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The SHINee Discography Rate: Part One (WINNER)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eccentricsimply, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Hello unnies and oppas...

    A week later than when I said I'd start it, it's finally time...




    Shinee is a South Korean pop group formed in May 25th 2008 by SM Entertainment. Currently the group is composed of leader Onew (Lee Jinki), main rapper Minho (Choi Minho), lead rapper Key (Kim Kibum) and main dancer and maknae Taemin (Lee Taemin). Former member and main vocalist of the group, Kim Jonghyun, tragically passed away last December. However, the other four decided to continue with the group, having a Japanese release scheduled for April and a possible comeback to celebrate their 10th anniversary in May.

    Technical information aside, most people in this sub-forum know how much I love Shinee. They were pretty much the first group that caught my attention when I decided to properly dive into k-pop last year and Taemin is my ultimate favorite idol. I didn't want their tenth anniversary to come without a proper discography rate where people can either check it out again or give it a listen for the first time, so they can realize why Shinee's considered part of kpop royalty.

    I split this into two because Shinee's discography is pretty extensive, and this without including their Japanese albums, so it'd be overwhelming to have you all rate over 100 songs at once. So this first part goes from Replay (2008) to Misconceptions of You (2013) and the second part goes from Misconceptions of Me (2013) to either 1 of 1 (2016) or the album that they will most likely release in May + Japanese singles.

    I don't want to write more and be left with nothing for the write ups, so the list of songs to rate for the first part is here, totalling 61 songs.


    Replay (1st Mini Album) - May 25, 2008

    In My Room
    Love Should Go On


    The Shinee World (1st Full Album) - August 28, 2008/Amigo (Repackage) - October 29, 2008

    Forever or Never
    Love Like Oxygen
    Love's Way
    One For Me
    Last Gift
    Best Place
    Y Si Fuera Ella
    Four Seasons
    The Shinee World (Doo-Bop)


    Romeo (2nd Mini Album) - May 25, 2009

    Talk To You
    Hit Me
    Please, Don't Go
    Romeo + Juliette


    2009, Year of Us (3rd Mini Album) - October 22, 2009

    Year of Us
    Ring Ding Dong
    Get Down
    Shinee Girl
    The Name I Loved


    Lucifer (2nd Full Album) - July 19, 2010/Hello (Repackage) - October 4, 2010

    Get it
    Electric Heart
    Shout Out
    Your Name
    Ready Or Not
    Love Pain
    Love Still Goes On


    Sherlock (4th Mini Album) - March 21, 2012

    Sherlock (Clue + Note)
    Alarm Clock
    The Reason


    Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You (5th Mini Album) - February 19, 2013
    SPOTIFY | YOUTUBE (this link has both MOY and MOM but for this part it's MOY only!)

    Dream Girl
    Punch Drunk Love
    Girls Girls Girls

    Selene 6.23

    I. Send your scores to me via PM. Score the songs from 0-10 (be careful which ones you give a 0 to though because I will drag you) with one song getting your prized 11. (It's one 11 for this part and one 11 for the second part, by the way).
    II. Commentary is, as per usual, not mandatory but it makes the reveals much easier and more fun for me, so!!!!!
    III. I provided links to Spotify and/or Youtube for all the albums. If you can't find any of the songs please let me know so I can check it out. Some songs are present in two albums or have more than one version - you can choose which one to rate, but it's only one score for each song.
    IV. Do not fucking troll. I know since it's a discography rate it's less likely for someone to do this, but honestly. This is as serious business as a kpop sub-forum can get and I'd like people to have fun but also be as honest without being assholes as possible.
    V. You do not have to participate in both parts of the rate, but I think it'd be more fun for everybody if you do!
    VI. If you, understandably, have an issue rating songs like Y Si Fuera Ella or Please, Don't Go, talk to me and we'll figure out what to do.

    The deadline to get your scores in is May 18th, meaning you have all of April plus a few days to rate this. If you need more time do not hesitate to ask me for an extension!

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    61. Last Gift - 6,45
    60. One - 6,58
    59. Four Seasons - 6,76
    58. Love Should Go On - 6,83
    57. Get Down - 6,84
    56. The Name I Loved - 6,93
    55. Please Don't Go - 6,97
    54. Girls Girls Girls - 6,98
    53. One For Me - 7,03
    52. WOWOWOW - 7,06
    51. Life - 7,19
    50. In My Room - 7,23
    49. Shout Out / Get It - 7,25
    47. Best Place - 7,37
    46. Real - 7,41
    45. Love's Way - 7,42
    44. Shinee Girl/Hello - Average: 7,43
    42. Love Pain/Note - Average: 7,46
    40. Forever Or Never - Average: 7,51
    39. Your Name - Average: 7,56
    38. Aside/Graze - Average: 7,59
    36. Romantic - Average: 7,65
    34. Y Si Fuera Ella - Average: 7,6525
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  3. RESERVED just in case
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  4. This is a rate I will do.
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  5. I'll do this.

    Please send me annoying PMs if I don't.
  6. [​IMG]

    I'm ready.

    Admittedly, I am not familiar with SHINee's earlier material outside of the singles. I'm hoping to discover lots of amazing songs. ♡
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  7. How am I supposed to pick just one 11.

  8. Can't wait to have you participating lovely!!!!!!
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  9. Thank god for the rate being split in two, because now I dont have to choose between my two 11s.
  10. I haven't posted on here for ages but I can score most of these songs by heart. Would it be okay if I voted?
  11. Absolutely, darling!! The more the merrier!
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  12. I can't wait to be biggest defender of "The Shinee World" DIBIDIBIDIS.

  13. Awesome.

    I really hope people don't do their ballads wrong just because they're ballads...
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  14. I have about a month to do this, correct?

    I may just chime in.
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  15. I've seen many people praising their discography and I've always wanted to get into their music so I might do this.
  16. An obvious 11 for me, although there are some close contenders. Hit me up a couple of times, I'll try to do this.
  17. 7.500 - The Misconceptions Of You
    7.428 - Sherlock
    7.031 - Lucifer
    7.000 - Replay
    6.958 - The Shinee World
    6.250 - Romeo

    6.000 - 2009, Year Of Us

  18. Oh wow.
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  19. Trust me.... Wow doesn't cover that ballot.
  20. That was a negatively highlighted "oh wow".
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