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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Aight just wanna say I appreciate the call-out and I wanna apologize for my wording and for offending anyone here. I've seen lots of sexism on this forum that I see go unchecked, and it makes me sad and embarrassed that I've managed to fuck up here so thanks for holding me accountable guys. If I could make a quick clarification, I wasn't trying to come at SNSD for not dressing 'age-appropriate' but more towards the fact that Holiday is clearly supposed to be a 'fun' song, but that joy feels forced and not natural in a way that other 'fun' songs don't (Saying, it kinda feels like they were going through the motions), and the imagery of the video added to that for me. But again, this point it doesn't really matter. I said what I said and it was gross so I'm sorry!!

    My first scandal..... I promise I'll come back with a better image.....
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  2. Why did I give Look a 9.5 only??? Fuck putting on a semblance of objectivity for my faves.
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  3. I've been listening to Love Letter and Kingdom Come quite a lot these past few days and I regret not giving them high scores.


    The same thing also happened with Likey but at least I redeemed myself in Gaon Rate.
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  4. Apologies for my A.W.O.L-ness

    Shall we jump back into the thick of it?


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Ceir // Karmarisma // @vikeyeol

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Alouder98 // BEST FICTION // Empty Shoebox

    3 - @ThighHighs

    Ouch at this three way tie seemingly kicking the album tracks to touch.

    Eek at NCT 127 being all out of songs in the rate before practically any of the other boy bands present (all 5 of them Ddddd).


    Baby Don't Like It, a.k.a a long lost demo by New Kids on the Block repurposed for today's more hip-hop orientated South Korean market by a rag-tag collection of members from the NCTVerse, is certainly not bad. It's from the earlier in the year NCT 127 EP Limitless that seemed to fly somewhat under the radar considering how much love their was for the Cherry Bomb ATs (although not enough to get them through Beige Class oooops).

    Here was the title track you may or may not have listened to last round:

    1) This was quite noisy.

    2) Whoever is making the Grudge Ju-On throat gurgling sounds during the verses/pre-chorus needs a strepsil (or an exorcist).

    3) I admire their dedication to dressing as if they were randomly generated characters in Grand Theft Auto catering to a teen lad audience.


    NCT 127 for me is such a weird sub-unit in this whole bizarre NCT project and, ultimately, the least successful by far. NCT U, for all their one song discography, delivered a much better rap track than practically anything that's come out of 127's three minis. NCT Dream, whether you do or don't buy into that kindergarten bop concept, at least works within its remits and delivers something on brand. The feel I get with the One-to-Seven is that it really wants to continue to be rap-centric, hip-hop focused unit, especially by continuing to throw lines at Mark (YAS) and Taeyong (eeek), despite the fact over half the group are vocalists with voices much more suited to pop than any other genre.

    Which is why listening through a lot of their more swag-centred tracks (Cherry Bomb says haaaiii) it really does feel like they try and shoehorn in a pop vocal lull randomly just to give the other guys something to do. SM being happy to carve poor Yuta out a new chinscape and yet barely gives him 2 seconds of line time in Limitless and just dispose of him, Jaehyung, WinWin and Johnny completely for this album cut just makes we wonder why not just have NCT U comebacks instead? Give the other guys their own pop vocal sub-unit, that would be nice - you don't have one of those (even if their more pop-boppy tracks on the Cherry Bomb mini prove they could lead with that kind of style if they wanted).

    So Baby Don't Like It itself?



    That's one way to help your song stand out for sure. From a purely soundscape POV, it's quite a standard laid-back rap groove with that whistling synth sound that was EVERYWHERE in 90's hip-hop. Mark raps well, as always, and the chorus is an earworm even if pretty much all three vocalists sing as more a chorus or combo hook-gal than actually get their own lines so to speak. That being said:


    Ho boy, ho boy, ho boy (literally). I mean i'm not surprised your girlfriend isn't a happy bunny the way you're holding hands with another lady and whispering about wanting her to ruin you whilst you engage a Snow White meets Hobbit roleplay in the bedroom. That boy Taeyong has some seriously unique fetishes if his rap verse about drawings, beach volleyball, physical violence and filling a person's stomach (Dddddddddd) are anything to go by. I'm not sure why a bunch of early twentysomethings are chatting so nonchalantly about infidelity over squeaky toys or if that's really lyrically content one should be promoting but hey, i'm no angel (most of us probably aren't let's be real) so i'm not in a position to judge or get all high & mighty about it.

    Mark will go back to pre-teen innocence soon enough right?




    *looks into making a "BÉBÉs do you like it?" intro for commentary then deciding against it because 1) i'm already embarrassing enough of a flop with wordplay as it is, 2) a lot of the opinions were mixed anyway and 3) i'm contemplating the lack of squeaky bedsprings in my life*


    Empty Shoebox pretty much highlights the no-go song criteria if you don't want to flop in a KPJ rate: "It's a boyband singing a ballad, so I was never going to like it, was I? What pushes it down though, are the rap section and the little 'whoop whoop'." Salami's problem on the other hand is going to be hard to do anything about in the long run: "The chorus is alright but this song made me realise my issue with them - I hate the tone of their voices." Cotton Park has no clue what a certain sore-throated rapper is on about: "I'm still not sure what Taeyong's reference to beach volleyball was all about." Me neither to be honest. And GeiPanda comes at y'all with a reference probably only he, I and the other Brit KPJ-ers will understand: "I love Olly Murs’ “Troublemaker”."

    Nothing says 'troublemaker' like giving into infidelity ey?

    Aries swerved the NCT stock market: "I've yet to invest properly in NCT beyond a few singles but this is a solid album-cut." EccentricSimply basically outlines my own thoughts in a nutshell: "My main issue with NCT 127 is that I've always felt that are too many spare members that are, quite frankly, pretty disposable. So a song with only five members - even if it's essentially centered around the rap line - was bound to be a more pleasant affair. It's not their best contribution, but it's listenable, so." Eliminathan too was a little unsure where those formerly known as NCT Surplus went: "The chorus is really good because Taeil carried the members with his voice, the lyrics are a bit worrying. Someone get these children some help! Also wasn't there like eight more members what kind of disappearing act bullshit is this." I can only think of AOA's Bing Bing when it comes to magic in K-Pop now poor me hey. And even if they're not pushing a Junior school concept, Slice of Life is still here for his boyz: "Really, really solid. I'm slowly but surely warming up to NCT 127 and this is a nice push for me to fully give them a chance to win me over. The rap is solid but that chorus is everything. So late 90s/early 00s. Yath."

    Anyone find the squeaky hinges lubricant yet?

    ThighHighs tut-tuts at noisy bed frames, in silence or nothing: "Ennnh, this simply isn’t the one for me. The chorus takes too long to get going and the squeaky bed noises at the end aren’t as clever as the producers think they are." Watch out, Monkey0 might laugh at you in the bedroom: "Perfectly fine album track, mandatory SM mid-tempo. No idea how it got here but…OK. Those creaky bed noise are hilarious!" I'm not sure Serg. managed to finish their sentence so taken aback they were by their bedploits: "The bed sounds in this are really sending me." and OF COURSE, Ceir was going to be here for this - do I have to use that gif again?: "Come on with this jam! I honestly almost gave this an 8, because I really hate Taeyong’s frog voice during his rap. But, Mark’s rap, the chorus, THE FUCKING BED SQUEAK SAMPLE IN THE SECOND VERSE. This is full on rnb gloriousness and you know I’d love it."

    Oh I knew you would, don't worry:

    Let's turn to CAP LOCK CORNER where karmarisma is, once again, going to come for me for eliminating her faves - please you have my soul already!: "OKAY I DON'T KNOW WHO VOTEd FOR THIS, BUT I LOVE YOU AND YOU DESERVE THIS: I already know that this will flop (bc taste is something that's lacking here) but let me just say that never will you find such a gobsmacking, bed creaking, thot masterpiece from a rookie SM boy group nontheless. I spent much of my 2017 melting at the singing adlibs and Taeyong's groaning rap and I will continue to do so in 2018. " and if you did happen to enjoy the sound of retro hip-hop bed springs then you have low-key stealth unnie Vikeyeol to thank: "I'm glad I supertrashed this because if the megabops 0 Mile and Summer 127 couldn't make it I doubt this would have. I was SHOOK when this came out. The production sounds both sensual (the creaking bed!) and sinister at the same time, which is fitting for the risque subject matter of being tempted to cheat, which makes the lyrics rather shocking for a rookie idol group with how explicit it gets. When Taeyong raps about how he wants to be ruined? I_VOLUNTEER!!!.gif"

    Lemme make that gif a reality for you sis:



  5. After every song eliminathan I always think "Wow that song left too soon".
    Then I remember how low my supertrash is.


    Either way this kidz thot song was pretty good.
  6. Good riddance. RIP my Super Trash though.
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  7. I just don’t understand NCT-127.
  8. He


    I really can't be bothered.
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  9. How did it even got here instead of Limitless?!?!
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  10. Taeyong sounds like the girl from the Grudge.
    Delete him from the track and we can talk.
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  11. And the last song in this tie

    With the MOST 10s so far...



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // D is for Danger! // Eliminathan
    Island // @McQueer // @RUNAWAY

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Ceir // Cotton Park // Gintoki
    @karmarisma // Monkey0 // PopZeitgeist

    1 - @Salami
    3 - @Alouder98

    How are those stats above for a voter sub-divide? In some ways it's much like whatever yarn BlockBerry tried to conjure up with that "the slash in 1/3 is Yeojin!!!!" sounding like the "the 5th member is the fans!!?!" moment of K-Pop. Wait, do you even know who Yeojin is yet? This is the only chance we're going to get to go over LOONA pre-Kimberly Lippington and her Glowing Contacts Crew so maybe I should give y'all a little run-through.

    Oh boy. Let your LOONAcation begin!
    ((if you really couldn't GAF about LOONA then 1) I hope you enjoy a long & pleasant stay in the fiery pits of hell and 2) please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this entry where i'll actually discuss the whirling melodrama that is Sonatine)).


    GIRL #1

    (Solo Song: ViViD)


    Colour: a bright ViViD pink (ha get it?)
    Animal: Bunnies

    Solo Song is notable:
    For singlehandedly immortalising gay stan culture lexis

    Solo MV moment:
    The whole room turning into a Van Gogh art exhibit whilst HeeJ's is just casually taking a bath full of glitter and sequins.

    Other things to note:
    If you were worried that her ballpark was firmly jazzy pop and she's hoping to become a trot singer then think again because 1) she can play guitar but is also a total dork, 2) she stanned THE HECK out of Eclipse in the LOONATV episodes of them filming Kim Lip and 3) her MixNine stint a.k.a being subjected to YG's ridiculous experiment in egotism at least gave us a shining moment of OHMAGAWD Y*S worthiness in HeeJ's take on Ms. Grande's Greedy - you're beautiful, you're perfect, you did this so much better than Valentina.

    GIRL #2

    (Song: Around You)


    Colour: a mellow Yellow
    Animal: Kitties

    Solo Song is notable:
    well it isn't really, unless you like whispery ballads. The "Special Ver." puts the 2 HJins and Kim Lip in a mock high school drama though which is worth a gander (EDIT: I guess based on this webdrama they have that I had no idea about up until today whoops).

    Solo MV moment:

    Wall-to-wall stalker-esque Cat Heads

    Other things to note:

    Girl is an absolute deadpan savage in motion treating almost every display of silliness or aeygo with a look of embarrassment, a cutting retort or a general sense of disdain. She's besties with Heejin and they arguably got the best deal in getting to travel around so much from the get-go. What remains constant however is her desire to become an Earrings Model alongside all her other CFs (seriously) and the immeasurable relatability in her love for carbs.

    GIRL #3

    (Song: Let Me In)


    Colour: some kind of green (although it's barely ever been used)
    Animal: a nondescript white bird that's probably a dove but they're not exactly common in arctic areas so that makes the MV a slight inaccuracy and also HaSeul is SCARED of birds so BBC must really just hate ha.

    Solo Song is notable:
    it's basically a pre-cursor to Sonatine (and the first LOONA song that hooked me in)

    Solo MV moment:
    The Lost plane-crash reboot set in an Icy Tundra or HaSeul K.O.-ing her blonde bob wigged self with a frickin' diamond. She had a really rough time on set too bless ha.

    Other things to note:
    HaSeul is generally known as the "mother" of the group, partly because she's one of the oldest, partly because she's the leader of this sub-unit but also she spends all her time checking out for the others (i.e. the only one willing to babysit Yeojin). She can play guitar AND piano (take that 2Jin) and studied in the US for a year so is probably going to be their go-to for English liaison in the future.


    GIRL #5

    (Song: Everyday I Love You [still in the Rate])

    Colour: apparently "pastel rose" but let's just go with a lighter pink shall we?
    Animal: a big ol' lady deer
    Solo Song is notable:
    as it's a retro throwback (and HaSeul gets to rap for the first and last time).

    Solo MV moment:

    Basically just sending everyone back into a world of nokia flip-phones, Windows 97, scrapbooking about your crushes and being embarrassing around arcade dance machines.


    Other things to note:
    ViVi is the only non-Korean member as it currently stands, hailing from Hong Kong. She was a model before signing up to the good ship LOONA and no one's really sure (or minds too much) as to what her real age is - Miss Terry-us Queen. Partly down to the language barrier but also being massively aeygo by default, ViVi in the LOONA tvs is pretty much always super cute in an almost "i'm really blazed right now" kinda way:

    Girl #4 is "Lentil Bean" Yeojin who's supposed to be aforementioned " / " in LOONA 1/3 but really she's by far the youngest out of all 12 girls (we hope), probably has a ton of schoolwork to get done so she has something to fall back on when BlockBerry Creative's arms dealing scandal breaks and isn't really right for any of the concepts yet aside from the IU-for-Primary-Schoolers sheen of her solo track. In the lore of the LOONAVERSE she's apparently stuck in a forest somewhere after the arranged marriage to the Frog Prince turned sour and the Amphibian kingdom dungeon-ed her after tried to sell her back (unsuccessfully) once realising she just won't shut up ever.


    In the words of Seohyunnie's album track -



    Yes I know this won't be to everyone's tastes and I never expected it to do well here (because it's a ballad and people have a built in hatred if a beat doesn't kick into a song within the first 30 seconds) but for those who are open to something a bit more orchestral, something legitimately built with a classical mindset & professionally composed then this is your ticket. LOONA 1/3's actual debut song "Love & Live" was kinda dull side (as is the mini for the most part) with its overly bright schoolgirl aesthetic, lack of bite and the relay race themed choreo but I adore Sonatine.

    It just positively unfurls its way like a shimmery ribbon from a near acapella opening to a whole bloody orchestra piping up as if awakened from a deep curse-ladled slumber. There's even a random 5 second tango section for absolutely no reason at all and honestly that's all you need to seal the deal with me. Sure, it's not a 10 in my book because the MV feels like an afterthought (lovely static balcony shots, wonderful urban balcony shots) rather than enhancing the qualities of the song and the girls occasionally sound a bit nasal but it's easily the best straight-up ballad in this field and one of the best slowies of the whole year.




    Attention attention, we're but minutes away from this KPJ recital. Everyone ready with their instruments?


    Guys, you don't have to put everything in your mouths geez...

    Let's begin this symphony with a lack of sympathy, empathy or telepathy with taste. Salami is off-beat with most of the sub-forum as far as LOONA is concerned: "A ballad. A boring one. Sorry, LOONA are missing the mark more than they’re hitting it for me." Did they ever? I'm not sure how Alouder98 made it through the GAON #1 rate ballads if he thought this was the epitome of boredom: "The most boring song in the rate, by far. Thank God, this is the only 1/3 song in this." I agree about it being the only 1/3 sub-unit track worthy of making it here though. At least Gintoki picked up the notes of some kind of positive swell: "Not sure why, but like it goes hook, no catchy melody....only beautiful strings." and Ceir has the prescribed sheet music for the second movement: "It’s…so…beige… It’s like they took Haseul’s solo and overdosed it on Quaaludes…"

    Ddd not me thinking Quaaludes were some kind of high-brow classical music reference (a la a Prelude or something) when really it's just drugs:


    We gave these guys percussive instruments as they didn't have too much to say. Cotton Park is rocking the cow bell in the corner: "Not my favorite track from LOONA, as much as I adore HaSeul." Ryan_Riot92 knows how to riff on that triangle: "It’s not a bad track by any means, however it’s lacking some flavor." and Empty Shoebox's dream to be part of the string section will have to wait until he masters the tambourine: "The strings I like. The vocal, not so much."

    Speaking of vocal, the string players had a whole movement to themselves, such was their demand. Monkey0 was at least being balanced: "I appreciate the charm and beauty of strings. Again, recurring problem with LOONA project - it's just not enough. I recognize inspiration but this lacks some kind of uniqueness and richness to stand on its own. Basic IU/Gain copy won't cut it." This is kinda better than Carnival though (that being the only relevant Gain reference point in this instance). Slice of Life's is viola-lently comparing too: "Very pretty production. I guess my problem with this track (and LOONA 1/3 in general) is that the vocals are a bit too one note. It's very subvocal line of Lovelyz. I also feel like this song just doesn't explode no matter how hard it tried. Poor it." I mean this still scored higher than both Lovelyz tracks so make of that what you wi... Sorry, I couldn't finish my thought because ThighHighs rolled in with a gong bang beat unannounced: "It’s all very elegant or something, right? I dunno, it’s really pretty, I like the melodies, but I can’t help but crave SOME sort of beat to this. Can I get a drum machine or anything? Call me classless, but it’s all a bit previous to me."

    OK Gurl. Since you said to....

    Oh how could I forget it was the woodwinds' turn to drown out the negativity. Well okay, after karmarisma's bassoon has finished being underwhelmed: "I think the concept behind this song is very novel. It sounds very theatrical; however, it didn't manage to stand out in any way for me." He flutters a pretty tune of forgiveness on his magical flute: "I admit it, I was a 1/3 denier. How wrong I was. Forgive me 3H and Vivi (not you, Yeojin). LOONA 1/3 has pretty interesting music, and this song is no exception. Such a lush and unconventional sounding “pop” track. The girls deliver and the instrumentation, wow. This also must have been quite expensive with all the live instruments, and production." I don't Oboe about you but GeiPanda might be on whatever ViVi's having with the musicals he's a-dreaming up: "It sounds like a 3-minute reprise of a song that doesn’t exist, if that makes sense?" It does, kinda? Either way Clarinet Kween Kuhleezi's head is all in a spin to that sweet sweet WTF-ness: "One of the most Loona things ever is hiring a full orchestra for the obligatory stripped-down ballad, and having the fucking nerve to serve tango realness for like 15 seconds, AND THEN SWITCHING BACK TO THE BALLAD AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. Loona stop playing with my brain plz."


    So many more major chords over here. Serg.'s musical critique will be in the Times come Monday: "The piano progression and the final chorus are both top notch." Aries might just be thinking of the video blurb itself here - we're not that whimsical a bunch: "I can't remember who it was but a KPJ hunty once described this as a spell, which I think fits perfectly. Simply put it's beautiful song; the subtle tango elements and the sweeping strings really set it apart from everything else in K-pop at the moment." and McQueer is all about layers upon layers: "The composers/producers Blockberry seeks out are fucking geniuses honestly. First off we got real strings which is always a joy but the way this song twists and turns (the tango break!!) and continuously builds throughout is masterful. Add those dense vocal harmonies and we got a really gorgeous track."

    Let's do an encore with the big top brass of this particularly company. Eliminathan rues his previous conductor from more Dungeon-orientated company: "The composition of this song is fantastic, and the harmonies are just as good. LOONA is going to be a powerhouse, YG is shaking because he missed out on Haseul who is arguably the best singer of the group." RUNAWAY toot-toots that sparkling trumpet of his: "This is literally probably in my top 10 for K-pop songs in 2017. It's incredibly beautiful, and the description "an arcane spell of love" totally fits this gorgeous, breathtaking song." and Tuba-tter believe EccentricSimply is here to bellow high praise at the yet to debut group: "I stand by the entirety of LOONA’s releases have something extra special to them. This could’ve easily become an extra boring and directionless ballad, but the instrumentals are breathtaking, and it’s one of the very cases where the vocals not being necessarily highlighted doesn’t make the song difficult to listen to. When the actual group debuts they are either going to be a force to be reckoned with or a trainwreck waiting to happen nñn."


    SEE YOU IN 2018


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  12. He


    Loved loved loved this write up!

    And love Sonatine. It's so gorgeous.
  13. I didn’t know any of these members existed, thanks for the Loona herstory.
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  14. Wow, @roux was right all along... not surprised, but still disappointed.

    Fabulous write-up though, @Squashua-sshi, BBC should be head-hunting you for the OT12 promo cycle xx
  15. They're irrelevant, NCT Dream are the only ones that matter.
  16. Okay but I did play the clarinet once how would you know that?

  17. Ooh, 'Baby Don't Like It' is so my thing. It's that turn-of-the-century boyband sound without being too overt about it... not that I'd mind at all if they were!

    In any event, it's nice to know that there are multiple NCTs, and that there are apparently boybands still here!
  18. Shame it had to go so early but that was expected. Let some light into your lives y'all.

    Loved this write up tho!!
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  19. I can sympathize with ha...


    Also, @He unnie is converting me into a LOONA 1/3 stan... slowly but surely.
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  20. [​IMG]

    We've all made them
    The scores & comms are stacked full of them

    But THIS ONE is quite the ultimatum...


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Alouder98 // Aries // EccentricSimply
    Empty Shoebox // Gintoki // Salami
    Sanctuary // Serg. // ThighHighs


    I swear i'm not just here to kick out your 10s @eliminathan (although with 47 of them in your ballot, it's kinda inevitable ddd). On the plus side, not a single person thought this was less than a 4/10. Correct, you're seeing that right - not even @Salami.

    Which means we've got our 2nd BEIGE APPROVED song hurrah!


    This also marks the last act by noted KPJ rate-holder/career-destroyer of those he rates @Deja-Boo who has rarely been seen since dropping this in as his Super Trash many Super Blue Blood Moons ago. Who knows how he might have affected Beige Class or the final scores here (or if we'd finally get to
    confirm their disbandment crown Catallena in the Orange Caramel rate )...

    As to Kiss or Keeeel, it's an OST track for what is basically the simpler Korean Lost remake Missing 9. Why 9? Well they couldn't get the budget for a huge cast so 9 main characters will do
    which would probably have made Lost better than the messery they served us. I first heard this by accident whilst on a Spotify shuffle during last summer. As I was sauntering down one of the windy strips of ocean-drenched sand my hometown has as its only selling point this whisper of a voice fell like a haze over the landscape. And let me tell ya, this first surprise listen had me like:



    It's a seductive to the point of holding a gun to your head kind of song, which you just know Gain can turn out whilst sleepwalking, and i'm here for that OR I WAS until it doesn't really change tact or add anything new by the end of the track. Still good but I can honestly say that trying to give this back-to-back listens I was more like:


    Sorry about it Gain. It's a nice track in small doses but not one I come back to often. Where's the supposed second part of End Again anyway hmmm? Or how's about a BEG comeback? its.been.84.years.gif.

    Oh and in case you were wondering, here are the rules for Crazy Hide & Seek



    Some want love, some want war - aren't they all the same thing where KPJ is concerned? Apparently not. Oh well, let the battlelines be drawn and the new sheets laid down for the action at hand. Which side of things do you fall under? What do you want to do?

    KISS IT?


    He: "This is sublime. So sexy and vulnerable! What a sex jam. Gain sounds amazing."

    Monkey0: "Moody, brooding, dreamy. Classic Gain which is quality itself. Missed opportunity with it being just OST."

    Kuhleezi: "I dig this and the Alt-R&B ballad vibe it perfectly channels so much!" (SQSH: Missing 9 is indeed on numerous channels across East & SE Asia but maybe just find a Taiwanese twink's stream now?)

    GeiPanda: "Wow. This should have been a real promoted single. Atmospheric and creates a sense of dread." (SQSH: It's really missing a classic Gain visual isn't it? I'd love to see what she'd cook up for this sound/theme.)

    McQueer: "Ummmm….the best song Gain has released in a hot minute was for an OST? Word ok. "(SQSH: Good OSTs do happen. Sometimes. Rarely.)

    Cotton Park: "Remarkable OST track that I wouldn't have heard if someone hadn't Super Trashed it. Thank you, whoever you are."

    karmarisma: "When Gain sings I feel the emotions deep in my heart. This is a real discovery, thank you for super trashing <3"

    Eliminathan: "I don't like very many solo Gain songs, but I love this one. I really need to watch some kdramas or whatever missing 9 is because these OSTs have some hidden gems."

    KILL IT?


    Serg.: "Yeah this is... a choice for super trash, it's just bit of a non-event all around."

    Aries: "This sounds like someone slapped a beat over an iPhone voice memo recording. A melody-free zone." (SQSH: To be fair, this is probably exactly what Gain did when they asked her to do an OST.)

    Ceir: "Yes, Irreversible was an amazing song. Thank you for trying that sound, again. But, girl… (SQSH: Aside from this sounding nothing like Irreversible, yes. Yes I totally agree...)

    Alouder98: "I find like 90% of Gain's discography boring as hell. And it's kind of a fact that 99% of OSTs are boring as hell. And this song has both those features. I don't know why I'm so generous that I'm not giving this a 2 or something tbh." (SQSH: I encourage you retry Bloom over & over until you experience your first orgasm eargasm. We believe in you maknae <3)

    Empty Shoebox: "Well, something has to get the lowest score in the rate, and it falls to this. It just doesn't move me. It's definitely not a bad song, but there's none of what I like. Maybe if there were translated lyrics in the video, or the vocal wasn't as breathy...but I can only rate what's in front of me, and this is my least favourite track here."

    What's in-between a kiss and kill?



    Slice of Life: "For an OST, this is surprisingly decent AND different. It actually reminds me of some of the b-sides of Hyori's new album. I wish it exploded more though." (SQSH: if looking for explosions, please see my notes for Alouder's commentary - we believe in you too <3)

    Ryan_Riot92: "This was a pretty unexpected choice and I wasn’t really anticipating much with it … but it’s quite a lovely track."

    ThighHighs: "It’s a sexy lil song, but it’s also QUITE boring. It sounds like it belongs on a 50 Shades of Beige soundtrack. It’s sad because Gain usually kills these songs."



    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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