The Scream Franchise

The promo for the movie is insane here in LA. Like there’s huge billboards everywhere and they’re currently painting a mural right by our flatB6564F51-B7AC-4ABA-96A3-CA60DC5827E9.jpeg


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Aren't we supposed to get reactions tonight? I'm nervous.

I'm suprised at how pumped I am for this. I thought that Scream (2022) was the weakest in the franchise by far and was gutted to hear no Neve, but yet here I am, counting down the hours until the double bill on Wednesday.


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The way these threads are getting me hyped and intrigued while I hardly watch anything with as much as people fighting in it?
3/5 are almost level for me. But 3 is iconic in its own way.

4 is exceptional and only gets better with time. But I guess it’s still too ahead of the curve for some people.

The killer reveals and motives were miles ahead of what we got for 2022 and the only cast that has come close to the first in my opinion. (Jenna aside). Sidney had some great action moments and was utilised really well. The only thing that I dislike is the awful colour grading.
4 is hands down the ‘worst’ of the franchise. I put ‘worst’ in quotations because it’s still pretty decent by horror movie sequel standards. Shocked to see so many people on Reddit etc. list it as their favourite, I guess just people that experienced that as their first Scream movie and like it because of that?
The only thing 4 has going for it is Adam Brody in a police uniform. Other than that it remains firmly at the bottom of the Scream pile. Not a bad movie per se but it really fails to meet the standards of what came before and after it.