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THE SO+Y 2017: A Slice of Repackage | COMPLETE RESULTS... FINALLY

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Guess it'll just have to be all the YG/ex-YG girls then.
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  2. If you try and tank Bom's future masterpiece of a single, I will nuke you.
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  3. That's fine. I'll just rate the actual single that gets released.
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  4. Wow, T-ara stans are such bullies.

    But y'all can't bully me the way you bullied my Hwayoung unnie!
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  5. Gross.
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  8. ??? Art? Hwayoung?!? You linked the wrong tweet sweaty.
  9. Uh my account was hacked when I sent the commentary.

  10. This one stings. Oh my God.



    I (KNEW IT)
    from the Happy Box, Pt. 2 single album
    TS Entertainment


    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Squashua, @Slice of Life, @ryan_riot92, @D is for Danger!
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Salami (6) @Kuhleezi, @Aries

    We finally say goodbye to SuperiorMoo... I mean, Sonamoo. Their second entry, I (Knew It), has officially left the competition.

    Just like CLC, Sonamoo served massive improvement with their 2017 outputs. Before Friday Night and I (Knew It), Sonamoo were releasing... I don't even know. Cutesy shit? Girl crush cringe??? I honestly don't even remember. I also don't want to remember. But with their Happy Box series (which is still missing it's part 3 and I'm not okay with that), Sonamoo finally found a sound that showcased their brilliance as a girl group.

    While Friday Night was stunning enough, they had the audacity to even raise the bar with I (Knew It). Here, they are serving Latin-tinged bawperoo with a lot of drama and sensuality. Havana and Despacito found dead in a ditch.

    But the biggest plot twist of them of all is that I (Knew It) is actually an production! I'm not kidding. I already knew this before writing this post but I just had to check again., if you are unaware, is mostly known for their dreamy, dramatic singles. My favourite songs are WJSN's Secret and April's April Story. It's nice to know that they can also do sexy bops. I sure hope they work with Sonamoo again.

    And we can't forget about THE VISUALS. Sonamoo are probably the most underrated girl group when it comes to visuals. I mean, they have, like, five visual members. Like, for a seven-member girl group, that is miraculous. And boy did their visuals peaked here. They can all step on me.

    In conclusion, I (Knew It) is another win for Sonamoo and we did them wrong by not bringing this to the top 20. A disaster.

    @Salami: I was going to write something then had to listen to it again because I completely forgot what it sounded like. Garbage. (SOL: I give up.)

    @Empty Shoebox: Some of the rap sections in these songs I'm okay with. Some of them get on my nerves. This one's in the second group. Otherwise, another girl group dance bop, another high score. I can't hit the high notes though. No way.

    @Aries: I forgot to write notes on this while I was listening and honestly I remember nothing of it.

    @GeiPanda: Really didn’t like it at first, but I’ve come around to it.

    @Serg.: Their rap line is fantastic and they should use them way more.

    @He: Another bop by the non-racist MOO? Damn. Let me add this quickly and have it on repeat it for a day.

    @Dangerous Maknae: The MV is probably one of my top 5 videos of this year because of the girls' looks alone.

    @Monkey0: Always down for latin-esque bop. I like how it goes full on salsa in second half.

    @eccentricsimply: I had to watch the video twice because I was too focused on their beauty nñn At first I thought this song didn’t hit as hard as Friday Night, but it’s actually better?? Somehow?? I don’t know, I don’t have words to explain this song. (SOL: YATH SIS STAN THE VISUALS FIRST AND FOREMOST!)

    @ThighHighs: That horn hook is RELENTLESS! This song is a banger of epic proportions.

    @eliminathan: This is one of the best songs in the rate, T.S. entertainment went all out with Sonamoo in 2017. All of them look so good as well in the video, they fixed New Sun's hair after Friday Night.

    @D is for Danger!: Sonamoo's magnum opus. This is absolutely everything! From the constant repetition of I to the Spanish guitars and trumpets. The pre chorus helps build the energy with the electric guitar strums before the chorus explodes thanks to the trumpets. Nahyun and Sumin getting lines! High.D killing the vocals as always! Let's hope that with Euijin's success on The Unit, the group might be able to gain traction. (SOL: I really hope to God and/or Shaman Unnie that they find success. It's what they deserve.)


  11. [​IMG]



    Red Velvet
    from the Red Summer mini album
    SM Entertainment


    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @ThighHighs, @Serg., @vikeyeol, @eliminathan, @Aries, @Gintoki, @Island
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Monkey0 (6) @send photo

    Red Velvet antis, rejoice!!! The girls are down to their last three songs - Red Flavor, Peek-A-Boo and b-side Look. But for how long? Kekeke.

    But back to Zoo. Zoo is taken from Red Velvet's summer album, Red Summer. It wasn't even performed on music shows (You Better Know was the b-side that they briefly performed). But it proved to be a hit on KPJ still. Talent.

    Zoo is a summer song, let's just put it that way. The energy that the song contains is infectious. You have a very busy production full of different squeaks and sounds. The girls' vocals are even playful. I mean, Seulgi imitating Tarzan??? When will the others??? And somehow it all works.

    The chorus is pretty basic but I can forgive it for the dynamic verses and that smooth as fuck pre-chorus. I always like to pretend I am not enamoured by this song but every time I listen to it, I pretty much bop like the Reveluv that I am. Kii. I can also say that this is 100% better than their 2018 summer single, Power Up ddddd. It's that good. Just imagining the music video for this is already iconique.


    I do think this didn't deserve to be this up high. I have nothing against album tracks. They're cute and fun. But this is not better than, like, half of the songs that I already eliminated. I have to say, I am shqqk that this did so well. Red Velvet are a popular group on KPJ but they have such loud haters too (led by my ex-husband, @send photo). It's a cute surprise is all I'm saying.

    @Monkey0: Nice verses but that chorus is just laughable.

    @eliminathan: Seulgi doing the Tarzan scream gives me everything. I paused the song five times while rating it because I thought there was a dog squealing outside but apparently that's an animal screaming in it so damn. Never heard it til now. (SOL: It was me binch.)

    @eccentricsimply: The superior b-side from this mini didn’t make it, but wow only Red Velvet could have animal sounds in their songs and still make it good. (SOL: JUSTICE FOR YOU BETTER KNOW SAFHSHKDFJHSJHKD I'M STILL SO MAD.)

    @Empty Shoebox: Surprised to see this only in Beige 2. It's a bop, but it doesn't get a ten, because of the whistling and the accompanying shouting.

    @Serg.: This was my summer jam, everything about it is perfect also Seulgi's tarzan yodelling deserved to go viral (SOL: Taeyeon and her annoying yodeling are quaking.)

    @Aries: Producers LDN Noise really pulled out all the stops from their animal sample starter pack for this joyful romp.

    @McQueer: Seulgi’s Tarzan yell alone makes this one of the best songs in the rate.

    @Cotton Park: There's so many brilliant little touches in this song, I don't even know where to start. I think we all know them by now.

    @Salami: Red Flavor really was a great mini. Most of the tracks could’ve been the lead single but especially this one.

    @ThighHighs: Frenetic, feisty, and fabulous. This song is everything, and the middle-8 leading into that last “NE MOOODEUN GEOOLLL” are so cathartic. (SOL: Wendy did snap on that line, I have to give her that.)

  12. Wait I didn't even know Zoo was still in too when I made that comment nn.
  13. He


    I’m howling at the Red Velvet gif. Poor Seulgi having to carry them all on her back.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Part 2.



    Red Velvet
    from the Perfect Velvet album
    SM Entertainment


    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Cotton Park, @digitalkaiser, @eliminathan, @Aries, @PopZeitgeist, @Island
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @send photo (6) @ohnostalgia THESE TRUDEAU TWINS I SWEAR TO GOD

    And with this elimination, we say goodbye to all the Red Velvet album tracks. That also leaves us with just two album tracks, Dreamcatcher's Sleep-walking and WJSN's Babyface.

    But I can't even be mad because we really crowned the best Red Velvet album track of them all. And that is the stunning, the amazing, the show-stopping Look.

    Look was written by the dream team of Charli Taft and Daniel "Obi" Klein (who by the way just got married! Congrats babes!). And I have to give it to them. Look is produced to perfection. If there is one thing you can't fault about the song, it is the production.

    Look, to me, sounds old and new at the same time. And it is so weird to me. I hear retro and I hear futuristic music too. It is such an interesting track. And this immediately following Peek-A-Boo is such a genius move. They sound so good back to back.

    The vocals are tremendous. And I'm not just talking about Wendy and Seulgi and Joy. Even Miss Bae "Irene" Joohyun and Kim "Katy" Yerim also snapped here. I really appreciate how all of them were utilized here. And I also appreciate that there wasn't crazy vocal gymnastics. Not that Red Velvet ever served vocal gymnastics, true, but the use of falsettos and whispers are just stunning. Selena Gomez whewww???

    AND THE LIVE PERFORMANCES!!! YATH BIH. They served. It seriously reminded me of f(x) promoting the b-side track All Night. I love it.

    In a perfect world, Look would've been a pre-release single a la Automatic. And it would've been given a thought-provoking arthouse-style music video.

    @Salami: Feeling this one a bit. (SOL: DDDDD SCREAMING!)

    @Empty Shoebox: This just really isn't as strong as their other entries here.

    @Monkey0: I mean totally throaway song but at least served stylish and production sound current. (SOL: You're so stylish. Fat pussy mileage. Etc.)

    @Serg.: That lush production uhhhhh, serve everything you have Led Belbet we are all ready

    @Cotton Park: Imagine if the vastly underrated KR&B guy Jimbo and Primary's favorite chanteuse Sumin actually collaborated on a song with that slick Obi Klein and smooth-as-silk-songstress Charli Taft! And... imagine if they gave it to none other than the phantasmic phive, Led Belbet themselves... wouldn't it be eargasmic? Yes. It was. It is. LOVE THIS SONG.

    @D is for Danger!: My kind of retro jam!

    @eccentricsimply: What made it a stand out for me was that at first listen it gave me mad f(x) - Signal vibes. Not to compare them - I truly don’t understand people who think those two groups could make even remotely similar sounds - but it’s just the vibe of the track that took me back to that one. It’s truly a moment in an already great album. (SOL: Now that you mentioned it... YATH I hear it!)

    @eliminathan: Perfect Velvet is so good, god damnit. What kind of Red Velvet Anti gives them four 10s.

    @ThighHighs: If any other group put this out as a single, all of KPJ would cream their jorts over it. Red Velvet are the true queens of quality control and that’s why the haters are all so pressed. Their faves can get one or two album tracks on the monthly charts occasionally, but Red Velvet’s albums have them so stressed. They are snatching all of the quality tracks. Phew I love talent and success. (SOL: Maybe she snappedT? But tea!)

  15. We'll meet our Top 20 songs tomorrow night!!! Get excited!

    Should I give a hint on the next two songs to leave???


    They're big songs.

    Goodnight. xoxo
  16. He


    What’s left actually?
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  17. See first page.
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  18. The first time in my life I actually feel good about All Night flopping.
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  19. There's two songs that I want so badly to be in the top 10 but looking at the way CLC and Sonamoo flopped out I'm getting less hopeful.
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  20. I consider All Night a big song sdjflsakdfkasdhfjk
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