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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]

    We never stanned 2PM!
  3. We did.
  4. Just A.D.T.O.Y! Shut up James!
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  5. She's been abducted accepted as the main dancer for the BLACKPINK revamp that'll definitely happen in 201819202122.
  6. In my very limited K-pop experience, I always quite liked 2PM. See y'all in the boyband thread!
  7. I haven't lost any faves this week due to no eliminations


  8. [​IMG]
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  9. She's with me.
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  10. A.D.T.O.Y. was a bop but I also refuse to support overt displays of heterosexuality, so that's a shame.
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  11. Babyface won


  12. [​IMG]



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // Karmarisma // Vikeyeol

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Empty Shoebox

    2.5 - BEST FICTION
    3 - Gintoki // Monkey0
    3.5 - Serg.

    How do you describe the feeling?





    Slice's top secret government experiment to create an army of dangerously on the age limit high-kicking munchkins with a penchant for Baby Gap styling and a thing for cougars?


    Well for all one can throw the way of toddlers with a license to Home School Musical their way through life one heel spin at a time, the Dream unit of the NCT faffery certainly has their concept, their identity and what they want to deliver all the way down to the very exposed roots of poor Mark's bad perm. I must say, between this and We Young, i'm massively surprised this was the one to qualify but I personally have no problems with the whole thing, dodgy playpen perving narrative aside.

    The song? I won't lie, the opening synths always make me want to start whispering "SHINEE'S BACCCKKK... SHINEE'S BAACCCKK" then I realise this isn't a SHINee comeback and I get a little more sad about life. It's cute though, in a learn-the-words-for-the-Scouts-talent-show kinda way. Mark consistently is the best thing about NCT just saying.

    The MV? Whilst the whole "ooo we can't do education because hot women lolz" storyline is questionable when trying to determine just how below the age of consent these boys are, box car racing is fun and it did highlight how dull my school uniform was compared to their fuchsia cuffs and military badges. Is this how SK does Army Cadets? I hope their barracks are wall-to-wall pastels.

    The choreo? YESSSSSS. If anything watch the performance video rather than the normal one because there are so amazingly bonkers dance formations on play here that you might not see otherwise.




    Oh and in case you were wondering, @Slice of Life only gave this an 8.5, which probably indicates that the boys are too old for ha now. Ha First and Last reign of the NCT Foetus stan club presidency indeed.



    I'll post a little message after this post about things but i'm going to do a little less with your commentaries going forward - hopefully with the view that we can get things moving forward at a quicker rate than the STANDSTILL i've put y'all through. So from here on out, we're just going to group and amass all your thoughts and i'll refrain on commenting unless necessary. Got it? Perfection. Here are your groups for the first set of quickfire comms <3



    Empty Shoebox: The boys sound okay in unison, but when they're singing solo? No thanks. Found the song a bit forgettable too.

    Serg.: This is by far their weakest track it just sounds & feels like an APRIL reject. (SQSH: Doing APRIL dirty like this - I CANNOT.)

    BEST FICTION: I just can not get on board with NCT Dream's brand. Their music is not for me. Nothing wrong with some guys doing a cute bop now and then, but there's just something so unpleasant about their music to me. (We Young is probably their best though.)

    Monkey0: Male Pristin. (SQSH: Oucchhh.)

    Gintoki: Honestly I heard the song twice, maybe after few more times would be better, but those sugary songs of underage boy-bands were never my cup of tea.



    Salami: Cute song.

    GeiPanda: Breezy bop.

    Eliminathan: I can't get behind NCT Dream because when these people are in NCT 127 I can think they're handsome but in Dream it's like looking at 3 year olds. The naruto running and that shrinking donut move they do is both hilarious and cool.

    RUNAWAY: okay maybe I take it back, this song was really good. Giving me a little 90’s Max Martin bubblegum realness and I’m into that.



    EccentricSimply: Argh it’s ridiculous how much I love and appreciate these talented babies. None of them were even eighteen and yet they saved kpop???? Also not Mark being the best rapper in SM.

    ThighHighs: This song is soooooo cute and fun. I blame Slicey, but I kinda stan them these days. Adorable smol bbs.

    Aries: I'm still left with the feeling that I should be on some sort of government watchlist for enjoying their music but this is an undeniable SHINee-esque bop.

    karmarisma: THIS...without a doubt...IS ONE OF THE BEST KPOP SONGS EVER MADE AND ONE OF THE BEST RELEASED IN 2017. I will not tolerate any other opinion. SM's teeny boppers not only possess some of the best dancing skills in all of Kpop (hoverboards? sliding on the ground???) but our baby Haechan's vocals absolutely shine in this song and it has such an old school Michael Jackson (idk what it is!) vibe, the beat is so happy and upbeat and the melody is catchy while Jeno's fast rap at the end gives a beautiful end to this success. (SQSH: "One of the best kpop songs ever made..." kirsten_dunst_cringing.gif)



    Slice of Life: I'M STILL SCREAMING (AS ALWAYS) THAT THIS MADE THE FINALE. TALENT. My First and Last IS NOT my most favourite NCT Dream single but it is still such a rush. I love how polished this is - much more polished than some of the senior groups kekeke. I already accepted that this will be one of the first songs to be eliminated but I don't care. As long as this is heard by an audience, I'm cool. Simple pleasures, etc.

  13. "Chewing Gum" is their only good song even if it's a 11/10.
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  14. I gave My First and Last a 7.5, but it's a bit shit tbh, We Young really should have made it to the finals over it.
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  15. So first things first, I promise this won't be a massive post, but thank you to all the people out there who've checked up on me over this less than active period for me and I want to say i'm super sorry for the lack of posting, the lack of updating this thread and for not replying to a few of those people who put out a hand of support my way. It all means a lot honest.

    In a short story kinda way, there's a lot of real life factors going on right now that have left me all a bit rocky mentally and all kinds of tidal emotionally as of late and i'm doing my best to be a stronger person & figure some things out in this messery we call life. I put a lot into making content I'd hope you guys will enjoy but there was definitely a sense of burnout when putting too much pressure on myself to deliver alongside the other outside elements - you could argue I invest overemotionally into the things I care most about anyway so that's just me to a tee. I don't particularly want to let you guys down more than I have done & so my posts will probably be less "extra" and less word-count heavy going forward so you actually get the results through. Once again, i'm super sorry, thank you for your patience and one of these days i'll comeback properly with a more mature, less all-over-the-place image.

    I hope your V-Day at least brought some good food into your life - it'll treat you well honest <3
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  16. I love you @Squashua unnie. I will support you with all of my heart. Do what's best for you and we'll be cheering for you.

    Okay but why did these comments made me emotional? ddddddddddddd a mess.

    I love my babies so much. Please anticipate their comeback on March (I think?).
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  17. Sis take your time if you aren't feeling up to posting results nobody will fault you for it. Hope all the best for you unnie.

    Currently eating an entire box of peanut M&Ms as my breakfast
    Nobody even bought it for me for Valentine's I had to buy it myself.

    I already finished another box of M&Ms yesterday.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Why are you narrating my entire life day sis?



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @eliminathan // @junglefish

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    D is for Danger! // EccentricSimply // PopZeitgeist
    Salami // @Serg. // Vikeyeol




    So to GFriend's entry into the argument "Does Climate Change exist?" we go and Summer Rain is indeed nice, if not what most people wanted from the gals for their future trajectory. In some respects, i'm kinda shocked it made it so far when it barely even made it to a ballot at all in the first place, let alone be our first song past the 7 point mark. Is it better than Love Whisper? For me, yes. Would it have been better received if Love Whisper hadn't come first doing much the same thing and they went a bit more all-out on the classical elements (thereby making it another Clean Bandit-esque tears on the melting polar ice caps jam)?


    Now I thought this was a weepy sad song because of the plaintive piano lines, that deep stringed instrument in the second verse (which should've featured more often) and the fact everyone looks so miserable at having to get pelted with rain machines in the MV - Summer Rain is a bit of an oxymoron right? Well, looking at the translation, it's a little all-over-the-place straddling lines between hope, happy days and the extended metaphor of memories being like brief showers in the sunshine that might not appear again. And that's all well and good but presumably a more of a Korean thing because if your climate is like the UK's, it pretty much ONLY rains all summer and all winter and most of Spring / Autumn too. "Summer rain" doesn't really hold the same sentiment, although it does make one depressed to think of so there's that I guess.

    Oh and talking of translations:




    Weather warning: a surge of sass, extraness and stanning incoming.




    Serg.: I'll never forgive them from coming back from Fingertip to THIS. There's really nothing much to be taken from the song and nothing to be said.

    Empty Shoebox: Bit too mellow for me.

    EccentricSimply: Probably what made me mad about this song the most was not the fact that it’s a bit on the beiger side, but the fact that it sounds too much like Love Whisper at times. And although I’ve come to actually enjoy Love Whisper for what it is now, Summer Rain doesn’t even have the more or less strong chorus the other song offers. It’s just a shame, really.

    Salami: A title like this from GFriend, I knew exactly how it would sound. It starts off fairly exciting and then falls back into their usual kiddy sound.

    ThighHighs: Dddd why is my least favorite GFriend single of the year in the final over Love Whisper? Help. Well, even though it’s my least favorite single, I still like it. The melody is pretty, but the whole thing just seems a bit reductive. It’s certainly no “Rough.”



    Kuhleezi: The instrumental is serving really soft midtempo 90s hip-hop, but as often with GFriend I don’t care much for the vocal lines

    Monkey0: Nice use of nostalgia and melancholy about youth. It's slower and more subtle than usual GFRIEND title track.

    Slice of Life: This is the GFriend single that took forever to grow on me. I admit to bopping (or a more subdued version of bopping) to this now but we all know GFriend could do so much better than this.



    Aries: It retains the signature Gfriend sound but adds a dash of melancholy, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of a rainy afternoon in August.

    GeiPanda: I love this, especially Umji’s prechorus.

    Eliminathan: I usually hate remixes but this Love Whisper remix is better than the original. The fact that the key goes down at one part instead of up makes all the difference, I wasn't a huge fan of Love whisper but I love this version.

    RUNAWAY: this song is so beautiful. Honestly, this is my favorite song of theirs this year. Fingertip was great but this beats it for me.

    Karmarisma: I absolutely was not here for the Gfriend songs when they initially came out but in January of 2018, I suddenly opened my eyes to the lovely piano riff and popping beat inserted into this song and along with Gfriend's vocals, there's such a simple, classic enjoyment to this.

    Gintoki: That piano part is just one of the most beautiful things I heard this year in kpop, queens of classical-kpop

    Ryan_Riot92: What’s there not to love about this song? Everything about this track is classic GFRIEND. The droplet sound effects, the beautiful piano riff and classic on-point choreography … I can’t help but love it. I’ll admit that I was quite the GFRIEND hater when this came out but now I’ve seen the light … maybe I’m just getting more and more beige as time goes on.

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