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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Kelly Rowland found....auditioning for ‘Scream 5’.

  2. NOT Tori Spelling’s cameo as Sidney in Stab. Iconic.
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  3. And the way she gives away the entire plot of “Stab” when talking about her “character”.
  4. BTG


    Except Deputy Judy.
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  5. I love Scream! I saw the first one at a midnight showing - I think it was the first 18 film I saw in a cinema when actually aged 18. It came out in the U.K. not long after my 18th birthday. I genuinely found it scary, but nowadays I'm immune to it. I don't know if it's because I'm more grown up or if it's just not actually that scary.

    Scream 2 came out during my first year of university, and living on campus made this one feel even creepier at the time. I studied media (avec le français, quoi) and we had sound recording studios on campus, so that tense chase scene in recording studios always felt quite real. (Urban Legend being campus-based struck a chord too.)

    3 was pretty meh. I wished they'd shown more of the Stab movies within - David Schwimmer in a cameo etc. The Stab scenes from 2 are some of my faves.

    I've not seen 4 since it was first released in cinemas. I barely remember it other than who the killer was. We had no sound for the first few minutes either, so I can't even recall the intro. I should seek it out again as it's a good 8 years since I saw this.

    Oh, whenever I listen to Switch It On by Will Young, I always change the lyrics of the line to "Can't you see I'm a little Cotton weary".
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  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Every time I see this gif I think it's Susan and Libby Kennedy from Neighbours at first.
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  7. Except me.

  8. “HeresTheWayISeeItIHaveNoHouseNoBodyguardAndImBeingStalked,BecauseSomeoneWantsToKillMe?NoBecauseSomeoneWantsToKillYou,SoNowStartingNowIGoWhereYouGo,ThatWayIfSomeoneTriesToKillMeI’llBeWithYou,AndSinceTheyReallyWannaKillYouTheyWontKillMeThey’llKillYou....Make Sense?”



    The kii that it actually does kinda make sense.
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  9. Who is that?!
  10. Wow....poor Erica Kane.
  11. Susan Lucci, who played Erica Kane on the American soap opera, All My Children.

    Before Buffy, Sarah played Erica's long-lost daughter, Kendall, who came to Pine Valley to find her mother, Erica. Unfortunately, Erica didn't want anything to do with Kendall since Kendall was the result of Erica being raped.

    The years Sarah was on All My Children were the best. The scenes between Sarah and Susan crackled with tension. However there were rumours that Susan resented Sarah because Sarah immediately became a fan favourite and (deservedly) won an Emmy before Susan who had been nominated many times but never won.

    I think Susan’s acting was never better than her scenes with Sarah. From her time on All My Children you just knew Sarah was going to be a star. And not long after she left AMC, she got Buffy.

    Sarah’s impact.
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  12. How.....dare you.

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  13. Oop, I didn’t even recognise her in that photo! facepalmemoji. I’m sorry!

    I’ve not actually seen her in much but loooooooved her in Devious Maids.

    Also, if Sarah Darling’s lines are meant to be digs at SMG then I can kind of agree if she did have issues. As iconic as that scene is, I still get annoyed that she didn’t just leave the house. To. This. Day.

    Also, as many times as I’ve watched the film I’ve still not been able to spot the crew member at the end of that scene.
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  14. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject for you.
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  15. His head pops up over a tree in the background as soon as SMG (or her stunt double, I guess) is flung over the balcony.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. BTG


    Yes, well, Sarah’s career went from strength to strength with a series of iconic roles under her belt, whilst the Pandora Boxx of daytime soap doesn’t have a single other hit to her name. So who’s the real winner here?
  18. Well Susan did star in Invitation to Hell... also directed by Wes Craven.
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  19. Jenny McCarthy has killed more people then Ghostface, FACT!


    Something kids can't say.
  20. I mean my posting privileges on Popjustice just got suspended. Why am I showering?

    (in Jenny's voice)
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