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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Ryan or Freddie? We all know who Sarah Michelle Gellar prefers.
  2. Freddie doesn't really do anything for me these days, I was less discerning as a young gay.

    Ryan though? Hook me.
  3. Me neither.

    Until Scooby Doo.

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  4. Daddy Freddie can still get it.
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  5. Imagine being this miserable

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  6. Cinema Sins is one of THE worst YouTube channels. Terribly unfunny.
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  7. Everything wrong with Scream 2?


    Aside from Derek's singing.
  8. Billy is still it for me after all this time. That blood sucking....'Corn syrup'....whew. Cotton always had a place too.
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  9. [​IMG]


    As a little gey, watching Hellraiser 3 was a revelation.
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  10. I checked out after "That's racist". Not even 30 seconds in.
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  11. I remember that early Cinema Sins were largely about production gaffes and astute trope commentary - usually films that really deserved a shredding.

    Now, as evidenced by the Scream 1 and 2 videos, they really just throw everything at the wall and mostly make ridiculous observational jokes that aren’t even critical about the film. Maybe the real sins were videos they made along the way.

    You can’t even pick apart the Scream films in this way because they are almost entirely in on the joke! That’s the whol point, ugh.
  12. What an awful, awful movie but 100% yes. He can shoot in my CD slot any day!
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  13. Remember when Regina Hall became the first person in history to win multiple Academy Awards for playing the same character when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Scary Movie 1 in 2001 and then Scary Movie 2 in 2002? Ugh, talent!

  14. I love that she recreated this moving, emotional scene during her Academy Award acceptance speech:
  15. It was really awkward when the camera panned to Calista Flockhart though.
  16. Damn Sidney's house really is goals! The view alone! What exactly did her father do for a living? Get those coins Keith!
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  17. I wonder where her "hideaway" in Scream 3 is supposed to be. Also California? It certainly looks like it.
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  18. Yes, I definitely think it's this. You can clearly see the change in her expression when Ghostface enters, so the first one is definitely aimed at Billy.

    This. When I watched it again the other night I was so taken by that moment again. Somebody get me a bucket of corn syrup to pour over my whole body!

    So I watched Scream 2 last night and somehow my major thought during it was, "Would Luke Wilson really have been able to pull off the role of Billy?"
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  19. That was always an issue for me. Her 'hideaway' always looked very 'Northern California,' which is also where Woodsboro is located, so she really didn't go far to 'hide.'
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  20. It also wasn’t very well protected either. A gate anyone could smash down and one alarm? Does she even watch scary movies?
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