The Scream Franchise

Scream has officially outgrossed Halloween as a franchise with less than half the films.

Scream: $173M
Scream 2: $172M
Scream 3: $161M
Scream 4: $96M
Scream (2022): $138M
Scream VI: $120M*
Total: $862.5M*
* and counting

Halloween: $70.2M
Halloween II: $25.5M
Halloween 3: $14.4M
Halloween 4: $17.7M
Halloween 5: $11.6M
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: $15.1M
Halloween H2O: $55M
Halloween: Resurrection: $37.6M
Halloween (2007): $77.5M
Halloween 2 (2009): $38.5M
Halloween (2018): $255.4M
Halloween Kills: $130M
Halloween Ends: $105M
Total: $854.7M

Let me go ahead and add Michael Myers to Mother Sam’s body count.
Halloween 2018 really did smash it though!


This is awesome, but is that Tom as Dewey? I thought David Schwimmer was Dewey in the first two Stabs?
It has made already 80 millions in the US vs 81 total in US for Scream 5, so it will finish above it in the US.
Yes! It actually returned to #1 in America on Thursday and will pass Scream 5 today. Hopefully this is headed for $100m+. I know it is, but I’m just being cautious.
I will defend the majority of Scream 4 over 3 on most days but Gale Weathers in Scream 4 is not it, save for a few moments. It’s like neither the writers, Wes, or Courteney knew what to do with Gale - it’s probably the most shoehorned in a character has ever been in the Scream universe.

Plus Scream 3 at least has the back and forth rivalry with Jennifer Jolie.
Not this Gale Scream 4 slander.


Her seeing Sidney's success and wanting that for herself plus being bored as hell in Woodesboro makes so much sense. Courtney really seemed to be having a blast plus looking snatched. In 3 the only moment that felt "Gale" was "how would you like to see it dug up on national tv". I still like her in the role and her banter with Parker really makes it but as far as Gale ranked:

I don’t think Gale had a bad movie. Scream she was the bitch reporter, 2 she redeemed herself and romanced Dewey, 3 I love that she and Dewey carried most of the film until Sid returned for the final act, 4 everything she did was good I just wanted more, 5 she was great with Amber in the final act and 6 was probably my favorite performance from her since the original.
Scream 3 is still bottom of the pile for me. Sure, it has its fun moments (thanks to Parker Posey) but the rest is just way too camp and silly and there are too many moments throughout that don't work or make no sense.

The parts I do enjoy are seeing Sidney on the Woodsboro set and being chased by ghostface and any scene with Parker Posey (who should have lived).

Cotton's opening kill was bland, Gale really didn't feel like Gale, there was way too many characters in some of these scenes and everyone just looked like they had no idea what they were doing most of the time. The voice-changer..., Courteney and David's suntans that appear halfway through the movie...

But the killer reveal was the real flatline moment (Sidney had never even met Roman before that so that scene just had zero impact), having Courteney and David basically doing voice-over work for that final scene was laughable, Kincaid being absolutely awful and no help whatsoever...

I actually think they should have kept Angelina as the 2nd killer and romantic partner to Roman/someone who went to school with Sidney. It would have made more sense. Also her kill was so basic so I could have believed that as a fake death. More than Roman's, which was very quickly staged (and how?) and for what purpose?

I never found any of the characters in Scream 3 particularly awful but not really very memorable either.

I can watch this movie and just let it go over my head but it does baffle me when I see some people rating it as one of their favourites in the franchise or even their top favourite. I'm like... are you even a Scream fan?!
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