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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Oh wow. I was not prepared to feel so personally attacked by this post. But damn... I cannot argue with your points. Sadly, the film was poorly pieced together (and deserved much better!).

    I still kind of adore S4. It has a special place in my heart and I really praise the film for giving us some moments. You are spot on saying Olivia was a meh character, and I wasn’t invested at all, but her death scene is one of my favourite of the franchise. When ghostface flops her out of the window and then leans through the window himself? Ugh, iconic. One of the rare moments where I’ve found the killer terrifying.
  2. I mentioned it before, but:
    She really must've pissed off Jill and Charlie that day nn
  3. As much as I adore 4, I can’t agree more about it all looking so frustratingly flat. When it comes to the aesthetics of the film, everything about it appears so ‘direct-to-DVD.’
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  4. Tatum's death scene is still my favourite. I think about it every time I go into the garage at night with erect nipples.

    The score for it being so epic that they reused it for H20.
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  5. The person I was watching Scream with last week had never seen the film before, and they were genuinely gooped. I've seen it so many times I'd forgotten how much of a moment it is.
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  6. I'd prob say Cici is my favourite kill. I guess it's more about the build-up/chase. I do love the opening in Scream with Drew too but for some reason I enjoy Cici's more?
  7. Uno


    Scream 3 is the only one without a truly memorable death, unfortunately.

    Parker Posey deserved a more epic send off rather than have Deputy Doofus shooting one mirror at a time instead of just shooting the first and walking through to save her. Ugh he’s so useless.
  8. Scream 3 will always be the weakest entry for me as I do think 4 had enough elements to make it a worthy entry into the series and I liked majority of the new characters.

    I agree, they introduced too many cops. It should have been deputy Judy only and they should have played on making her more of a potential suspect.

    They could have done some more with Olivia before her death, to give it more emotional impact.
  9. So I read last night that Blumhouse are 'investigating' taking over the series to bring it back.
  10. A few points to add in regards to Scream 3 are that I didn't much care for the reveal of Roman as the killer, specifically because it went "back to the beginning" but he also had nothing to do with Scream 2 so the tie-in wasn't there. It would have made more sense to have it be someone from the original film who survived (obviously pre-planned) so there was more of a shock.

    Also, showing him "dead" is kind of too easy as a red herring. He's already not in that much of the film overall and part of the fun is figuring out who did it based on who you have gotten to know over the course of the film.
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  11. Hoping this happens. Get Chris Landon to direct. Kevin to write if possible. A producing credit at least with script approval. Have it set in a universe where the Scream films exist. Make it brutal like the original was but of course keeping the meta/humor of the series. $10 million production budget so we don't have another failure at the box office like 4. If they can get Neve, Courtney and David back they can get a producer credit and get those backend coins like Jamie Lee did on Halloween 2018.
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  12. Yes! This would've been amazing. Hank Loomis!
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  13. A lot of people will say "you can't do it without Wes" but I really see no reason why they cannot. I'm sure Wes would be fine with people taking on the series. I'm sure they will dedicate the first movie to him and there will be a lot of care invested to ensure they pay homage to those original movies and don't make it a huge mess (fingers crossed).

    I'd like Kevin to be involved but I feel he's been very flakey during 3 and 4, leaving the projects halfway through or disagreeing with others etc. It might be more interesting to let someone else take a 'stab' at writing and Kevin can be executive producer. A new writer might have a fresher take on everything too.

    I don't think Neve, Courtney or David are likely to turn down a return to the series seeing as none of them have really done any significant film work since Scream 4.
  14. Well, it was originally going to be Stu returning in Scream 3, wasn't it.
  15. I like the idea in theory but it just doesn't make sense that NO ONE would have mentioned him surviving throughout the second film and then all through the third, up to the reveal of him as the mastermind behind the murders.
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  16. Yeah, and The Following made no sense starting with that concept. At no point was it clear why all these gullible people were doing what some washed up English teacher commanded... He wasn't offering them a damn thing.
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  17. It would have been a shit reveal if we knew he had survived and they mentioned it in the 2nd film though.
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  18. I guess but I think it's lazy storytelling, way too easy to make it a surprise if the character is nowhere to be seen for the whole film.
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  19. Sisters Murphy and Lois as killers in Scream 3 obviously.
  20. I think they were supposed to be suspects but the film didn't really succeed in that.

    Rebecca Gayheart auditioned for the role of Tatum in the first film apparently.

    I love all the cross-lines of casting 90s slasher films have.
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