The Scream Franchise

Really? Cause I found that whole scene hilarious.


*Slut drops while making the squeaky finger sound on glass that Sidney probably JUST washed.*

Ahahahaha slut drop!! I can’t!
Scream is my favourite film of all time I think, It's the only movie poster I ever had on my wall. (I became a film buff quite late in life). I love all the sequels too, and this is no way a dig at them, but even though I've seen them so many times, there's always plenty of characters I forget are even in it until they pop up.
Like Randys sister, is only in it for a minute but so memorable. 'Don't shoot I'm only 17!!!'
I hate that Casey's phone was able to stay connected through all that mess (how did the killer not hang up?!) yet miss Cici (short for Casey in an all important/crucial subplot ddddd) can't step two feet out the front door without losing signal. Gorgeous University (this is what my friend's and I call it) had some cheap ass phone service for sorority row.