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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Did she ever see the Stab movies? Honest question.
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  2. Also didn't Casey live quite remotely from Woodsboro? She didn't have any close neighbours, and that didn't really work out for her. If I were Sydney, I'd be living up the witness protection life in Australia.
  3. My top 5 Scream hunks:

    1. Billy Loomis- and Skeet just gets better with age. Met him at a con two years ago and I think I came a little when he put his arm around my shoulder.
    2. Cotton- Really only because I have a serious lusting over him now. Daddy!
    3. Derek- kinda blah but his shirtless scene at the end had my young ass quenched.
    4. Deputy Hoss- Cause Adam Brody was and will always be adorable. He deserved a better death.
    5. Dewey? I always thought David is actually low key, maybe verrrryyyy low key handsome.

    Actually the stud quotidian in the Scream franchise is pretty low but I kinda appreciate that not everyone is a model.
  4. "It was the killer's voice, from Stab. Or, I mean, you know, from your life."
  5. We stan a flawless line delivery.
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  6. This moment in Scream 3 always makes me laugh.

    Detectives, there's no reason to presume that Cotton's death had anything to do with this movie, is there?

    He was making a movie called "Stab." He was stabbed.
  7. “What’s your favourite scary movie, detective?”

    [awkwardly long pause] “....................My life”.

    Same energy:

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  8. If the movie-within-the-movie of ‘Scream’ is ‘Stab’, is the movie-within-the-movie of ‘Stab’ called ‘Scream’?

    Or do they go even campier and call it ‘Slash’? We’ll never know!!!!

    The questions that keep you up at night.....


    I don’t know why I’ve posted this.
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  9. Living for your Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle references today.

    Imagine a crossover between Charlie's Angels and Scream and all the fun they could have with the fact that Dylan and Casey Becker look alike.
  10. ^If you wait long enough I'm sure it'll be a comic book. If we can have Archie vs. Predator we can have Scream vs. Charlie's Angels!
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  11. Jesus wept. He really grew into his face/beard/body/smile. Ugh.
  12. Looks like a different person.
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  13. The plot twist of ‘Scream 5’ is Casey Becker IS Dylan Sanders and her death was faked to lure out the killers but then Dylan got super busy and caught up in wacky, sexy hijinks and forgot to stop them.

  14. So after my watch of Scream 3 I have some ... observations (I'll try - and fail - to keep this short):
    1. I love how Kincaid tells Gale that if she divulges any information regarding Cotton's murder he'll arrest her - but then chooses to have the whole conversation in the middle of a busy building. And not to mention waving around a really sensitive piece of evidence.
    2. There's some contradictory dialogue in the opening scene. Christine says she doesn't like Cotton's Stab games, but then when Ghostface talks about a game later on she says, "Game?" as if she doesn't know what he's talking about.
    3. I wish they had done more with actually setting up suspects. There are a few moments with Angelina, but they're dropped so quickly it seems pointless even doing it in the first place. What the first two films were good at was drawing your attention to one person before throwing a curveball. There's none of that in 3, anyone could be the killer, mainly because the film doesn't really do enough to set up suspects.
    4. I've always wondered, was cloning cell phones some kind of Scream pseudo-science or was it an actual real thing? Again, it gets mentioned without any real discussion about the implications of it.
    5. And now onto Roman - I've always wondered, just when exactly did his vendetta against Sidney start? He implies it was because Sidney became a star, but this happened as soon as the first film was over. So why was he not the killer at Windsor College? He could have still been pulling the strings from behind the scenes, but would Mrs Loomis really have teamed up with the child of Maureen, considering everything that happened? It just doesn't make sense to me that Roman would have waited, what, 4 years (if I've got the timeline right) to go after Sidney.

    End of rambling.
  15. I'm thinking (which as Marney and Jenny would say "overthinking" to the writers of Scream 3's "underthinking" it) that Roman only orchestrated Billy and Stu's murder of Maureen/framing of Cotton and then killing Sid a year later. Mrs. Loomis and Mickey were their own thing that Roman didn't orchestrate or anticipate, but that further exasperated his anger because Sidney became even more of the heroine/star so he finally gets his own hands dirty in 3.
  16. Yeah, I see what you mean. And I guess that Diane Sawyer interview after the Windsor College murders would have been huuuuuge, so that definitely would have got Roman pissed.

    I wonder how long it was between that and Sidney going into hiding.

    Also, your avatar is amazing haha!
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  17. Also low key Cotton is a real piece of shit and Sidney was kinda wrong in letting him get the fame at the end of 2? Maybe thats the dark humor point of it all? I mean he seemed to seriously contemplate letting her get killed unless she did the Diane Sawyer interview(and did she go through with it?)

    These are the things that keep my gay ass up at night.....

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  18. I finished part four and it was the first time I saw it since it premiered in theaters.
    The dialogue is as sharp and witty as ever, Alison Brie and Hayden Panettiere are great additions to the cast, it was a joy to see Dewey, Syd and Gale back in action but overall it remains the weakest of the lot for me.

    Of course, it was hard to follow up the original Trilogy which in itself looked so closely knit together as far as directing, acting and overall look and sound goes.

    Part 4 looks flat, where did the $40mio. budget go? Where are my dolly shots, crane establishing shots and the tracking shots that delivered such great sense of movement to all the first three Scream chase scences? It's one static close-up and wide shot after another, some scenes were bathed in too much darkness, the vaseline lense filter and color grading and saturation also felt off. Marco Beltrami delivered the most unmemorable score of the four films.

    They were also having way too many new characters which did a disservice to the ones that were good (We could have had one new cop character instead of three and that Olivia chick was no Cici Cooper), throwing around too many new ideas without focus (is it about filming the new killing spree, or reboots and remakes or is it about social media fame?) A subplot about Sidney being a possible suspect also felt like it was somewhere buried in the original script - the scene at her book signing and then when Trudy calls Dewey after Syd's aunt was murdered, Jill went missing and Syd fled the crime scene seemed to hint at that. Syd seemed to be stuck in her auntie's house for the whole film wearing the same blue cardigan until the end.

    I was also not very fond of the gore. I do love me some gore and the first two films didn't hold back but the fourth just went too much in the direction of having the camera stay on it for too long and making it look too fake. Speaking of which, going back to the overall cosmetics and optics of the film, the editing was, you guessed it, flat. The second and third were just more "epic" feeling.

    I know it looks like I'm shitting all over the film, but in the end I am glad we had it because it gave us a lot of great scences. Syd's assistant was amazing and her death scene my favorite, Gale had a lot of bad-ass moments and Kirby was the MVP, plus from the moment Jill started her self-mutilation rampage to the closing shot I was really feeling the film and the blah reveal beforehand aside it is a really strong ending to the franchise. (so far)
  19. She DID falsely identify him for murder, he spent a year in prison probably thinking he was going to serve many more for a crime he didn’t commit.

    I can see why she threw him a bone at then end of ‘2’ and let him ride the events to fame.
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