The Scream Franchise

Perfect teaser.

Also, not using any legacy characters. They know this new 4 are extremely popular.

After the record breaking smash of “Wednesday”, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tara is front and centre on the cast poster.
I think I said this somewhere already but Paramount must be rubbing their hands together that they cast Jenna just before this rise to superstardom that she’s experiencing at the minute.

I can’t remember the last time a young actress broke out like this, so fast. It feels so 90s and old school. A perfect fit for Scream and its classic reputation of hiring big, famous, young names.
I'm trying to avoid reading anything about it but curiosity got the better of me so I came into this thread, and I must say that after SCR3AM and SCRE4M and 5CREAM (I know they didn't really go with that last one, but hey) I was wondering if/how they'd incorporated a 6 into the next one, and SCREA/VI had me screa/VIng.