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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. ...but then @Squashua ran me over with his iconic writeup

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  2. Me @ We Like

    Me @ Jessi's humiliation
  3. Aight well we off to a good start, now lets get that Qri song out of here.

    Holiday can bounce immediately too.
  4. "that Qri song" - GET OUT OF THIS RATE.
    Diamonds will grab number 1 and you will deal.

  5. Me with like button on this post:


    Honestly coming for Holiday this early is a... reach.
  6. Surely the Broduce 101 track isn’t long for this world?
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  7. He


    Nayana is quite good, though.
  8. An interesting way of spelling mediocre.
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  9. I'll stan for Pick Me 2.0. It's a true JAM and a 10/10, although for this rate it's only a 9/10 due to me trying to weight my absolute faves from my regular faves.
  10. Nayana shits from stratosphere on countless, beige, barely passing as songs, products. Which must be eliminated in a bulk.
  11. He


    Aye aye.

    Energetic deserved better too!
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Not y'all doing my Jersey sis so dirty.

    "Pick Me" kind of knocks so I'd be fine for it lasting like 30 more eliminations.

  14. SAME SIS....


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    D is for Danger! // @karmarisma // Monkey0
    @Slice of Life // ThighHighs

    2 - Send Photo
    3 - @BEST FICTION // @junglefish


    I don't think the stats for poor Nun Minji and her breakout of the YG dungeon debut could be any worse poor dear.

    1. Only 1 of 3 songs in the WHOLE RATE to not receive a 10.
    2. Didn't even receive enough vitirol to gain a 0 or a 1 from the iljins but STILL ends up in 98th place.
    3. First song from Beige 1 out.
    4. 2nd solo female out in one of the best year's for the category in forever.
    5. Only made it into this godforsaken rate because it was someone's reserve.
    6. Y'all being too busy fighting over Broduce & Qrisus to even acknowledge this song as a potential eliminee (or fight its corner).


    I can't say i've ever been a 2NE1 stan but I always liked Minzy the most in the group. Frequently plagued by the bowl cuts and bob wigs of doom, the poor lass did what she could - often rapped better than CL, seemed to have a nicer singing tone than Bom, umm.. breathed(?) more than Dara when recording tracks.... it seemed unfortunate that it looked like she was sidelined four corner of the band by the ruthless ignoramus known only by two letters that would get you no points in scrabble because YG IS NOT A WORD.

    Then she upped and disappeared.

    Where did she go?

    What became of ha?


    The K-onvent of Ninanew Beginnings.
    The Monanoninanestry.

    It was here, high among the hills of Jeju island, about five doors down from Lee Hyori's oft-frequented zen garden and health spa for Noonas, Sister Minji learnt things about herself that no mere Entertainment company owning douchesack could hope to fathom and reflected on the true, meaningful question of this new existence....



    This solo debut should have been different. The YG stans' giggling had turned to manic bouts of cry-cackling in the hopes that someone, anyone from 2NE1 would release something. It got so bad, the situation became so catastrophic that their addiction-addled minds led them to believe that even Lifted wasn't complete garbage.

    This was her moment to pounce, to spread her righteous message across the nation. She managed to nab a spot on Sister Slam Dunk next to It girl of the moment, and Empress of canned salmon, Somi and surely the public would love seeing her on tv screens again. She would be following in the footsteps of other such illustrious solo stars like Tiffany, Bad Coochie and... others. Yes, Korean populace - lap up the new variety edition of Minzy like you've' never seen ha before. All she needed was hot banger and all the stans across the world would LAP IT UP.

    Then came reality.

    Gone were the lush, convoluted dystopian cityscape CGI sets of old.
    Well Minzy, the high school gym was booked today so we could use the carpark in front of the snooker hall? Mind the smashed beer bottles m'kay?

    No longer would the outfits be from fashion houses across the world.
    'Ere. I got these dollar fridge magnets you could wear. Oh and I ripped yur jeans on accident.

    Narratives? Fashion films? Emotional backstories?
    So we thought that one Beyonce Pepsi ad was nice. Fancy trying that? Just knock your knees together - yeah we'll call that the choreo...

    At least she wouldn't have to share the stage with a rapping egomani....
    Minzy meet this dude we picked off the unemployment line. He's called Flowsik.


    And to add insult to injury, Ninano just wasn't very memorable. The production is aiming for something indie-pop, a little tribal, maybe a little middle-eastern inspired with an EDM knock and is easily the best aspect of the track. In an alternative reality, it would have been mixed more aggressive by M.I.A. or, in other words, basically be Santigold's track Big Mouth. Yes sirs, that is what an actual ridicu-bop sounds like - not Ninano.

    I hate to say it as someone who really likes Minzy's past persona in 2NE1, but asides from Flowsik being wholly unnecessary, her vocal delivery lets the whole thing down. The song has a verse, a pre-chorus and a chorus which do not change across the 3 minute running time - even the instrumental post-chorus (aiming for max on-trend-ness) is basically just the verse with added mumbling. Minzy barely even needs to try and sing so monotonous are the notes being delivered to her. You could argue that Qri's track in this rate displays more vocal prowess and that's something. At least you can say the director matched the level of 'will-this-do?' ness with a video featuring just two sets (which might be the same place but with a removable roof and more fluorescent tubes), a group of extras that seem as confused at what's happening as most listeners were and that dude Flowsik on the naughty step.

    With a little more variety on offer, this might have bumped itself up a bit but it's hardly a wonder it ended up not even registering for many voters here today. Fingers crossed she gets another chance to show us something less... meh? On the plus side, at least she's not stuck eternally in the fiery dungeon pit of YG Entertainment never to release another song like... well... the whole YG roster.



    The hills are alive,
    With the sound of...


    No but really, to add even more holy salt to the Pentecostal wound - Ninano received one of the smallest amounts of commentary in the bunch. What I did received through our PM communions was a general consensus that this could've, should've been better.

    Want that in a seperate edition?. Sure thang. Monkey0 has the even more abridged synopsis written up: "She deserves better." whereas if you were looking for stronger reading then Eliminathan's written a doozy: "I was looking forward to Queen Minzy's comeback and this song is good but she could do much better. She was my favourite 2ne1 member but this song looks like she just took all the swag but not the singing talent she had in the band. I do really like the music though."

    ^^ We LOVE a backhanded compliment Nathunnie.

    Oop make than another from hairy french heaux, Junglefish: "On the positive side, she makes a better solo singer than I thought she would and if 'Ninano' was 50 seconds long, it would make a pretty nice intro. Unfortunately, the full song is dull, repetitive and just a bit… nothingy. Not a great way to launch a solo career."


    Just to make matters worse, we've even got people who voted for it in the Beige Class coming to their senses. Not even the person who made this all happen, Italian sausage supreme Salami, could muster up much in the way of assured praise: "This isn’t as good as it was when it first came out, and she was always my least favourite 2NE1 member, but it was a nice surprise. Could’ve done with a bit more of the NINANO bit at the end. The rap is not good either. But overall she did a decent job." RUNAWAY sis, have you come down from Gucci Coochie high you were on?: "okay I’m not sure why I voted for this song. I guess it’s okay but Superwoman was better." By jove, I think you'll make a full recovery. Superwoman also survived Send Photo's wrath: "Minzy sis this song is a mess and a HALF, it’s so jarring. Superwoman’s the only track I took from her EP." and BEST FICTION can't even get his caped crusaders right he's just that darn tooting FED UP with this: "What a shit solo debut. I don't care what y'all say, even Supergirl was disappointing. It was just such a long wait for THIS. She's capable of so much more."


    Q. What is the main issue with Ninano?

    A) The Chorus

    D is for Danger! - I have the same problem with this song as Taeyeon's I Got Love. Where's the fucking chorus?! At least the instrumental isn't as awful. They actually put effort into this one.

    GeiPanda - It all starts so well, but leads to such a wet limp of a chorus that ruins all momentum.

    ThighHighs - I love the pre-chorus or maybe it’s the chorus, but the NINANO mumbling just doesn’t do it for me, and the rest of the song is only ok.

    B) Men

    Empty Shoebox - The man ruins this. It might have been a seven without him.

    Serg. - Taking a point from Korean Gaga only because of that awful feature.

    C) The Crushing Disappointment

    Slice of Life - *wendy_hat.gif* Oh my God, it is so hard to admit that this is my least favourite song in the rate. As a massive Blackjack, I feel like I'm being traitorous. But I gotta be honest here. I actually don't think this is bad. It is just so... dead. I'm happy that Minzy has finally found a way to express herself through music but Lordt, this song is just one big cliche. It sounds like a bad 2NE1 demo circa 2010. And why are Minzy's vocals so flat here? Her voice sounds especially weak on the verses. Are we sure she's not just reciting a nursery rhyme??? I have so many questions. I'm sorry, Minzy. You know I love you and I wish the best for you but unnie, this is not IT. (SQSH: For ages I thought *wendy_hat.gif* was giving the girl on the Wendy's logo a hat and i've been boggling my mind to figure out what that conveys. Ninano does sound like a McDonald's jingle true...)

    Cotton Park - I was very excited for this song, but I have to say it was a little bit disappointing. Not as soul-crushingly disappointing as "Honey Bee" or "Untitled 2014" (seriously) but I now keep my expectations properly managed in regards to anything YG or Teddy related these days.


    D) It's Not Even That Bad (Although I Can Barely Tell If This Is Sarcasm Anymore)

    EccentricSimply - Ok honestly, she didn’t deserve to flop the way she did. Sure it’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s not a bad song, neither is the mini. Korea needs to appreciate talent a bit more.

    Kuhleezi - It’s always great when one of the more underrated members comes out on their own and delivers some good stuff.

    karmarisma - I think this was a great debut for 2NE1's one and only dancing queen Minzy and as good as the dancing and her stage presence. The instrumental section in the chorus is easily the catchiest part of the song (with her run dance thing), but it didn't quite stick to my ears.

    ^ Karma's in particular sounds like a positive until you realise she gave the song just 5 points, which makes me think "as good as the dancing and her stage presence" is bordering on a read. How many songs are stuck on your ears unnie? Does it work like clip-ons? So many questions...



    (and out of the rate)


  15. *cackling*
    This is going way too well so far, I know I'm going to end up in tears in 3...2...1...

  16. Damn she wasn't even part of anyone's real ballot just a reserve that slipped through the cracks the shade of it all.

    The SHADE of it ALL
    When you're glad Ninano got clocked but then realize she was the best 2ne1 member and doesn't deserve this.
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  17. I gave NiNaNo like... an 8. I bop.
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  18. He


    Aw, I honestly like Ninano.
  19. *cries in all the more deserving Beige 1 songs that didn't make it*
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  20. The good unnie @karmarisma as soon as she realised NiNaNo had no staying power.

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