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"The Slasher" - Season 3 - Third Time Lucky x

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by munro, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Oh I know, and I just wanted to bring carnage to the thread.
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  2. BTG


    Honestly at one point I was low key expecting @Beautiful Child 2 or @Tribal Spaceman to out each other and to be honest, was high key hoping for it.

    With the power roles in formation so early on, the slasher gameplay got so messy.
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  3. Still can't believe I got away with posting a screenshot of Sam's role in the thread.
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  4. @Rose-Coloured Boy what's good?
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  5. Sorry sis I got so much more busy than anticipated and thought it would be easier to just stay quiet & let everyone kill me off. Don't hate me xo
  6. Girl don't front like I don't follow you on multiple forms of social media. I see you, if you can tweet you can cast a vote. The disrespect.
  7. Omg this exposé. My Reputation era is on its way.
  8. Just wait until I catch your ass in Polo next time.
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  9. See you there if you’re going after Demi xox
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  10. kii girl you know I am
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  11. This was a wild ride that at times I wasn't sure I was enjoying, but now that it's over I can honestly say it was horrible! x @munro will need to pay for my therapy so I can work through the mental trauma.

    @Beautiful Child 2 well done for being a selfish slasher ho, throwing your fellow slasher hos under the bus. I clearly suspected you for days, but I trusted the Power Clique vouching for your innocence so never went out on a limb to go after you. It also helped that you covered your tracks well and jumped on the bandwagons that ran over the bodies of your sistren.

    Now that the game is over, I know never to trust @johnny_tsunami if I'm in another slasher game with him. No ma'am. Well played though ho.
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  12. Okay, I'm on a train for a while so I can finally take the time to write up a post myself.

    Sadly, I was not as involved in the game as I'd have liked. But during the voting I was usually at work and only had time to post a quick post with my vote during my break. Thursday, we had a bank holiday so I could post more and I was living that day. Also every morning frantically grabbing my phone to check if I had died was so stressful but so fun. I hope I can return for the next season to be messy, dirty and slutty.

    @Beautiful Child 2 what a game you played, huh? You were completely off my radar. It wasn't until the @Rose-Coloured Boy elimination extravaganza that I started to suspect something was off. But even then, I figured you wouldn't be only cause you made @Tribal Spaceman suspicious on day 2. What a total psychopath, I live for it.
    Oh and Tribal, keep posting South Park images you bastard x

    I absolutely refused to vote for @BTG cause I was living for that drama. The fighting you did and @Rommers coming to your defense. Beautiful.

    I also was lowkey convinced that @Petty Mayonnaise was the nastiest slasher of all. And that him being upset over the blackout twist was an oscar worthy performance. How legendary that would've been.

    Oh and lastly, @munro I loved all those twists and was gagging every time you switched it up. Brown cow, stunning!
  13. Oh and also

  14. So this was @Beautiful Child 2 accidentally posting one of his many attempts to frame @johnny_tsunami as a mole in the thread instead of my inbox.

    Also we been thought @BTG might be a slasherette, but I reasoned that by 'aligning' with him it might make the Slashers see me as a useful tool for a couple of rounds if he was.
  15. Two seasons later and I still don't understand people who don't respond to DMs or remain cold and reserved. Like, I get it, you don't trust anyone, but even if you can't trust someone, build and alliance with them anyway, if they come under suspicion, you can use that relationship to then get info out of them, or just lure them into a trap, or, at the very least, make yourself look like a gullible fool that the slashers want to keep around and ensure your own survival.

    Start season 4 tomorrow yeah?

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  16. @Beautiful Child 2 you fucking cunt
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  17. Dddd. I was just about to call you out about you never responding back to me after I replied to your initial message only to find my reply still there as a draft I never sent. Sorry sis x
  18. Whelp, time for me to bid "goodbye" to the slasher game. These 3 seasons have been a blast because of having you guys to play it with. It certainly has been quite slutty. Thank you all for making it so fun.
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  19. I'll be back whenever Rommers gets her crumbling Victorian mansion full fantasy picked up. Season 4 should have an all new class and some of the new break-out girls from s3.
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