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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Julie James is not a strong enough lead to carry a requel
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  2. But Karla "Made of steel" Wilson is!

  3. I think about this a lot
  4. Julie can be the opening kill, no dream this time. Then Boom Karla the movie.
  5. Finally received my Scream 2 steelbook! Looks like a fun Saturday night for me
  6. I would've thrown my popcorn at the screen.
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  7. As if Scream 3 wasn't ridiculous enough with the voice-changer.
  8. I- not even sure if it's supposed to be serious or a troll.
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  9. Yeah that's definitely real. I remember Wes talking about it on the audio commentary. Just like....why would Ghostie be in his lair with his mask on. It almost seems like a scene that would be in a serial killer movie like Se7en. Actually I kinda wish it was left in now that I think about it. The camp!
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  10. And not only him sitting in his own little hideaway, fully in costume, but he had his own voice algorithm on the magic system. Like he couldn't just talk down the phone normally. Say what?
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  11. I love that turn of the century cheesiness where no one fully understood the internet or emerging technologies and people used it in movies like it was basically magic. What does downloading voice algorithm to disk even mean? Are you telling me the voice changer has a disc drive in it?
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  12. Yeah - look at that adorable little disc he's holding! It's the size of a polo mint. Amazing.
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  13. That’s surely good forward planning though. On the off chance that the Voice Algorithm Machine had been discovered by someone and given to the police, it would make him the prime suspect if his voice wasn’t on it, and everyone else’s was, especially after the cops knew that someone had spoken to Sarah using his voice.

    I do realise that I’ve given this far more thought than anyone on the writing team did, but still.
  14. BTG


    Queen Rina’s name on there. I know that’s right.

  15. Was the Gamecube out by this point? I love a video-game-playing serial killer!
  16. It's crazy to me that Jenna has just overtaken Drew Barrymore and is now the second most followed actor from the entire franchise behind Emma Roberts.
  17. Honestly would be pretty cool if the “opening kill” of the reboot trilogy ended up being our final girl in 7.

    (Sidney and Gale still need to be untouched though.)
  18. Gale must be safe.

    I doubt they would dare to kill her off when Sidney is not around.
  19. I don't think Sam can die, because of the final moments of 5, where they pretty much set her up as taking the torch from Sidney.
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