The Scream Franchise

When I think about Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween in particular, the ups and downs are frustrating because they're all easy to avoid. I still don't understand how some of the films in those series got greenlit. The day that happens to Scream will be a sad day.

They were largely all produced independently, so little studio interference or guidance, just "make another one of those for $1.5m that makes us $25m". The Friday films were tossed around like a hot potato so every film after the first 3-4 was essentially that production team's 'reboot' but Paramount had no fucks to give as they all made bank.

3 more sleeps!
I haven’t read spoilers or even watched the trailer for Scream 6. But last night it came to mind that we’re going into 6 with the most members of cast surviving the previous movie than ever before (I’m counting 5 people including Gale, 6 if we include Kirby). So without knowing how many new characters there are I wonder does that make ghost face easy to figure out. Maybe that’s a stupid thought but it feels different going into the next movie with so many characters we know already.
I love all 5 films, but 3 and 4 are definitely the weakest and are always bottom of my rankings. I prefer 4 over 3 most of the time, but there are a couple of things 3 does much better than 4:

- The comedy. The humour and jokes land in 3, as camp as they are. 4 contains the worst attempts at humour in the entire franchise, all of which falls entirely flat ("I've still got it", “fuck Bruce Willis”, “I’m gay… if it helps”)

- Sidney has kick ass energy throughout most of 4 and then in the finale does nothing? Zero will to fight after Jill is unmasked, whereas the climax of 3 is where she really excels. Case in point: Sidney went to Roman's party armed with 2 guns and a bulletproof vest, she went to Kirby's party wrapped up in her Matalan cardigan.
If you’re someone avoiding spoilers, don’t watch any interviews with Melissa and Jenna. Apparently there is one out there that is loaded with them.
The way I was chosen to produce my company's press junket interview this morning and I had to spend hours confirming it includes no spoilers before daring to open the transcript...the struggle is real.

That said, the studio has asked outlets to hold spoilers until the 13th... whether or not outlets listen is another thing.

Ddd they just know this about to smash.

What are our final box office predictions?

I’m thinking 42 million opening weekend and just shy of 200 million total globally now that it looks like it likely will not flop crucially? Or is that expecting too much? If smile can do it….


I wonder if they'll dare to allow a killer to survive and carry them over, either undetected or banged up/on the run?