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The SHINee Rate: Part Two - (TOP TWO)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eccentricsimply, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. The Top 20 in Alphabetical Order

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    All Day All Night
    Don't Let Me Go
    Don't Stop
    Feel Good
    Good Evening
    I Want You
    Lock You Down
    Married to The Music
    Odd Eye
    Tell Me What To Do
    Who Waits For Love
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  2. Outside of Lock You Down getting that far, I would be fine with the rest of the rate going in alphabetical order.
    M through W outsold.
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  3. We enter the top 20 with two songs from SHINee's latest album


    Average: 8,41
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Slice of Life, @Reboot, @nikkysan, @askew, @Big Bang), 9 (@ryjm)
    Lowest scores: 5 (@Cotton Park, @abael)

    I like that
    We’re playing in a dream that’s not a dream
    Our hearts have been captivated by a harmonious light
    As if it’s only us in the world
    Run run run run


    Average: 8,45
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Slice of Life, @Reboot, @Cotton Park, @ryjm), 9.5 (@nikkysan)
    Lowest scores: 4 (@Coming Century)

    Maybe I was dreaming a dream
    That wasn’t you
    But whenever I wake up
    I always look for you
    Then for me, there are always countless reasons
    Of why I need you

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  4. Oh no! Both of these are gorgeous.
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  5. Y’all suck!!!

    Slice how could you betray me like this?
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  6. Another two songs from the same album!


    Average: 8,45
    Highest scores: 10 (@Coming Century), 9 (eccentricsimply, @Slice of Life, @abael, @demilemi)
    Lowest scores: 6.5 (@Big Bang), 7 (@askew)

    You’re a great gift
    I wanna hold you in one arm and spin around
    Please be gentle. Softly come to me,
    you’re breathtaking


    Average: 8,45
    Highest scores: 10 (@nikkysan, @askew, @Sanctuary), 9 (@Coming Century, @Cotton Park)
    Lowest scores: 7 (@Reboot, @ryjm), 7.5 (@Slice of Life)

    If I go back What will happen to us?
    If it’s not this place or this day. Where can I see you?
    This isn’t a vague promise. I like being clear
    I want you girl

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  7. Damn, Romance was very close to getting my 11, I wish it made Top 10. That acapella outro is insane.
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  8. I lose two 10s....


    Average: 8,54
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Slice of Life, @Reboot, @Coming Century, @askew, @Sanctuary), 8.5 (@demilemi)
    Lowest scores: 5.5 (@Big Bang), 6 (@abael)

    Like a season ending
    You left everything behind in the memories
    You said you were going with a smile
    You said even if I’m alone tomorrow,
    don’t act sad
    Because that’s what you’re going to do


    Average: 8,75
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Coming Century, @ryjm), 9.5 (@Cotton Park)
    Lowest scores: 7 (@abael), 7.5 (@Sanctuary)

    I’m shaking my head, brushing it off, adjusting my heart
    Strongly protecting my place once again
    I need to keep enduring, so I’m closing my eyes
    When I’m feeling empty for no reason

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  9. I lose two 10s.... yet again.... as it'll happen often from now on. And someone loses their 11


    Average: 8,79
    Highest scores: 11 (@Cotton Park), 10 (eccentricsimply, @Coming Century, @askew, @demilemi), 9.5 (@nikkysan)
    Lowest scores: 6 (@Sanctuary), 7 (@Slice of Life, @Reboot, @abael)

    Close your eyes and turn
    My eyes were looking for you
    Hold your breath right now, ok?
    Get away from familiarity, I’ve looked for this

    And we lose another title


    Average: 8,86
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Slice of Life, @Big Bang, @Sanctuary, @ryjm), 9 (@Cotton Park)
    Lowest scores: 6 (@Coming Century), 8 (@nikkysan, @askew, @abael)

    Honestly, this song deserved a high placement if only because it was the first time in a while I liked a trop pop song ddddd

    I’ve fallen into a white sea
    A black melody spreads
    It draws you out

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  10. I Want You might be my favourite track since this whole sordid trop thing started back in 1844, probably because there's, like, an actual song written over top of the instrumental.
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  11. Poor @eccentricsimply having to constantly ask for interaction even outside of this thread, yas ambush my guilt and empathy when I least expect it. I don't feel the need to say much, but I feel bad for ha so let's get into it girls:
    Look at the material, top to bottom quintessential SHINee bops this side of the discography. Some of their best ballads did not make it past you beasts, but I'll sit here and be happy with last halfs Year Of Us #5 finish. We're most likely heading towards a lead singles Top 3, but if a b-side could pull any kind of upset I want it to be 'Prism', 'SHIFT', or 'All Day All Night'.
  12. I think a Top 2 between View and Good Evening seems a bit obvious, but still exciting to see how it will turn out.

    Let me repeat that Orgel and Symptoms were robbed.
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  13. I didn't expect it to hit the Top 10. But it was one of the first SHINee songs I played for other people. With a positive reaction.
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  14. And I lose the last song I hadn't given a 10 to!


    Average: 8,91
    Highest scores: 10 (@Reboot, @Coming Century, @askew, @Cotton Park, @abael, @demilemi), 9 (eccentricsimply, @nikkysan, @Big Bang)
    Lowest scores: 5 (@Sanctuary), 7 (@Slice of Life)

    You were something different
    I knew you’d be like this
    That special something,
    different from others
    I knew you had it

    And we lose yet another title


    Average: 8,95
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricsimply, @Sanctuary, @nikkysan, @askew, @ryjm), 9.5 (@demilemi)
    Lowest scores: 6 (@Big Bang), 7 (@Coming Century)

    My footsteps match the sound
    of your heartbeat oh baby
    Without knowing, I get pulled to you
    I’ve never felt this before, LOVE

  15. While I don't actively listen to Shinee (yet) I have been keeping tabs on this rate and looked at the results from the first part so that I know what songs to start with when I start to deep dive into them. I've used the forum before when I started listening to Girls' Generation listening to the songs in order of how the forum rated them (the singles rate + the other rate where Karma Butterfly was crowned the rightful winner!) I'm definitely looking forward to starting my Shinee journey once this is all done!
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  16. Starting from now we're doing one song at a time! And the first out of the top 10 is a really loved b-side


    Average: 8,95
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricismply, @nikkysan, @Coming Century, @askew, @Big Bang), 9 (@Slice of Life, @Cotton Park, @ryjm)
    Lowest scores: 7 (@Reboot, @abael), 8 (@Sanctuary)

    All Day All Night was the b-side SHINee performed while promoting Good Evening. And it's honestly one of their best songs. Of course that's a given considering it's hit the top 10 but for real, I think I was excited from the first moment I listened to it. Also the performance is hella fun.

    Like a long preview
    We’re looking at each other inside this deep connection
    The scene is showing your face again
    I have no choice but to look at it

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  17. What a song. I get goosebumps from the chorus every time.
  18. I just checked out this thread for the first time and HOLY SHIT Tell Me What to Do is in the top 10?! A BALLAD?! I'm so proud of you all!
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  19. Time to lose something from a different album


    Average: 9,04
    Highest scores: 10 (eccentricismply, @nikkysan, @Coming Century, @Big Bang, @ryjm, @demilemi), 9 (@askew)
    Lowest scores: 7 (@abael), 8 (@Slice of Life, @Sanctuary, @Cotton Park)

    Feel Good is one of the songs in SHINee's 1 of 1 and is also one of the b-sides they performed while promoting that album.

    It beats like a gift from God
    This heartbeat echoes like a melody
    Something about you is different, girl I need ya
    Aren’t you curious about this amazing feeling

  20. aux


    I didn't participate, but View for the win x
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