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Just shut up now Neve, the more you speak the more selfish you come off.
"Fuck Melissa, they were nice to ME and that's all that matters"

It's almost kind of sad how she either doesn't see or refuses to, that the only reason they were so respectful to her was because they had no other choice. They needed her and knew that having her on side would cushion the blow of their behaviour towards Melissa in many peoples eyes. They couldn't afford to not have her.
In all fairness to Neve, I do think SpyGlass have it in her contract to repair their name in any promo she does.

I still have zero respect for her, that being said.
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She just gets worse. Total trash. She well beyond even being able to redeem herself now. She's made it abundantly clear that she's only out for herself. She doesn't have one single fucking ounce of the guts and integrity that Melissa has (but I'm sure she still thinks she's infinitely superior).
This is reportedly how Sidney was going to be featured in VI:

Sidney’s first appearance in ‘Scream VI’ would have occurred after Dr. Stone’s (Henry Czerny) murder, who in this version is watching ‘Stab 2’. We would have seen Tori Spelling reprising her role as “Movie Sidney” saying: “I can’t believe I have to go through all of this again!” It then cuts to Sidney dropping her three daughters (10, 8 and 4 years old) off at school. The oldest is named Hannah. Sid learns about Ghost Face in New York from a school mom and rushes home to pack.

Sidney’s husband, Mark Kincaid, now a sheriff, confronts her. It is easy to envision Patrick Dempsey‘s Mark asking, “You spent the last twenty-five years running away from this stuff, and now you want to run towards it?” Sidney replies, “I need to make sure it doesn’t end up on our doorstep because sooner or later, it always does.” Mark warns, “You keep running after this… Someday you’re not gonna come back.

Hinted at since ‘Scream (2022)’, where only a baby stroller actually appeared, the “Kincaid-Prescotts” were initially scripted to appear in the fifth film as well, in short a kitchen scene when Dewey (David Arquette) first calls Sid.

Sidney arrives in New York after Anika’s (Devon Nekoda) death and accompanies the gang to the shrine (in this version, a storage warehouse), discovered in this version by Kirby (Hayden Panettiere), not Gale (Courteney Cox). In an amusing bit, Sidney and Gale are equally baffled by Kirby’s FBI status. Billy Loomis’ (Skeet Ulrich) mask is on display here, luring Samantha (Melissa Barrera) toward it. Sid, not Tara (Jenna Ortega), asks what she is doing. In addition, the family conversation between Sam and Gale was initially a conversation between Sam and Sidney, with a focus on Sam’s abandonment issues.

The story then follows the group to the Central Park sequence, where Tara, Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and Chad (Mason Gooding) try to find the killer among people in the park, while Sam talks with Ghostface. They only stop when Chad asks, “Isn’t this how Uncle Randy died?” This distraction leads to Ghostface being one step ahead of our heroes with Sam and Sid (not Tara) stealing Bailey’s (Dermot Mulroney) cop car to try and save Gale.

As Sam and Sid would never make it in time, Sam contemplates calling Danny (Josh Segarra). In this version of the story, Sam and Danny are flirtatious neighbors but do not have an established relationship prior to the events of the story. Sidney (not Bailey) asks, “Or he can finish her off. Is it possible he’s the killer?” Sam ends her call to Danny mid-dial, but Danny somehow shows up to save Gale anyway from a final, fatal stab in her apartment.

Paramedics take Gale into the ambulance. When asked by a paramedic if she is family, Sid reflects on their shared experiences, and indicates she is, and goes with Gale to the hospital, leaving Sam, Tara and the others to formulate their own plan. Mark calls, and Sid updates him on Gale’s condition. Devastated, she replies, “But everyone leaves these girls…” Sid promises to return to Seattle as soon as she knows Gale is okay, but later breaks this promise when Sam calls from the warehouse where the third act begins.

There, Kirby is stabbed by Ethan (Jack Champion) with Charlie’s (Rory Culkin) knife and ambiguously left for dead (again), as Kirby is not seen or referenced again after this point in the script.

Sidney arrives at the last minute to drop the TV that killed Stu (Matthew Lillard) onto Ethan’s head, saying, “Second time I’ve done that, if you can believe it. Works every time.” The ending includes Sam tossing Billy’s old mask into a wet gutter and following Tara and Sidney into the light.

Not that thrilling, though I like the concept of one of the killers surviving into the next film and the return of Joel:

Sidney’s presence was not the only major change in the original script for ‘Scream VI.’ In this version of the script, the aged Ghost Face masks do not factor into the story. There are no Easter eggs left at each crime scene for Bailey and Kirby to trace Ghost Face’s plan. In the warehouse shrine, the killers’ original masks are on display all together. Only there, when Samantha is drawn to her father’s mask, is it mentioned that the mask is “withered and cracked. Grey now instead of white.”

The cat-and-mouse bodega scene was actually the result of cutting an action-packed sequence that referenced one of the most unnerving scenes in ‘Scream 2‘ when Sid and Hallie (Elise Neal) are kidnapped and trapped in a cop car. After Sam and Tara run into the bodega, they escape out the back door and flag down a taxicab. Ghost Face attacks the sisters through the back window and also stabs the cab driver. The car is t-boned by a truck and they crash upside down in the middle of Manhattan. (This sounds like a very expensive sequence, which may explain the longer bodega sequence taking its place.)

Another intended cameo was Duane Martin‘s Joel Jones, returning as Gale’s producer. She asks him to investigate the rumors about Samantha being the killer on Reddit. He responds, “This is you, getting involved with murders again! We need to do what I did at Windsor and just peace the fuck out!” After calling Gale to supply her with the origin post about Samantha being the killer, Joel escapes from LaGuardia Airport, with a callback farewell: “Good luck surviving your movie, or whatever the fuck it’s about this time – Joel out!

Unused ideas and lines from past movies were incorporated into ‘Scream (2022)‘ and ‘Scream VI.’ For example, in Gale’s chase scene, she says, “You’ve been in my life so fucking long. I made you. And you made me. You want to try and finish this,” adding a line scripted, but cut from ‘Scream 4‘: “Go ahead if you’ve got the guts.

Kevin Williamson‘s major unused idea from the original ‘Scream 4‘ involved the killer, Jill (Emma Roberts), surviving. This concept was later used in his TV show ‘The Following.’ Liana Liberato‘s character Quinn would have been shot superficially in the head, not in the center. When she comes back for one last scare, she is tased by Tara and left unconscious. As Sam is about to finish her off, Tara makes a surprising request: “I want her to live. I want her to suffer. Please.

This could have led to a ‘Silence of the Lambs‘-esque hook for ‘Scream 7‘.
I'm no expert on children, but surely they don't go from stroller age to 4 in the space of a few months?

Everything about that feels so forced and shoehorned in, I am glad she wasn't there. We needed a chance for Sam to become her own character without Sidney.
I feel all of those discarded ideas would've made the movie even more convoluted? Sidney's presence very incidental and not organic, I think the final film works much better as it is.
I agree. I never thought it made sense to include her in 6 and if that’s what they were going to do with her then it was for the better.

I have such issues with these new writers but I did like how we got a strong arc for Sam and some development for Gale (albeit without resolution). Trying to fit Sidney in would’ve been one character too many and everybody would’ve suffered for it.
There’s just no place for Sid anymore. 5 was the perfect closing to her story, anything that comes now will be tired and a poor retread of what’s happened already.
Closing her story with it ending where it began in Stu’s house would have been perfect.
The issue with bringing Mark back as well is that they need to have main characters they’re willing to kill, but at the same time killing the father of Sidney’s father of her kids would also feel wrong and cheap for so many reasons. The character just needs to be left well alone.
New Ghostface Funko Pops are incoming, if you collect them. Interesting they're branded as Ghost Face and not Scream, but I guess the license was secured through Fun World and not the studio.