The Scream Franchise

There's a Valentine book?


It's very, very different to the film.
Scream 2 and 3 are both now on FreeVee (Amazon Prime) in the UK… I rewatched 2 last night for the first time in a while and…

1) Jada has always been so underrated in this - her final scream/cry still chills me to the bone - still the second-best opening performance after Drew…

2) Laurie Metcalf is SO GOOD

3) Mickey is disturbingly hot

4) David Arquette is both charming and simultaneously gives a terrible performance - the ticks, the line delivery… it’s like he’s his own Scary Movie parody!

5) I wish Joel and the Sorority Sisters (Portia and Rebecca) came back for a cameo in either 5 or 6

Remains my second-favourite after the first…

This weekend will be an overdue rewatch of 3…
I have rewatched 3 twice this year and I'm sorry girls but it's just so underrated. Yes it's a Scooby Doo mess and the opening sucks but it's low-key the funniest of the three to me ("We've done the shower stuff before! Vertigo, hello??" CHRIST) and it also fixes the awkward... insensitivity with which Maureen's character was handled in the original. Sorry but that nightmare scene slaps! If you girls could watch Wes doing a cameo in a Freddy costume in that awful principle chunk of the first movie without your stomach churning then you can also stan Emily Mortimer flailing her arms all the time!

That's not even going into the (pretty awkward but amazing) meta subtext, the iconic bangs, the fantastic chase on the set and how touching that ending is. The franchise could have ended on that note and it would have been a perfect send-off