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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I do like the way she says fishsticks!
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  2. No hyperbole here, but as someone who has seen a LOT of horror, the opening scene of Scream may be the best opening sequence in all of horror history? Brilliant, terrifying, and darkly humorous. There's not much else like it that I can think of.
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  3. Plus the sheer stunt of pushing Drew in all the marketing and promo, making it seem like she was the main protagonist, and then killing her off within the first ten minutes? Legendary.
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  4. This is cancelled out by her calling out for ‘Ronan’ in the hallway though, no wonder he sliced that candy apple wide open.
  5. Haha A mess from start to finish! We have to stan. But we won’t, obviously.
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  6. I think the only other rivals for me would be When a Stranger Calls and When a Stranger Calls Back. And He Knows You’re Alone with Scream 2.

    But like you say Scream was able to be both scary and humorous, no easy feat. And Drew was brilliant. Like Best Supporting Actress worthy. People still think of Scream when her name comes up.
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  7. Scream was my gateway into horror. I was to young when it originally ran in the cinema but was obsessed with watching it on DVD, and when Scream 4 was in the cinema I was so buzzed to final see part of the franchise on the big screen. (Though I absolutely ruined it for myself because I could not stop reading spoilers and re-watching the trailers, something I also did with last year's Halloween)

    Anyway for me its:
    Scream 2
    Scream 4
    Scream 3

    Scream has so many iconic chase scenes and deaths, something I feel that lacks in the later movies (3 and 4). I will never not be devastated for CiCi (and IKWYDLS Helen Shivers) iconic deaths.
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  8. Iconic franchise. I wish Kelly Rutherford scammed her way onto the Scream 3 cover, maybe instead of Deon.
  9. Uno


    Wes said in the Scream 4 commentary that he purposely kept her death ambiguous just in case there was another one.
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  10. I’ve still never heard the commentary because the UK was done so dirty with the home release.

    I still can’t believe we just got a trailer. A trailer?! REALLY?! What am I going to do with a trailer when I have the whole film on the same disc?
  11. Scream 3 was made to give us the iconic line,
    "My. Lawyer. Liked. That."
  12. That's too bad. I thought Hayden was fabulous in Scream 4. Her naming/ranting off all those horror movies was so intense.
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  13. I always appreciate When a Stranger Calls Back love. That opening is pure suspense done brilliantly. Also Jill Schoelen is a horror legend who needs more appreciation. Give her a cameo in Scream 5!

    I do think Scream takes the cake as best horror opening (all time scene for me) of all time. Drew's performance, that iconic wig referencing Hitchcock, the meta-ness/humor that doesn't detract from the horror, the brutality of the murders, Wes's on point directing, the score. It's just so good. With how much it's been spoofed I think people forget how actually SCARY it was at the time.
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  14. Uno


    Can we talk about the best line in the whole series though?

    Her delivery in “I fucking killed him” gets me every time.
  15. “Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got a little knife happy.”

    Can we discuss this? This line means Mrs Loomis/her stage persona ‘Debbie Salt’ dragged a grown ass man off the street, threw him into the back of a van then held him down long enough to stab him 173 times.


    Good sis Salt earned that kill girls.

    “Alexa, play ‘Stronger’ by Britney Spears.”

    Stronger than yesterday
    Now it’s nothing but my way
    My loneliness makes me wanna Kill Randy Meeks some moooore.

  16. I loved that they killed Randy. I liked Randy a lot but it showed anybody could go and I respect it. The moment of the skaters with the speaker was a litter hammy but its still a cool scene. "He was a rat looking , homo-repressed momma's boy" damn drag him Randy!

    As the years go buy the less I enjoy Dewey. He's alright but I kind of feel he could have gone in 3 or 4. Maybe give Gale more of revenge arc. However the people who think Gale or Sidney should have died in 4 I will never get. Especially Sidney. To go through the shit she went through only to die would have been ballsy but also a slap in the face. Halloween: Resurrection all over again.
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    I’ve said this a ton of times, but Dewey should’ve died in 2 and Jennifer Jolie should’ve joined the “core” group for 3 & 4 in his place.
  18. Cause I wanna know who I'm LOOKING AT

    the moment I shat my pants.
  19. aux


    I literally wrote an essay on the opening scene alone for my Film course. What I find the best part of the opening scene is the tension building, there's so many elements that create that and work flawlessly. I don't know a better opening scene in a horror film.
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  20. I was a kid when I saw it first so reading that the popcorn popper was supposed to act as a timer for the scene blew my mind.
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