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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Aubrey Plaza played an absolutely BRILLIANT psychopath for a few episodes of “Criminal Minds”. Truly unhinged. Now knowing she auditioned for that role, it makes me hate Emma Roberts’ whiney, overacted final act performance even more than I already do.
  2. Aubrey would have made an amazing Rebecca too. I can totally see her relishing that people are being slaughtered because it means bigger book sales.
  3. Rebecca Gayheart definitely has the range.
  4. Gabrielle Union was one of the finalists for Rebecca as well. I wonder how that would've gone. I do wish they'd done a little bit more with that character before she died.

    They were so fabulous. Scream 2 really did a great job of making every moment count. Even smaller characters like the sorority sisters, Joel or even Joshua Jackson's character left an impression on you. Scream 2 is respected, but I don't think they get nearly enough credit for creating such a strong sequel in less than a year while also having to do rewrites while filming. It has no business being as good as it is.
  5. Just came across this scene by scene comparison of the Scream 2 blu-ray versus the 4k. Obviously you'll need to watch it on a 4k screen to see it properly, but I have to say, the 4k looks terrible in some of these scenes. The colour grading is wild and extremely diluted - in particular at 38 seconds, look at the colour of the word Stab on the theatre screen. Awful.

    It's also way too soft in places, and borders on Scream 4's soap opera effect. I'm really shocked.

  6. This is still just a heavily compressed YouTube video, and not one that accurately represents the 4k scan. Having seen it, the actual 4k blows the ancient blu-ray scan out of the water in all regards.

    Better resolved grain, cleaner delineation between objects, a wider aspect ratio, and a grade that is both much more vibrant and true to life. The ‘softness’ you think you’re seeing is the hangover from a mid 00s master that had been colour boosted and digitally sharpened to within an inch of its life.

    It’s also nowhere near the monstrosity that is Scream 4.
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  7. Ok, that's all much more reassuring then, thanks!
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  8. Really annoying that the 4K steel book has been pushed back to the end of November
  9. It's out here in Toronto but it's really expensive. Unfortunately both the Scream 4Ks, standard and steelbooks, have been expensive and available as imports in Canada.

    I'm hoping one day all the Screams will be available together in a 4K set. I think Scream is one of the most consistent horror series for me. Even Halloween I just haven't been motivated to buy all of them.
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  10. The irony of me starting this thread and only just now watching 5cream a.k.a. Five Cream last night. I intentionally saved it for Halloween 2022 and have avoided this thread and all spoilers completely.

    I have to say that I need some time to process my feelings on it. Some of it was immediately great (I loved the fake-out moments where the film made you think the killer was about to reveal themself), seeing the original gang reunite was genuinely emotional, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox gave incredible performances, and there were times I was extremely on edge. I was entertained throughout. However, I do have strong feelings that not everything "worked." Mostly some of the new characters not being nearly as magnetic or likeable as some others. I wish the killer reveal had been more of a gag. Although I stan Amber!!

    I need some time to better articulate my feelings. It was definitely the best since Scream 2, no question.
  11. These weirdly remind me of 80s Tiffany merch.
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  12. Bought that first sweatshirt right quick!
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  13. I've always wondered if actresses like Neve have some sort of licensing deal for their likenesses when it comes to stills from the films they're in. I doubt it. But, she deserves whatever she can get.
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  14. Oh 3 weeks earlier?

    Not complaining just wondering why they pushed it forward.
  15. Did the original release date have any noteworthy competition?
  16. Not the week of, but John Wick was scheduled the week before the original date and Shazam 2 weeks prior so I think this a better date for it. The biggest release near the new date is an Antman & the Wasp movie releasing 3 weeks earlier.
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