The Shamen

Never has a band been as very much maligned and misunderstood than The Shamen.

History has remembered them as a novelty band thanks to the insanity that is Ebeneezer Goode.

Here are some reasons to love them:

1. The entire En:Tact album - ProGen (Move Any Mountain, Make It Mine, Hyperreal etc)
2. The wonderful Beatmasters Single Mixes (see Boss Drum for example of sheer brilliance)
3. They had a song entitled 'Fat Man'
4. They gave away a free ambient CD about some trees with the Axis Mutatis CD
5. Hempton Manor and the ridiculing of their former label boss when you spelt out the first letters of each track
6. One of them was called Colin.
7. Let me take time to define in a rhyme LSI
Destination Eschaton is fantastic (and randomly, I remeber Kelly from Deuce naming it as her fave song of the moment back in September 1995 in some old issue of Smash hits or Big or summat)


were they "The Shamen" or just "Shamen"?
'cos varuious CDs i have at home contradict each other.

ee! i remember whe they performed on Bad Influence!
Good point - not too sure whether the definite article should be applied. Inclined to think it should just be 'Shamen' though.

Destination Eschaton certainly is fantastic as are Heal (The Separation) and the MK2A remix. Can't remember what Xochipili's Return sounds like from the top of my head though.
I preferred their later stuff actually - their greatest hits collection's quite good - i'd forgotten about Heal - top tune.


They were always, at heart, a perfect Pop group. I remember hearing 'Omega Amigo' for the first time, and not quite understanding how a group that looked so, well, unpretty could make something so pristine and beautiful.

I'd add 'Drop' (their Psychedelic debut album) and 'Phorward' to the list of reasons to love them, as well.
Phorever People and Destination Eschaton were my favourites too. Though Ebeneezer Goode still sounds great in a club


When I was young I found them bizarrely rather scary. Phorever People is 1 of the very best 90's dance tracks, so perhaps it's time I invested in a compilation of sorts.
LSI was also a stormer. Isnt MR E (the rapper dude, dyded blond hair) doing quite well for himslef as a DJ nowerdays? Dosnt he own the Cross club or something?

I remember one of the band dying just weeks before they hit the big time as well. My brother was well into them when i was young.

I also remember seeing the video for LSI with the black lady singer on a swing and thinking that I wanted to be in that band.

Unsung heros in my opinion.