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"The Slasher" - Season 3 - Third Time Lucky x

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by munro, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. That's okay, I was fraternising with the slashers from season one. Watch your back xox
  2. Speaking of you, so many people suggested to me that you were a slasher that I genuinely decided to discount the act of accusing you from my assessments of people.

  3. Is this anything to be boast about though? Like you said, it was obvious.

    Also I generally voted for girls that weren't contributing much (like strategically I should have slashed Rommers since she's the smartest but i think she added something to the game that I liked) and I was also often confused by what power roles could save themselves so went with easier targets for some rounds.

    My strategy this season was to just blunder through.
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  4. Y'know, I think we all learned something today.

    That Rommers should have died.
  5. Like, so many that I genuinely developed a theory that you had given the other slashers permission to throw you under the bus because the pressure was making your anxiety flare up.

  6. Me going from season 1 miss congeniality to a shitty mid tier slasher only to be cast AGAIN as a shitty mid tier slasher with a pay bump and only a four episode order.


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  8. I literally think I had already created a chat with @BTG to sketch out a plan to throw Tribal under the bus. On day 1. Before we had even slashed a Camper.
  9. Okay fair enough the campers didn’t recognise @johnny_tsunami obvious sociopathy from last season and vote her off accordingly but for sure the slasher missed a trick not getting @Rommers on their first night despite previous seasons showing she is quite obviously the best strategist among us.
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  10. You certainly suggested to me that Tribal and Sam were slashers before you had successfully slashed a camper.

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  11. I'm just glad I won again.
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  12. BTG


    Other assorted kiis:

    No one gets the game quite like @Rommers
    I think I'm a pathological liar
    @ThisIsRogue was a great new addition
    The RCB thing was crazy. Crazy. It felt like the arc that wouldn't end. Then it came up again as something to beat @Nillness with. It was very Shangela Game of Thrones.

  13. I’m ready.

    Why me first, Hens?

    I’m the Miss Vangie of Season 3, so it’s fine.
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  14. Me to @BTG on day 1
  15. BTG


    My reasoning for @Terminus was how inexplicably fast you nailed @Beginner last season based on absolutely the thinnest of hunches.
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  16. Oh no but you had loyalty bb girl no.
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  17. BTG


    I think when playing this game, you need to strike a balance between strategy and fun. @Rommers is great at this game and a real threat... but she's also one of the best, most fun and vocal players. Killing her off ASAP makes sense strategically but not a whole lot of sense in terms of kiis.
  18. I did actually consider outing you as a slasher at one point. I'm glad the feeling was mutual!

    I can't imagine a game without @Rommers though. You need people that get it.
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  19. It wasn't personal. I was just feeling the full Slasher fantasy, I suppose.
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