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And Neve isn’t in it. This may be the first film in 26 years I “wait for the video” for.
You all know how much I adore Neve and the character of Sidney but a change of pace might freshen up the franchise and her eventual (fingers crossed) return in Scream 6 will be even more exciting. Her coming back with nothing to do in 5 would be anticlimactic and I have to say I am looking forward to it being the Gale Weathers show.

I still support her decision to step away if she was feeling undervalued and I hope it will be rectified in the next installment, especially if they plan it as the end of another trilogy.
I just read a review of Kevin Williamson's new slasher flick Sick (read review here) and this part got me in my feels:

In the post-screening Q&A at TIFF, Williamson mentioned his love of chase scenes in horror and John Hyams, whose film Alone is a masterclass in tense set pieces, is the perfect director to bring that vision to life. Fans of the chase sequences in Williamson’s Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer are in for a treat. As soon as the masked assailant shows up, the chase is on and it doesn’t let up for the rest of the film. It’s a white knuckle adrenaline rush as the action covers the whole house, the woods outside, the floating raft on the lake and everything in between.

I LOVE a good chase scene and I'm so sad we didn't get one in Scream 4 or 5. I hope Scream 6 brings back the chase scene and I also can't wait to watch Sick for this reason.


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My Scream 2 4K Blu-ray just shipped.

My Scream 2 4K Blu-ray just shipped.


Mine arrived Saturday. I totally forgot to post.

Pros: the new transfer is absolutely stunning in 4K. The colors are now original/accurate to the theatrical exposition and the digital smoothing/enhancement they did to the original Bluray is gone, the grain structure is back. It looks like a brand new film all over again.

Cons: Paramount cheaped out and the included standard Bluray in the 4K pack is the OLD DISC.

The included slipcover also pops with the red black and white.