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"The Slasher" - Season 3 - Third Time Lucky x

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by munro, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Not me almost immediately clocking both @Beautiful Child 2 and @johnny_tsunami as slashers in my PM with @Rommers once BC tried to throw Johnny under the bus this morning. Y'all weren't as clever as you thought you were but it was a cute attempt.
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  2. I mean @Beautiful Child 2 was in my DMs yesterday trying to sell @johnny_tsunami down the river. I love me some self-serving slasher shennanigans. @Remorque selling out the VPJ last season for her own survival teas.

    @johnny_tsunami you pretty much sold out every slasher to us whilst also surely realising that if it came down to it and it was us vs you, that the campers would have the numbers due to the power camper clique™ finding each other super early.

    Also credit to @Petty Mayonnaise and @2014 for instead focusing on confirming campers and ensuring safety in numbers rather than checking potential slashers. It certainly helped keep the power roles alive longer and give us the numbers to influence the votes.
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  3. This MORNING? Bitch you were 5 days late Dddd.
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  4. Dddd it's not like it was common knowledge before today tramp. I can't help that Beautiful Child didn't try to sell you out until today sis.

    Plus the psychic saying you were a camper threw a wrench into basically everything.
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  5. I think the record-breaking six surviving campers might disagree.

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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I literally starting planning to have @johnny_tsunami killed like..... @BTG help me out here....a week ago? Whenever he joined us as a Slasher. I wanted that bitch dead. Dick is abundant and replaceable.
  8. im so g lad we both survived sisters 5ever.

    Die binch.
  9. BTG


    Speaking from the slasher side this season, you cannot believe how frustrating it was that the camp killed @nikkysan on day fucking one, meaning the power roles came together and forged an alliance that left the slashers powerless to kill for days.

    Ordinarily the power roles haven't found each other until week two, if at all, but working together so early meant we got one kill in (my girl @Terminus) and then we had to wait. Never did I think the slasher chat would boil down to devising a schedule to attempt to kill @2014 and @nikkysan on alternate nights until the kills could stick.

    The impotency. The flazeda.

    It did mean that Nikky had a target on her head and that we'd kill her first chance we got but it also meant the power group had valuable days to work together. Also I think it's the first season the reporter has actually been able to use their power and make an impact?
  10. BTG


    I mean, as soon as @johnny_tsunami was revealed to us, @Beautiful Child 2 was pretty much "I DON'T TRUST HIM I WON'T TRUST HIM I WILL SACRIFICE HIM!"

    It was a gag.
  11. For anyone who just watched the game and didn't play it (and I include @askew in that group x) all the fun happens behind-the-scenes. Like the thrill of being in a Slasher chat but also in the Slasher Pact chat (with new addition Johnny) and then also in the extra Slasher chat I had with my #1 Slash sister @BTG in which I basically outlined by plans to fuck over the other Slashers, like the lasagne of treachery. Lying and scheming and cheating is the tea.

    Tip for next season - really the host doesn't need to do anything except host. Just screen your cast and make sure you have a lot of legitimate sociopaths there. They'll provide all the mess you need organically.
  12. @Beautiful Child 2 I agree completely. Thank GOD we brought the gags. It was like two sociopaths trying to outdo each other while @Rommers Batman'd the fuck out of us, regardless. Hilarious.
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  13. The frustrating thing about that was I was even in our Slasher chat being like NO ONE RESPOND TO JOHNNY HE'S LYING until I think Sam posted some screenshot from munro seemingly confirming Johnny as a Slasher was legit?
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  14. We're not right in the head tbh.
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  15. BTG


    I'll also say a large part of what made this season work was that the vast majority of the cast wanted to play, and brought it, even if they were busy. It makes all the difference.
  16. I also can't believe I was elected camp leader when I was just as evil and reckless last season.
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  17. Can I ask, what was the logic in killing off @Kenny and @Beginner before you went for obvious power roles like myself and @Petty Mayonnaise because at that point none of us even knew of the potential secret slasher because it wasn’t confirmed at that point (at least I don’t think it was)

    Also I want the record to show that I was first to cast my vote for @Beautiful Child 2 today out of the power clique because I was tired of the obvious shenanigans but I still strung ha along well into early this evening about potentially there being no consensus about who we’d decided privately vote off.
  18. [​IMG]

    I had him pegged by about day six, but he'd the game sewn up by then unfortunately!
  19. Next season I want 2 groups of 3 slashers competing against each other.
  20. Glad our little clique had ya’ll Slashers shaking in your boots the entire time, my impact on the whole game was real.


    Also thanks to @munro for hosting this messy but still fun season.
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