The Scream Franchise


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The thing that just hurts about the current state of Scream is that... it began so self-aware and intentional. To see it pivot with 5 and 6, into accessing WOC as major story leads and adapting itself as it went, to only end up being destroyed by Zionist interests...

It may just be a franchise, but it should revolutionize even the most fearful of minds to protect things that mean something to them. We're at such an ugly stage of creativity - corrupted by AI, by paychecks, by political allegiance - that we're losing the things that distracted us from capitalism's woes. It's just so hopeless to not have things that once had the capacity to help us feel some type of joy. It's fucked.
Zero integrity in Hollywood. Sad but not surprising. Anyways in theory a new Valentine slasher sounds like fun but Freaky is overrated and It's a Wonderful Knife was flat out awful.

I vaguely remember there being a Valentine’s Day slasher with David Boreanaz. Or was that nothing to do with valentines? I can’t remember
Valentines slander on MY Popjustice?!

Oh now I'm feeling like I must be misremembering it. Maybe I'll need to give it another go. It has been a very long time since I watched it.

If it is indeed shite, I'm coming back for blood.
I don’t remember it being good tbh.

But I think I only watched like half of the film (as a teen) and I was only interested because it had Angel in it lol.

Thinking I need to properly watch this now tho.