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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I wonder if it's possible to do a fan-edit of Scream 3, to make it less 'comedic' and more in line with 1 and 2?

    Also, the scene in Scream 4, where the killer calls Kirby and says "I never said I was in YOUR closet" and then completely butchers Olivia, only for Sidney to find her guts everywhere... That was almost on the same gory level as the first Scream opening.

    I remember seeing pictures from Scream 4, with Gale wearing the mask and wondering if they had made her the killer this time around - she being forced to create the news as her book sales and TV career had dried up. It might have made for a more interesting approach anyway. I agree with what someone said before, that the barn scene with Gale was a missed opportunity. Although I was shocked she got stabbed, they could have played it out a little more scarily.
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  2. Exactly. I've said before, Dewey should have been the opening kill for Scream 3. There's no impact with Cotton being killed off. We know the killer was trying to find Sidney's location and draw her out of hiding, so it would have made perfect sense.

    Instead of brining Cotton and his girlfriend into it (both of these were pointless and not scary kills at all) why not have the opening set at the local Sheriff's office? Dewey is there alone, after being called (by the killer, using the voice box thing) by his superior for some reason. It's dark, there's a chase, Dewey tries to escape, the killer wants Sid's location but Dewey refuses, he get's killed... Would have been much more enjoyable. Then Gale is on the revenge war-path and Sidney comes out of hiding once she hears what's happened.
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  3. Them cutting the “do it if you have the guts” line from the barn scene was literally homophobic.
  4. Them cutting the aftermath of the first murder with Do You Like Scary Movies scrawled on the wall in blood was homophobic.
  5. So many of the deleted scenes in 4 should have stayed. I guarantee it was those nasty Weinsteins telling Wes to up the pace. One thing that 4 lacks a bit is the Scream atmosphere like the establishing shots. Luckily the film is still very good even with these little problems.
  6. Always assumed she was talking generally here, as in she called the shots and decided he'd die, and Mickey actually killed him, because he was filming from inside the van beforehand, as revealed later.
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  7. I was 11 when Scream came out, so couldn't see it in cinemas. I remember getting a pirate VHS and watching it at sleepovers with my friends. Been hooked ever since!
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  8. Why mess with perfection?

    I'm joking, of course. I can't imagine Scream 3 not being this huge, campy (and endlessly enjoyable) mess, but I get what you mean.
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  9. The Weinsteins destroyed so many films in addition to so many lives.

    Obviously the personal trauma outweighs the films. But it's sad that they took away the creative control from so many directors. If they could do it to a legend/icon/veteran like Wes Craven, imagine how they treated poor up-and-coming directors (see Mark Director of 54).
  10. Whenever Debbie Salt is revealed as the killer at the end of 2, I hear in the back of my mind Roseanne shouting "Jackie!"

    Shows the versatility of Laurie Metcalf, she is absolutely amazing in everything she's in.
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  11. Debbie's pant suit was a LOOK
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  12. Recalling an Australian Scream rip-off I saw years back called Paranoid, where the Gale-a-like snooping reporter is named KATE WINSAIL...


    Do not go there expecting the goods, people. You will find nothing but dying shrubs, bad acting, and a killer who is more annoying than threatening.
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  13. Ending AHS 1984 before it even begins.
  14. [​IMG]

    I hate movie posters where they just take stills from the movie instead of using promotional images. The first three posters are simple but iconic. This one is a mess.
  15. Wes must really have been a glutton for punishment after “CURSED”.
  16. Is that real? It's a mess - much like the DVD cover. This is the only one I recall ever seeing:
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  17. I thought it was fake, but then I saw it in Spanish and German so it must be an alternate.
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  18. BTG


    The Scream 4 promo campaign was a mess. I completely get why it underwhelmed at the box office. It had none of the slick gloss of 1 and 2.
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  19. LMX


    Watching the 3rd one again. The intro is kinda excellent! Great movie

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  20. I'd fuck Roman. Well, before I knew he was a killer.
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