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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I don't know if they would ever do it, now that Wes has passed, but I'd love to have 'extended cuts' of the movies one day. Ii don't know if that's specifically a director thing or if a studio can do it themselves or whatever.
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  2. All I want is for SMG's would have been iconic deleted scene on the college campus to finally be shown in all it's glory.


    Her almost Tatum in a garage...excitement. The extra on the far left serving! We could have had it all....
  3. I just want the director's cut of the first Scream. It's only a few seconds of extra gore but I'm OCD and I want it. It actually got released on Laserdisc back in the day but never again since and it's such a wasted opportunity.
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  4. I actually prefer the theatrical cut. I hate the camera very slowly panning in on Drew's not 100% convincing hanging body as opposed to the fast zoom that sells its more convincingly and more intensely. Steve's guts spilling out is missed though. It would be nice to have the cut available though.
  5. Random, but I've been meaning to ask: where does your profile pic come from?

  6. It's from the red carpet of what I believe is the Nickelodean Awards. My two legends in one picture. They were my 90's!
  7. That's so cool! That's such a random awards show for them to be at dddd. I love them both too, so I was just curious.
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  8. If only Melissa Joan Hart was with them, it would create a 90s singularity so intense, we could travel back in time.
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  9. I think some of the deleted scenes from Scream 4 (such as when Dewey attends the first murder with the blood on the wall and one of the girls strung up on the ceiling fan) would be good to be added back in.
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  10. No Hayden then?
  11. The killer's disdain for being mistaken for loser ass, fuck boy Trevor in Scream 4 always sends me.

    "Do I sound like a Trevor to you?"

    "This isn't fucking Trevor!"

    Ghostface was the true victim here.
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  12. I would love for this to happen, the good sis could use some work!!
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  13. I was lucky enough to get my dvd copy off eBay a couple years back for $10!

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  14. Some more info

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  15. Watching Scream 2 for the hundredth+ time.

    The scene with Gale and Ghostface in the sound booth is so fucking tense and probably my favourite scene from the entire franchise.

    And my favourite thing about Cici’s death is when Ghostface sneaks into the house as she’s on the phone. You just don’t expect it cos Ghostface is already talking on the phone, and it also confirms there‘s 2 killers again this time.

    I wouldn’t change anything about the film cos it’s probably my favourite horror film of all time, but I would probably add a death scene for Rebecca Gayheart and Portia de Rossi’s characters.
  16. And maybe have Dewey dead. Ha.
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  17. This would've been a fantastic addition, I had never thought about this!
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  18. SBK


    That was the press shot all the magazines and blogs used too. I thought it was odd that it wasn't in the final film
    I'd be more shocked if they didn't get all three back
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  19. Uno


    The photo you posted isn't showing - what was it of!?
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