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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Like everything I do in my life....I did it last minute till deadline!


    Oh wait....there is a message from Squashua....
  2. [​IMG]
  3. SUPER TRASH: 8.40 (10 x 5; 6.5 x 5)
    BEIGE6+: 9.56 (11 x 1; 10 x 8; 7 x 1)
    BEIGE1: 8.28 (10 x 3; 5.5 x 1)
    BEIGE2: 8.75 (10 x 2; 6.5 x 1)
    BEIGE3: 8.25 (10 x 3; 5 x 1)
    BEIGE4/5: 8.54 (10 x 2; 7 x 3)
    ANDRA BEIGESEN: 8.33 (10 x 0; 7.5 x 1)

    OVERALL: 8.59


  4. I’m awake & that means voting is now


    Lemme go tabulate the final ballots and I’ll be back witcha to kick out our bottom placing unnies and/or oppas. YOUR WORK HERE IS DONE <3 well asides from now having to read 100 posts of my drivel & the questionable opinions of this little sub-forum but still.

    P.S. If anyone still wants to throw me a ballot in the next few hours feel free - the bottom 5 or so haven't and probably won't change at all so it's no big deal.

  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Gimme an hour ddd
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Oh shit, I thought we were gonna get rid of Gucci quickly.

  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Gucci knocks.
  9. You have exactly an hour from now x
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member





    And so we all arrive at this hallowed ground known as the SO+Y final. 100 songs have made it so far but there's still a lot more eliminating to be done. Shall we get to it cystren?

    A grand total of 612 tens were delivered to my PM-able door.
    I did say that the bottom 5 were pretty much a guarantee.


    You may have noticed @Island rose to the challenge of getting a ballot in VERY sharpish.
    They were our
    31st voter.
    Their Super Trash was
    LAST PLACE prior to their ballot.

    Did it STAY in the iconic position of

    Let's consult the
    SO+Yearbook and see whose visage appears first, shall we?



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Empty Shoebox // eliminathan // @Ceir // RUNAWAY

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    @Alouder98 / Cotton Park / digitalkaiser / He / McQueer / @vikeyeol

    0.5 - @Aries
    1 - send photo
    2 - Sanctuary
    2.5 - @ThighHighs
    3 - Junglefish / Kuhleezi / Monkey0

    OH BOY.

    So this is where the rate begins,
    Not with a bang but
    with a seemingly neverending stream of mono syllabic DOOs and lyrics
    that pretty much form a Pronouns Using the Verb ‘to like’ 101 class for non-native speakers.

    WEH. AH.


    So that’s why Dodos ended up extinct. Sad, huh?

    No but really, I was aware this was unpopular but not how truly DESPISED by a heavy % of the populace this secondary adventure into Pristix-dom is. I guess in a field of 100 songs, and sandwiched among giants in the Super Trash & Beige 6+ groups, it didn’t stand a chance no matter how many times it poked its hip out and called it a dance move.

    My relationship with Nous Aimons had, up to this rate, been just ignoring its existence but i determined to give it a go for its Super Trasher - usually a bastion of good taste @Ceir. And so the good news? I no longer think this is completely atrocious. There’s the semblance of an actual legitimate single fighting its way to get out of there. I like the "I got a crush on you..." moments and the deranged synths that back them, the whispered "I... got this feeeeeling..." is begging to be the actual pre-chorus and Rena's raps continue to be the best thing about Pristin as a whole but ultimately, objectively...


    There’s a defence that “Well the Pristin girls wrote it themselves!!!! Pledis are such inspirations!!” which, whilst is massively admirable in an industry that rarely gives its acts any agency or artistic license and should be applauded, also demonstrates the blunt fact of life that hey, everyone can write but not everyone should without supervision. My main problem though is just the muddle of it all - the too many random changes that aren't as bold as they think they are (some good - some, why?), the messery of whether they want to be bad girls or go full aeygo in both delivery & MV and a soggy bottom of a chorus that seemingly emulates kindergarten babble.

    Let's look at the initial MV teaser for this track:

    Okay so squelchy pop-take on industrial beats yes - we like. And in some respects the surface of girls with baseballs posing tough might seem like we're in for an ultra badass girl crush concept then you realise that they're smacking the crap out of EMPTY CARDBOARD BOXES. In Pledis' supply cupboard no less. This is coming 7 months after CLC, 4minute retread or not, gave you spiked barbed wire bats actually destroying statues, TVs and the rogue plant pots in a frickin' marijuana hothouse basement. This was not that.


    Those industrial sounds never appear sadly and, despite the production having some great flourishes, it gets highly bogged down by trying to wedge all 10 members into a single verse. It's neither gung-ho full owning their badassery nor valley mall gurl trashy enough to warrant the nonchalance of the chorus and also far too aeygo in delivery at times to be taken seriously on either of those two other points. It's almost as if every girl was given a different concept and told to just do their own thing and that's exemplified by the video narrative seemingly being "Girls break into a mall but haven't actually planned what they wanted to do with it, get a bit bored, get a paddling pool out for the lolz, and get arrested because the security guard couldn't hear the episode of Goblin he was watching over that incessant DODODO-ing".

    Again, Rena is phenomenal and everyone should have got to her level in DGAF-ness but instead the verses flit about to an ultimately catchy but unsatisfyingly so chorus.

    By the time the final 1/3 comes around, and it seemingly pulls itself together for the dance break in the retail shoe cage, most people have probably already switched off and don't pay attention to its better points. Is this the objectively worst song in the 100? Probably not. Is it one thousand times more of a mess that actively tries to sabotage itself than it should be for a major rookie group from a relative good company who have done this schtick a whole lot better with their previous groups? Abso-DOO-lety

    But hey, that's just Pristin's discography for you.


    Our first voters thoughts bubble section! Hurrah! You guys did not come to play and the amount of commentary is ASTOUNDING (which means I need to rein it back a bit for my blurbs all we'll be here all week sorry y'all). Oh and before I forget - if you're wondering why the tagging is so sporadic in the scores, it's because only 5 get the notification so I wanna keep y'all on your toes x



    Monkey0 beats the world record time in title punning: "I DON'T LIKE. Cacophony of aegyo tropes. I can't see anything musically valuable here." Maybe they were looking for the musical value in those cardboard boxes? We_just_don't_know.gif. Sanctuary is more in the business of substance over fancy valuation techniques: "It’s just tuneless and noisy in the production. There’s nothing substantial of a hook to grab onto and a big dip in quality." and Serg. must have known that big dip had side effects, watch your musical orifices fellas!: "Now imagine if the chorus didn't cause an ear infection to the listeners."



    Now, now. It's not all bad news. Like I said, the bridge is definitely boppable and there were plenty of people who agreed. Let's play a fun game: every time some mentions "the bridge", "the post chorus" or the "I got a crush on my chin you..." part as the sole or main positive, take a shot and scream DODODODO so all the neighboring wildlife can hear you cries for help.

    Kuhleezi - Between the lazy chorus and the annoying vocals, it’s not difficult to see why this is a scalding mess. The bridge knocks a bit though.

    He - One of the worst choruses of the year… The post chorus is so much better. What the fuck PLEDIS. I still believe in this group, though.

    ThighHighs - There are some actual great moments, like the … pre-chorus? Chorus? “I got a crush on you nareul bwa” is what I’m talking about. Anyways, there are parts I really like, but then they just get bulldozed by those “DOODOOODOODOODOOODOOOO” moments and it’s all back to bad for me. I don’t understand? I should love this. I love noisy trash! The choreo properly gags tho, so it isn’t a total loss.

    Ryan_Riot92 - I don’t really know what it is about this track but I absolutely get my life to it every time it comes on! It’s absolutely BLAZING! It may seem like there’s a slight lack of a chorus but not to me … the chanting just GOES OFF! Yeah sure I would have liked to have heard the “I got a crush on you…” bits a couple more times but hey, this is still a complete bop!

    GeiPanda - Honestly, the chorus/hook they chose to go with is so trash (and not the good kind). But the rest of the song is a bop… in fact, I’d say the verses and pre-chorus are pretty spectacular… if only they had gone with a different chorus.

    D is for Danger! - An unfortunate case where the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. Sections of this song shine incredibly (I got a crush on you..., the rap break middle 8, the outro Mortal Kombat rap) , but they get dragged down a bit by the cutesy verses and half-assed chorus.

    Aries - This would've been the recipient of my 0 had it not been for the harmonies in the bridge. Knowing Pristin are following in the footsteps of After School is maddening. If I were Kahi, I would be spitting blood.



    Hands up if you've ever been personally victimised by Pristin's potential being squandered on unedited, kinda messy trash bops? Cotton Park's hand shoots up above all us humble dongsaengs: "I think Pristin is really talented and promising and I love some of their stuff, but this song. No. This is basically a fucked-over, deconstruction of "Wee Woo" which wasn't earth-shattering material to begin with." Choosing to pull from other source material is the illustrious Send Photo: "Ddd at least wee woo has the “wee woo” bits to pick it up. Pristin is such a blatant Twice rip-off/cash-in and Twice is already hit and miss for me. Rooting for Kyla anyway." That whole Kyla debacle was an example of netizens at their worst, body shaming is a no go ever. This opinion was sponsored by


    Junglefish has new point-giving rules, he counts 'em: "I give 'We Like' three points : one for Xiyeon, another one for Pinky and the last one because I think it’s great that the Pristin girls are involved in writing and producing their songs. Unfortunately, the chorus is embarrassing and the rap parts are mostly terrible. It’s a shame because we all know the girls can do better much than that." and the last kinda unimpressed unnie to pass judgement is karmarisma, who is doing my tagging job for me: "I CANNOT BELIEVE @Ceir ALLOWED THIS INTO THE RATE LET ALONE SUPER TRASHED THIS. This is such a horrendously structured song with the most painful hook and melody but...why am I still bopping."

    Don't worry sis, i've been there. Just drink plenty of fluids & rest x

    Ceir oppa - explaineth yourself to the masses: "My super trash! I’ll repeat it for the 4,480th time. That Mortal Kombat soundtrack post-chorus breakdown is EVERYTHING." which I agree, it's good, but for the 4,481st time - that chorus is BASICALLY NOTHING. Sadly for me, you have other unnies in your corner including new to the division Empty Shoebox: "With all the 'du-du-du's, I should be slagging this song rotten, but I'm not. I love it. Was down as a ten from the start, but didn't consider it for the eleven." and newly converted Pitstain stan RUNAWAY: "Holy shit i’ve never given Pristin a chance before but this is fucking awesome."

    Now I get that i've been quite scalding at points but I do aim for balance. And with balance, I turn to those who were neither Iljin nor Trash in their scorings and/or commentaries for a measured final say. Whilst I don't agree with Eliminathan's score, I definitely agree with his opinion on Pristin's elite member: "The more parts Rena gets the better the song is." SHE HAS THE BEST PARTS ALWAYS. EccentricSimply changed ha heart more times than We Like changes pronouns in the chorus (ok, so just three times but still): "I can 100% admit this was a let down after Wee Woo, but it’s also that one trash bop I hated at first but after a few plays I had the chorus in my head for days. It just happens that they are all pretty charismatic and also really talented." and Slice of Life begs, nay, DEMANDS a dragging for ha stanning here today but the admission of your guilt is penance enough sis: "I... lowkey like this more than Wee Woo ddddddddddd. Drag me, I deserve it. This is just so much fun. It's not I Got A Boy-level of crazy but it's quite up there. Like Wee Woo, I think this would benefit SO MUCH from editing. But god do I bop."



    And with that we bid an annyeonghi to We Like
    and an ANNYEONG to the proper start of these reveals.

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  13. Dddddd I screamed.
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  15. As if that deserved last place.
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  16. Oh my hell that writeup, oh my god

    this is going to be so good yall
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  17. That can go next x

    Not before a certain Milan fashion house tho xx

    Oh and after only one write-up I've started feeling a light breeze at the back of my scalp xxx
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    Us teaming up to save Gucci:

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  19. [​IMG]

    Oh and
    @We Like.
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