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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Hm Dungeouns and Dragons movie is Paramount too and was supposed to come out on March 3rd.

    They have now taken the original Scream date of March 31st so Scream moved to March 10th.

    So I think D&G was moved for a certain reason and Scream moved along.
  2. Forget Stu, this is the return we need. She heard about the events of Scream 5 and decided that now was her time to finally win an award for playing Gale!

  3. Oh my god, I didn't know about the timeline with the photo, that's amazing. Just imagine.

  4. She promises lots of action and gore!
  5. Jenna Ortega States Fans Won't Notice Neve Campbell's Absence in 'Scream 6'

    That’s cute, Jenna. But (Victoria Justice meme here) I think we ALL will notice her absence…..
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  6. I feel like her actual comments once read don't seem as bad as all these headlines.
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  7. Her actual remarks aren’t bad *at all*, there’s literally zero shade there and in fact the opposite.
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  8. BTG


    Meh. Tara and her new bangs stay winning.
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  9. Yeah she even mentions that Sidney will still be felt in the movie.
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  10. The whole thing still reads very "I signed an NDA I can't say anything".
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  11. It's insane this is only just over 4 months off but I am so here for sequels being churned out year after year like the olden days.
  12. Ooooh girl, the fact she called out that specific sequence as a comparison...

    She knows. In Jenna we trust.
  13. The interviewer calling Scream 6 an installation when she meant an installment nn
  14. The directors listening to exactly what the fans thought was missing from the last one. This is going to be even better than 5, isn't it?
  15. Using Gale's chase scene in 2 as a reference point...

  16. Honestly, anyone who makes a slasher film and doesn't include at least one extended chase needs to be ashamed of themselves. I don't know why they've gone away in recent years, but all the gore in the world can't replace the tension you're able to build with an extended chase sequence.
  17. I am so ready for lengthy chase scenes, hopefully they have one where multiple characters are involved, I’m thinking like the one in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer with Julie/Karla/Nancy.
  18. That was a classic.gif.
  19. Those movies did such good chases! I wish they'd get a Scream-esque reboot with Ray, Julie and Karla as parents.
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