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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MOP, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. MOP

    MOP Guest


    Is anyone else obsessed?
  2. I go on and off with this game, one moment I'm obsessed and the next im bored. Definitly a worthy investment though it really lasts very long.

    What's with the whole town thing in the sims 3? I can't be doing with that, it's too much.
  3. I do want this and love my other Sims games but i've got too much to do at the moment to get addicted to this game and I know it consumes me some times it's so bizarre. I love it though, just gotta wait another couple of weeks till I can fully dedicate myself to it.
  4. Me! I'm getting it tomorrow, I'm so excited. I have been known to play it for 15 hours straight so I'm getting ready to say goodbye to my summer...
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Just got The Sims 3 and I am a bit confused.. The last Sims-game I played was the original one, and I'm really not that good with this 3d-thing.. plus there's no scroll-wheel on my mouse, so I have a lot of clicking to do to keep a decent view of things.

    Apart from that, it looks lovely, but I'm drowning a little in all the options..
    In a way it's just like real life to me: I start of a bit confused an stressed out cause there's somemany different things that need to be done.. eventually I cheat my way through to get everything done asap.. and than everything's done and I'm bored, once again..
  6. The Sims 3?! Aw, I only just got The Sims 2! I had a go at it for a while, but it kept telling me to buy a toilet when there was one there. And then it told me to buy a fucking fridge, when there wasn't even one in the catalogue! I had a look in the booklet, but that didn't help either.
  7. MOP

    MOP Guest

    I hate how this can consume short periods of my life and then drop off me like a dead fungus. Actually I LOVE that it stops being so amazing because it gives me time for life.

    I just HATE that I always want to play it when I am HORRIBLY busy.
  8. This is exactly how it is for me.
  9. MOP

    MOP Guest

    It's annoying isn't it? My school exams ended today, which is the day I realised I don't like it that much. The one week from Hallowe'en I've played it was revision leave.
  10. I looove The Sims. Can't wait to get The Sims 3. Like people have said I go through phases of playing obssessevly and then not touching it for weeks.
  11. I do this too. I have a version of the sims 2 for the gamecube and there's the go thorugh thing.
    Do it reach the last house, drop it, half a year passes, ooohhh! the sims! , do it reach the last house etc etc
  12. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I didn't preorder this so had to search all over the city for a copy, but it is gonna be SO worth it.

    I love, love, love the Sims. Best video game ever.
  13. What is the appeal of this game?
  14. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Make houses you could never make in real life!

    Buy things you could never afford!

    Excel in careers you're too shit to have!

    Live a life ten times better than yours because you're sitting at a computer playing a video game!

    (The appeal of it to me is that I obsess over the minutiae of everyday life, and this game is based on that)
  15. It's an electronic doll-house!
  16. I don't have the newest generation macbook, should I even get The Sims 3 then?
  17. I'm looking forward to reigniting my obsession with Sims. Have had it on pre-order for ages and it still hasn't arrived yet. Then the inevitable is going to happen when I get around to installing it - it won't work, because my computer isn't powerful enough to play it. And I will cry.
  18. I'm tempted to buy this game but I never play games on the computer and my PC would probably die anyway.
  19. I bought it for my old generation Macbook and it all installed (ran like shit though) but because my graphics card isn't up to scratch none of the Sims had faces or clothes or anything, they were just black silhouettes.

    So beware! I didn't have enough RAM (1GB instead of 2) and it installed so that wasn't a problem, but yeah. Be aware of your graphics card.

    Game wouldn't take it back as it has been opened, so I had no choice but to give it to my brother to put on his super-dooper PC. So I spent £35 for nothing, AND I had to listen to half an hour of him lecturing me on why PCs are better than Macs. I get to play it on his computer while he is home from Uni, but he will be going back in September, taking my game with him. Sad times.

    (Incidentally from what I've played so far it's really cool and very complicated.)
  20. I used to love The Sims, I was engrossed with it for a while but all of a sudden it just became a turn off and I struggle to play it these days.
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