The Scream Franchise

Wednesday, March 8th at 12:01am PT / 3:01am ET


9 hours to go for me... just finished pouring through 1-5 & could not be more antsy/nervous/stoked. I am struggling to accomplish any work today.
I don't get to see it until tomorrow afternoon and I am sweating bullets trying to avoid spoilers on social media.


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Not to bring the thread down but my thoughts are with Hayden having to do press with what happened to her brother. That girl can't catch a break. I hope this film is a big hit for her.
I'm hoping and thinking it might be a healthy distraction through grief - especially as it's essentially her reintroduction to one of her talents and the associated press that comes with it. If anything, I imagine it's a confirmation that she's in a good place and able to cope and flourish again.
Miss ViewerAnon ranks the films as:

Scream 2
Scream VI
Scream 2022
Scream 3
Scream 4

Not counting VI obviously that’s my exact ranking so I trust their taste and that bodes well for this being a new classic.

This is also my exact ranking, so this is VERY exciting to see!
I watched the first two recently in preparation and I would put 2 ahead of 1. Sorry to Tatum or whatever.

My ranking goes 2 > 1 > 5 > 4 > 3.

Sometimes 3 can rank higher than 4 but I’m a firm believer that 2 is not only the best horror sequel of all time, but one of the best sequels period.

My hope/expectation is that VI will land higher than 5. I want it to be to Scream ‘22 what Scream 2 was to the original. Anything less and I’ll be disappointed.