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"The Slasher"- Season Finale: Alone in Munrozhole

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by VicePresidentJocasta, May 7, 2019.

  1. Day 8: She's So Lucky, She's a Star


    @Solenciennes had barely gotten any screen time all season. Instead, producers were fixated on junior detective Rommers, perpetual cum-dump Johnny, and Blumpkin Queen BTG. Meanwhile, Sol had to initiate intimate rendezvous whenever he wanted to get a scene. There was, however, another way…

    After a steamy session of mangina-mashing with Phloo, Sol headed down to the water for a swim. On his way there, he was attacked from behind and dragged to an abandoned old shack miles away. During the terrifying ordeal Sol could only think of one thing: "I'm so lucky to finally have a storyline!"

    The last slasher tortured Sol for hours, and Sol gave an iconic overwrought performance, trying to prolong the session for as long as possible – not because the shit sis wanted to live, but because he just wanted to be a damn star.

    Just as Sol prepared to give a final Emmy-worthy rousing monologue…

    The slasher slashed his throat. @Solenciennes died as he lived; an ordinary camper.

    BloodyAss. Your final kill is next.
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  4. Not the dead getting more screen time than those of us surviving

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  7. Me to @munro every other season...
  8. Anyone wanna have sex with my dusty bones?
  9. 2014

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    sounds right up my alley meet in 5!!!1
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. I thought this was gonna be the damn Sasha Velour gif and was about to shove a chainsaw up your ass.
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  13. the idea alone...

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  14. Tranus when you follow through
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    I literally died on this page
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Y'all ready for the finale?

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  18. Season Finale: Alone In Munrozehole


    The final girls were told that a special guest would be arriving at camp tonight. They didn’t know who it was going to be, but producers had secretly booked singer/songwriter/real-life slasher Brandy. Now that her series Star had been canceled, she was willing to work for Skittles. The campers all wanted to look and feel their absolute best for the big night: 2014 was getting her much-needed 76 hours of beauty sleep, Phloo was moisturizing with Solenciennes’ blood, silkandskin (The Slut) was tossing Jocasta’s salad, and Kenny (A Counselor) was getting a gloriously messy blumpkin from BTG.

    Two girls were missing.

    BloodyAss had an appetite for murder, and he was tired of wasting his kills on useless sluts. Finally, he had his sights set on the final slasher. And he knew exactly where to find him...

    He walked in on the filthy slasher hoe using a spoon to scoop up and devour all of the jizz left on the floor in Johnny Shitstrami’s tent AKA the bang palace.


    BloodyAss, @Beginner, took @Trinu 3.0's face and shoved it into a pool of cock snot, no doubt left by the camp’s resident squirter, Kenny. Trinu, the final slasher, drowned in a sea of salty nut butter. It was exactly how he’d always hoped to die.


    BloodyAss decided to murder the rest of the campers next... but they had all dashed out of Munrozhole when they saw Brandy erratically driving into camp. BloodyAss was one thing, but Brandy behind the wheel?! Fuck that! The final girls all escaped the vile, foul-smelling, death-drench depths of Munrozhole. And so, BloodyAss, relishing his victory, sat for a private performance from Brandy. Even though only one person stuck around, it was still her biggest audience in over a decade.


    Once Brandy collected her Skittles (producers promised Sour but gave her Original), BloodyAss could finally be alone in the gaping abyss of Munrozehole, just as he always wanted.

    THE END.
  19. well that was a thing I'm off to dinner.
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