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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Can people explain to me why so many fans (You only have to check Twitter and Facebook groups to find them) seem to place 2 as the worst movie of the franchise?

    Genuinely no shade to those who do, but I just find it so utterly baffling because I feel like 2 only further excels at what 1 did so well. It’s just a perfect film, at least in my eyes.
  2. Only explanation is a
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  3. 1-2-5-3-4 for me. Neve said the same at the last convention she attended.
  4. I mean this is the definitive ranking, anyone who thinks otherwise is just kind of…wrong.

    Thanks to the person who posted that Scream 2 was getting a re-release a few pages back, I don’t think I would have noticed but got tickets from your post.
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  5. Wait, there are actually people who genuinely think that 2 is the worst?

  6. Yeah I've been seeing a lot of Scream 2 as the weakest lately and just....the worms for brains of it all. It comes pretty close to being as good as the original for me. The only negative is the pacing being slightly sluggish in the middle. It's the best directed of all the films and has the best set pieces.
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  7. I have a friend who had only seen Scream 4 and in preparation for Scream 5 we did a marathon. His favorite movie far and away was Scream 3, which I notice a lot of younger fans seem to like. His LEAST favorite? Scream 2. From the opening scene he couldn't take it seriously because of his love for Scary Movie. I think that might be why you have people ranking it lower than the others, because the opening scene is more known now for the parody in Scary Movie.
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  8. BTG


    It’s better than the first. Don’t @ me.


  9. Neve’s final act performances in all of them are brilliant, even with the extended crap of 4 and that hospital scene. I cannot believe how the new studio has treated her.
  10. I don't get the dislike for 2 as well. It's my favorite one in the series.
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  11. 2 > 1 > 5 > 4 > 3

    2 literally gets everything right; it's got that added camp the first one lacked, far more avenues for the self-aware schtick, an even deeper mystery element, the cast to end all casts of anything 90s, gorgeous production polish, even weaving in myths of Troy, built on ruins like a film sequel - Kev n' Wes even got literature in there.

    It's probably the best sequel around.
  12. Scream 2 has SMG

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  13. Yep. 2 is easily in the upper echelon of best sequels ever made , and I dance between it and 1 being the best Scream films overall. Can never watch one without the other in one sitting.
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  14. They really go perfectly together. Upping the ante in all areas, good character progression for all characters while keeping the essence of what we liked about the first one.
  15. I'm so excciiiited.
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  16. I never thought of that angle with it being set in New York but it's a really interesting and quite frankly fresh direction for the movie to go in. I'm excited.
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  17. Manifesting a public death scene with a long chase, a Maureen Evans meets Helen Shivers moment of gay excellence.
  18. Chase scenes were the only thing missing from the last one. God, I can't fucking wait for this!
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  19. It reads a bit… Halloween Kills, but let me remain optimistic.
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