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"The Slasher"- Season Finale: Alone in Munrozhole

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 7, 2019.


    Summer is almost here, and that can only mean one thing… it’s time to go back to camp.

    Dozens of horny, fame-hungry homosexuals have answered a casting call and are loading up their bussies to enjoy a leisurely summer on the lake at Mama J’s Summer Camp for PopJustice Homos. The producers promise tons of fun group activities: drinking games, canoe trips, tossing signed “Me!” CD singles into the lake, tossing salad, and even some day trips.

    Only one thing seems a bit odd upon first glance - the camp is situated miles into the long-abandoned town of Munrozhole, Alabama. Legend has it that a massacre took place in Munrozhole years ago, leaving it a filthy, bloody mess... and no one has reentered the area since.

    Still, the opportunity is too great for these fags to pass up. The entire trip is being filmed for the 8th season of MTV's popular reality series, "The Slasher". That's right: the slashers are back. And, once again, they're not the only ones out for blood...


    Sign up below. The first 5 campers to sign up will be immune from death on day 1. That means neither the slashers nor the campers can vote to kill you off on the first day.

    Piling onto the campgrounds, we have:

    The Campers – These girls are here to catch rays and, hopefully, some good D. Unfortunately, most of them will just be catching knives.

    The Slashers – These filthy slasher hoes are out for blood, killing off campers one by one.

    The Reporter – The snooping sis has bugged the outhouse where the slashers often have their meetings. The Reporter will receive a transcript of the slashers’ conversations every day – except for one. At one point, the slashers can decide to hold their meeting somewhere other than the outhouse, meaning that ONE DAY ONLY (chosen by the slashers), the reporter does not receive a transcript.

    The Slut – This whore tosses Mama J’s salad every night to get an extra, secret vote.

    The Psychic – The psychic gets to choose one player each day to uncover the identity of.

    The Camp Counselors – There are TWO camp counselors in charge of all the campers. Each day, they get to decide together which camper to save. They will know each other’s identity on day one. The catch is, when either of the counselors is killed, the power is gone. The remaining counselor is then simply a camper.

    BloodyAss – The spirit of BloodyAss followed the campers to the lake to exact his revenge for what they did to him at the asylum. BloodyAss gets 3 opportunities, at pre-chosen times, to unilaterally decide on a camper to kill. If any of his deaths are unused once he’s killed, BloodyAss may transfer one free kill to any one camper of his choosing. BloodyAss will inform me via PM which player he chooses, and that camper must immediately decide on another camper to murder.


    Jwentz [Slasher]
    Trinu 3.0

    Terminus [Counselor #1]
    johnny_tsunami [Slasher]
    Bangers&Bops [Slasher]
    Sam de Jour
    Beautiful Child 2

    man.tis.shrimp [Psychic]
    ufint [Slasher]

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  2. Now that’s camp.

    I’m in.
  3. Hello.


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  4. The title..........

    Sumbuddy gettin banned
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I’m in

    Anyone for a nice trip on the lake later?

  7. Looks like the slashers will have to find another girl to kill first this season.

    Next two slots are also exempt from being killed during day 1.
  8. I’ve been working on my forum brand since the last time I played

    And I have been a surviving camper in one game kii
  9. I’m ready.

    Me after my first day of safety:

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  10. First post updated with role descriptions.

  11. Oh fuck yes. I’m in.
  12. I'm back back back back again.

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  13. Save me a seat in the backend. I'm in.

    Get ready for Roxxxy's Kangaroo Court, ladies.
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  14. Oh wow, you making me the sixth to sign up, huh? I already got a personal vendetta.
  15. Let's stop wasting time here.
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  16. @Jwentz, @Trinu 3.0, @Terminus, @Beginner, @silkandskin - you ladies are immune from being killed off on day 1. We'll kick off later this week, and I'm looking for about 20 players total. I'd like this one to run quick and messily like my last round hosting. Tag your friends and tell them to join!
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  17. Bring it, sweaty x

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