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Which film?

Movie title-spoiler:

The killers were a family (though mother, father and son) and the motive was "You killed our son, prepare to die".

Also, I find it kind of funny that Sick was written by Kevn Williamson. I know he didn't write Scream VI, but since he's been heavily involved with the franchise in the past, I just find it funny how the two movies share such similar killers and motives.
Movie title-spoiler:

The killers were a family (though mother, father and son) and the motive was "You killed our son, prepare to die".

Also, I find it kind of funny that Sick was written by Kevn Williamson. I know he didn't write Scream VI, but since he's been heavily involved with the franchise in the past, I just find it funny how the two movies share such similar killers and motives.
I thought it would be that one. Enjoyable, and yes, similar.
I guessed it was that one too. Kevin's writing remains peerless, it has a spite and a wit that people can never imitate, no matter how much they try.
So the killer/killer reveal.

Sadly, I found it all a bit underwhelming. Party because as soon as Quinn mentioned losing her brother early on in the film, my immediate thought was that her brother was Richie and she the cop dad were the killers out for revenge. Obviously, they threw us off track thinking she'd died but it still felt underwhelming. I also didn't think Ethan and Quinn were particularly great characters, which didn't really help.

As others have said, I think another problem was a lack of suspects. The alternative would have been Kirby and the hot neighbour. I was honestly expecting some kind of massive curveball or twist with the third killer. Maybe someone from a previous film coming back. For a second I even let my thoughts go to Stu but I'm glad they didn't go down that route!
Yeah there's no getting around that the killer reveal was the weakest part and that one person's acting after the reveal was so bad. It's like has been said - there's so few new characters still alive by the time the third act rolls around, there's practically nobody else it could possibly be if it's not a returning character.

An underwhelming reveal and characters having superhuman healing abilities are the 2 main things that stop this being a 10/10 for me. After watching it again this week, it was even worse when I really saw just how badly Tara, Chad, Kirby, Gale and Mindy were all stabbed. People in previous entries died from a single injury. Every single one of these characters should be very, very dead. There's also how we frequently see Ghostface hit over the head and in the face with items that would legitimately break their face, yet they're fine to get up and disappear within 2 seconds, before we see their character mixing with the group in the next scene, with zero bruises. Liberties were taken.

But we've come to expect some of that. A movie like this can't be grounded in reality too much, or it'd realistically be over in 5 minutes. This is still the 3rd best entry. Easily. It's such a blast from start to finish, with fantastic performances from the survivor group and fucking excellent, franchise-best, set pieces. It's one I will watch many, many times without getting bored of it.
Do we like the super fast stab-stab-stab motion? It looks kind of cartoony. In older installments, we got one or two stabs and now they just go for like 25. Is it supposed to look brutal? It kind of looks funny.

No, it's one of the little things I didn't like. The way Annika, Tara, Chad and Kirby got injured while still being able to move took me out of it. Gale and Mindy got better scenes and, as a viewer, you actually 'felt' the impact more.
Even though this has my least favorite killers and reveal by a landslide, 6 is tugging on 2's wig for my favorite a bit. The set pieces alone were just so fantastic. I was resigned to think the combination of Maureen in the movie theater, Sid/Halle in the cop car, and Gale in the soundbooth would never be topped but I think Screavi did it and that's why I love it so much despite the lackluster killers. The bodega, apartment/ladder scene, Gale's chase, and the theater at the end all blow everything from 3-5 out of the water for me.

Anika very much so the best mid-movie kill of a seemingly irrelevant new character since thee Cici Cooper? It's more likely than you think. If I didn't have so much nostalgic love for SMG, I'd be fully honest with myself and admit Anika did it even better. I'm spectacularly uninterested in knowing anything about you. The power that has. On more than one occasion, I craved a sitcom of The Core 4 + Anika just living in New York City. Slutty sex positive roommate can make cameos. The shy dorky virgin cannot. Anika's black lipstick in the party scene being the direct sequel to Liv's silver sharpie eyeshadow in 5 is the level of gay nuance I demand out of these films. Stan card laminated for that alone. Stan card hung in a shrine for having the exact same hair as Lea from Bad Girls Club.

What's a requel? You know she just lets Mindy monologue and drone on about these horror tropes while not even half paying attention. All my friends having an emotionally tender moment in the kitchen? Let me just stay in the living room with a book and watch the news instead <3 I knew she was a goner in the ladder sequence but what a way to go. Sis said she wanted it all before getting taken out. Brief fight with Ghostface and a brutal stab? Not enough. Let me go ahead and be the hero to sacrifice myself and ensure I'm involved in one of the most innovative kills of the entire franchise, too. And I want a face prosthetic to really show my injuries. Yes ma'am! The confused and unexplainable "what?" as Sam & Mindy look behind her in horror, you know, in the very same room Ghostface was directly trying to barge into for the past 5 minutes. Who else could it possibly be honey? Queen behavior to milk that scene so deeply.

And though I love a tertiary woman character who barely makes it halfway through a horror film, enough can never be said about Miss Samantha Carpenter and how much she carried. I don't think a Final Girl has ever Final Girl'd harder. I was already sold on Sam in 5 and hated the amount of negativity both her character and Melissa got online but I'm so glad she shut everyone up this time around. I saw the vision then and so happy to see it worked out so well here. He was a man-baby who made his girlfriend do all the killing. Chad Michaels yes. Justice for Amber Freeman! He was a limp-dick little fuck who cried before I slit his throat. Line of the franchise, I fear. Guess she wasn't joking about those boner pills after all. The feral audacity it takes to say that to someone's parent as they hold a gun to you <3 She really took Sid's iconic "I fucking killed him" and made it 20x cuntier. Looks like you're down another brother. The little head nods and evil smirks? Award-worthy.

I think that's part of the reason I find Sam so refreshing is they let her actually be the bad gal of horror. Even despite Sidney initially supposed to buck the typical horror girl trend, they still always wrote her to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. The "worst" thing she ever really did was... use Stu's mom's hairbrush have sex with her boyfriend? In almost every single horror movie, the main girl is nearly always the most toned-down, vanilla and marketed to be likable girl in the cut and it's all a bit boring at this point. I love that Sam has a dark edge, is a former druggie, fucks random guys, and is ready to get into fist fights on the street. College? Who needs it. Sis is working 2 dead-end jobs and I love that. I also love that she's developing her own uniform of sorts. Sidney in a jacket. Sam in a tank.

Despite all 3 Baileys dwelling at the bottom of the Ghostfaces along with Charlie and Jason, the Act 3 of 6 is held up so strongly by how powerful the Carpenters are. There's something about Sam covered in blood and sweat that is possibly the hottest a woman has ever been to me. Her climbing that ladder? Cast Melissa as Lara Croft immediately. The callback to "you have to let me go" was so good. Tara inching over to the dark side with her sister after that kill. And the sheer nerve to pop her index finger up while twisting the knife in Ethan's throat! It was like Tyra Banks was there on set. I need Screven immediately and I don't want it to end there, either.

It's ever changing but as of today: 6 > 2 > 1 > 5 > 3 > 4.
I do think it's possible it might become my favourite entry in time. I still love the first 2, they're just incredible slasher movies, but wooooo lord some of the acting in 1 is laughably bad. Maybe it's just recency bias we'll see.

And 6 has, without question, the very best Ghostface ever. Absolutely brutal, unpredictable, relentless and frightening. This is how Ghostface should always be. It's the gold standard.

On the flipside of that, 5 has not held up for me at all. I think because Melissa in particular is just absolutely on fire in 6, it's a struggle to watch such a wooden performance in 5. And the more I've seen the finale in the kitchen with Amber, the worse it gets. I hate how Sid and Gale are basically just incapacitated for the whole thing. And then how they seemingly just stand in the kitchen after Amber burns, while Sam's tumbling down the stairs and fighting for her life. They're literally 6 feet away at that point, yet they just slowly wander out after she's gone full Loomis. It just doesn't hang together.

"Hello Sheriff JoooooDDDDDDeeeee" is the absolute highlight moment of 5. Maybe along with "I'm bored".
God I still love 6 so much. I don't see it going down my ranking unlike 5 which in the back of my mind after every new watch I kinda knew it was my least favorite, still love it though. 6 is endlessly re-watchable.
Anika's death just throws me off so much. I don't think I've rooted for someone more since Casey/Cici/Maureen/Tatum.
I mean, the poor girl shouldn't have even made it onto the ladder. The way she was stabbed and cut open, good lord, she was practically holding her intestines. She got it rough.
Just finished my second watch. The subway set piece felt like it went on forever, especially considering it's outcome has zero consequences.

Thought they should have played longer in the tension of whether Kirby or Bailey are responsible for the killings. It's the last big moment of suspense and feels like they blow right past it into the reveals.
The scene with Anika was so intense. I was also rooting for her. Part of the reason I was rooting for her is because Devyn Nekoda, who portrayed Anika, is terrific. She was on this little Canadian show called Backstage where she played a dance student at an arts school in Toronto. They still air it late nights here in Toronto. During lockdown, I started watching it. You could just tell Nekoda was going places.
Some random Scream thoughts that popped into my head recently:

1. Was Mickey already a serial killer before the events of Scream 2? I know Mrs Loomis has the line "So Mickey here was quite a find" but I just assumed that she meant it in a "I couldn't find an actual serial killer, so he'd do" sort of way. It was only when I was reading a Wiki page for him recently that it got me thinking.

2. I only very recently found out that the Ghostface on the back porch during the Sidney/Kate chase scene is just a costume that was hung up by Charlie. One of the things that's always annoyed me about 4 is the way Ghostface seemed a bit superhuman (moreso than usual), so it'd funny to me now that after all my complaining it was just a costume hanging up.

3. I don't know if this has been discussed already, but I wonder if Wayne Bailey's name is a little callback to 4. In the Stab 6 scene Sherrie (Lucy Hale) says, "Hey, it could be anyone that we know. Lisa, Bailey, Wayne, or the hopeful long shot, Channing Tatum." Surely that can't be a coincidence?