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The Simpsons (I just think they're neat!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SpanishEyes, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. I say do a Dinosaurs.

    The show doesn't really do Season Finale / Premiers other than with Who Shot Mr Burns and maybe the Ned / Edna storyline.

    So just have them awaiting their death probably at the hands of Homer.
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  2. Rob


    Even if the show were ever to "end" I fully expect they'd still do specials like Treehouse of Horror.
  3. Did The Simpsons ever get a second wind in recent seasons? I'm so out of the loop now I've probably only seen a handful of episodes since the movie.
  4. I'm quite optimistic for the finale season. Presumably Fox will order a "final season" rather than pull the rug out, so they'll know they're wrapping things up and the amount of secondaries on this show... Every episode that season will be a wrap-up for a character in some way. And I still have faith that when pushed they can create some touching moments still.


    - Sideshow Bob's final episode.
    - Skinner's final episode
    - Mr Burns's final episode

    etc etc

    The finale itself is the most nerve-wracking. Peel it all back and Homer is the core of the show and the most important character, the finale has to focus on him, but he's the character the writers seem to understand the least soooo
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  5. An INCREDIBLE finale!

  6. Morrissey's annoyed and saying the show is racist because The Simpsons... drew him as fat... in last night's episode.

    The usual suspects are crawling out of the woodwork calling the show irrelevant and the likes, but is it truly irrelevant if it's achieving the goal of pissing off those who it tries to?
  7. I'm not really familiar with him, but going by the Variety article: "Morrissey has made multiple questionable comments about race over the course of his career, particularly in recent years, in which he has supported a right-wing British political group, called Chinese people a “subspecies” and mocked London mayor Sadiq Khan’s accent" any critical commentary is welcome.
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  8. On one hand, the statement being presented as by Morrissey isn't actually from Morrissey. It's from a fansite.

    On the other hand, if Morrissey actually put out a statement it would surely be much worse, because he's - and I'm not sure how to put this delicately - a prick.
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  9. From what I've seen, I think this is brilliant. To make Morrissey of The Smiths meet Morrissey now? There's no way they'd approve of each other. What I love most is that this episode is a real tribute to The Smiths, who will always be one of the greatest bands ever. Skewering Morrissey for what he became, who he gave up along the way, is a real bonus. Morrissey in The Smiths battled Thatcher and right-wing arseholes, so the drift from that to...that is so depressing. I'm Lisa Simpson in that episode. All Smiths fans are.
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  10. This has me shocked. This eliminated scene shows that Jasper was the previous minister of Springfield.

  11. This is crazy to learn something new after all this time and god knows how many times watching this episode
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  12. I know his age varies slightly depending on the season but I was thinking the other day how I’m around the same age as Homer and as someone who’s watched The Simpsons since I was a kid.. the thought is completely mind blowing!
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  13. Lisa always knew.

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  14. Not the husband ordering essentially one of these with his birthday gift card
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