, the 3rd one wasn't even that badly made.
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  14. Harsh but accurate.
  15. Aren’t the SMG rumours considered to be total bullshit now? Just like the stuff about her on Buffy where her being a complete professional was instead portrayed as her being a “bitch” simply because of the era she was in and the rampant misogyny of the time.
  16. I always thought that she was very into thrashing out motivations / getting it right etc., an interview with the director of The Grudge said she talked a lot, unlike Japanese cast members who just do as directed.
  17. I think the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Did he have Sara Darling named after her? Possibly. Maybe he was slightly annoyed with her but I doubt he hated her. Wes doesn't seem like the type to hate someone unless it's maybe a Weinstein. Either way I'm gonna live in my fantasy world where they got along.

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  18. BTG


    Yeah, she’s in no way a diva, that’s just misogyny.

    She is very professional though and concerned with everything being just right. So, it’s no surprise that some directors don’t like that or find it a little irritating. Show me a more iconic 90s filmography though. When she’s right, she’s right.
  19. The only one that rivals her is Sidney herself. Party of Five, Scream franchise, The Craft, Wild Things. Truly iconic.
  20. Scream 2022 is leaving Paramount+ on September 30th. Wonder what happens with all the films after that date.
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