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The Simpsons (I just think they're neat!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SpanishEyes, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. I've seen some of season 30 and it's definitely in a stronger place than it had been previously. It'll never be peak Simpsons again but it's still an enjoyable half hour.
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  2. Last episode was really good! The best this season.
  3. It's been announced that all 30 seasons of The Simpsons will be available from launch day on Disney+!
  4. Just seen that the writers and producers of The Simpsons will be hosting a panel at E3. Hopefully it'll be a console game - Hit & Run 2 preferably but considering how much money they make from Tapped Out, maybe they're going to announce another mobile game.
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  5. I'd love another sequel to 'The Simpsons' game - it had a proper story and controlled well. I absolutely loved it.
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  6. Do we know if they'll be in their proper formatting as 4:3 as opposed to fitted to widescreen? You miss out on some screen gags without the full picture.
  7. Just a bit of a gag that we are now at the stage where this literally true of the show.

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  8. I'm so upset that Disney is getting rid of Simpsons World through FXX here in the US. Now I have to go and see if I have seasons 1-12. There's an Irish Youtuber who did an amazing video chronicling the downfall of The Simpsons, how it changed and how the show is different from the 90s for better or for worse. He actually uses charts and grids.

    I've been wondering if Disney is going to force Al Jean out for fresher blood. I was a diehard Simpsons fanatic all through the 90s and early 2000s. Collected everything I could get my hands on. I remember requesting "Do The Bartman" on the radio.

    I hope a new Hit and Run game is announced at the E3 convention. I've played every Simpsons game made (arcade, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, etc) and that was truly the best one they ever produced.

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  9. I've never understood why Al Jean hasn't been fired. It's not as though there's just a few people complaining of declining quality, it's unanimous. And it's not a threat to the show because it's so big it's beyond cancellation, so they've just left it in limbo. And I don't get it. They don't have to cancel it, just fire Jean and get a new show runner! Worst case scenario the show remains trash, but at least fresh blood could potentially turn it around a bit.
  10. This is why I didn't actually mind Disney taking over. How much worse could it possibly get? Disney may help it survive in the end by first doing some major housecleaning. That Youtuber pointed out something I noticed and complained about so long ago: the use of celebrities for every episode. It's turned into Saturday Night Live in a sense. A cheap gimmick to get people to promote themselves and perhaps get someone to tune into the show. Problem is it almost never adds to the story, is totally awkward and random, and doesn't boost ratings. I'm not trying to sound like Harry Shearer who's said The Simpsons has been crap since season 4, but the show is a parody of itself today. I knew things were going from bad to worse when Bongo Comics shut down. Then there was the news that Fox basically just keeps The Simpsons because it looks good on paper, not because there's any profit. Al Jean must be the longest showrunner in Simpsons history --- and it shows!

    It'd be great if they could go back to basics: using the main cast and come up with some fresh stories. I know they've probably done it all. I've heard people suggest that instead of doing full seasons (20+ new shows a year), doing seasonal specials (keeping the yearly Halloween show) so they can cram all their best fresh new material into 4 or 5 1 hour episodes a year, this way they don't have to spread out some of their best lines and gags in 22 shows. I actually don't think it's a bad idea.

    I must admit that I prefer the HD-less Simpsons episodes. Everything is so crisp and precise now, it almost leaves me cold. Even the digital coloring. I know there's no going back though.
  11. I think it's time to retire the 22 episode format. It's one of the most irritating things about older shows. Constantly having to get through episodes that were created to fill time. Though I don't mind it when they do it in a tasteful way, like Breaking Bad's Fly episode.
  12. So much this! ^
  13. The show played such a fundamental role in shaping who I am as a person but I haven’t watched an episode (let alone a new one) in years.

    I used to be one of those people calling for the show to finally be put out of its misery but now that I’m a bit older and less idealistic (lol) - I think that if the staff can still get millions each season, then I say run this shit as far into the ground as you can.
  14. The weird thing is, enough time has passed that there's a whole new generation of writers who would be capable of reviving The Simpsons and turning it into something great again, and they'd be able to do it because they grew up on The Simpsons. Mind fuck.
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  15. Yes! This has been a problem for so long. It's not as though they ever shied away from celebrity cameos but compare the way they created a new character that drove a meaningful story in Michael Jackson's episode, and compare it to Lady Gaga's appearance.

    In a similar vein, compare Treehouse of Horror old and new. It used to be a showcase for excellent atmospheric stories that were funny but at the same time packed a genuinely eerie vibe and were richly creative. Now it's reserved almost entirely for movie parodies, and you're lucky if it's even a horror movie they're parodying.

    Does anyone know what kind of input Matt Groening has these days? The Simpsons is my favourite show of all-time, I'd consider it the best of the 20th century by far, and Futurama's up there in the top 10 I reckon. I was nervous watching Disenchantment because it seemed doomed to fail after two home runs, but it's actually incredible. Groening's record for show creation is impeccable.

    What is going on with Bongo these days, anyway? Shut down completely, no new comics? I loved those as a kid, and I was obsessed with buying pretty much every Simpsons book available. Bart's Guide to Life was amazing.
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  16. Bongo is done. I think Simpsons Comics got to #245. Nathan Kane drove it into the ground never understanding the need to adapt, notably going digital. The stories were terrible for a very long time. Can’t say I was that sad to see it go. Steve and Cindy Vance were wonderful. People are wondering if Disney will strike a deal with Boom! for a new Simpsons comic book series. I don’t think Matt or James L Brooks have anything to do with the show besides collecting royalties. Bart’s Guide to Life is probably the best Simpsons book they put out. I, too, collected them all. I’d head straight to the humor section to find the latest Simpsons tome. Bongo used to be in charge of producing the calendars. I think before they closed they already gave the calendar duty to an outside company.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    There's been some surprisingly good episodes in recent years, so I'd definitely like to see them adopt a miniseries format going forward so the goodness can be concentrated. Something like 6-8 episodes in the spring plus a couple of specials, maybe Halloween and Christmas. They could use them to explore ongoing character arcs in a way that they haven't done in a long time.
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  18. Julie Kavner’s Marge voice sadly sounds almost gone now. It still amazes me that she won’t do the voice in public and walks off the stage when there have been public table reads.
  19. I'm sorry but... are they fucking joking with this?????

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