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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The most iconic Horror Heroine of all time (I said what I said) returning again! Gale Weathers IS ‘Scream’ for me.

    What other Horror franchise has this continuity, Two Iconic characters (plus Dewey) growing across 5 movies?!?

    I’m so excited.

  2. Halloween
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Courteney said gay rights and Gale rights!

    This is the best news I've heard in years. Since she signed up to do Scream 4, basically.

    Me trying to prepare myself for the slayage of whatever haircut she decides to bless us with:

  5. Test scene of Gail running from Ghostface in ‘Scream 5’.

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  6. Cher found suing. Jessica Lange found in negotiations to play Courtney in the ‘Friends’ Lifetime movie.
  7. I know it’s not going to happen but I’m wishing for a Hayden announcement. Hell, give me a line about them having made a Stab movie and it bombed because there was no “Sidney” finale girl, that Kirby was it by default and she barely know, a little fan service. (And explains why no copycats went after her.)
  8. This is the only news I needed about this movie. We are truly blessed.
  9. The way this news literally slapped me in my gay face with excitement.


    It's a Scream baby!
  10. Literally screamed, my roommate thought I has having a stroke.
  11. They better not do cheap shots and kill her off.

  12. I think that they're going to kill her off and I'll refuse to watch.
  13. Her and Dewey will be the opening death and I'd honestly be here for it
  14. Reported!


    Dewey I'll allow.
  15. From what we know of the movie so far, it makes sense that they would kill off Gale and Dewey (and possibly Sidney since we know she's in the movie but hasn't been officially announced yet). The new movie doesn't even seem to be set in Woodsboro, or have any relation to the trio.

    I would honestly rather they just not appear than do that, but if they're doing it then it better be heartbreaking and iconic.
  16. Cut to the opening scene being them having dinner and Ghostface jumps in and kills them all.
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  17. I kinda live for the sound of Gales annoyance and disgust at Judy having survived the bullet at the end of ‘Scream 4’.

    “Hicks? You’re alive?!?”

    Territorial Queen!
  18. I'm not sure about that. They seem to be running with a "Welcome back to Woodsboro" message on the official social accounts. That might just be to tie things in to the franchise, but we already know the story of this one is a woman returning to her home town to find out who is killing folk, so it'd make sense that it's set in Woodsboro.

    I think Gale and Dewey will be the opening deaths and Syd will fall, possibly saving one of the newer characters in the final face off, setting someone else up to be the new final girl of the franchise moving forward.

    Also, there's speculation that this one will just be called Scream. It was rumoured for a little while but there's also hints from the Twitter account too. I get it, it's what Halloween has done, but I'm not fond of it. It's confusing to have 2 movies with exactly the same title, yet part of one overall story. And it's messy to have to have always follow up with the year so people know which one you're talking about.
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  19. All of this speaking into existence of Gale dying off and putting it out into the universe...While I understand Courtney wanted to be killed off in 4, Wes said no he couldn't do that and all 3 have been very vocal about wanting to preserve Wes' legacy when it came to the franchise so maybe she has changed her mind. (Wishful thinking on my part.) Maybe they are just reached out to by characters in the movie once they see that the murders in the new town are similar to that of Woodsboro so they are in the movie but not a part of the mayhem?..glorified cameos to put butts in the seats I mean. But then again, we would know by the trailer they weren't in it much so that's kind of defeats the purpose. Having some random teenager newbie killer being able to kill off ALL 3 people that have survived 7 serial killers on their first try is a spit in the face to the franchise personally.
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