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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. @Monkey0 I swear you want to continually hurt me.
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  2. I did it!!!
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  3. When it comes to Red Velvet, I'm the album tracks stan.
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  4. One of the Red Velvet tracks (that admittedly I scored high, but enough is enough) falls?

  5. hqdefault.jpg
  6. I already lost my 11 before the Top 20 75 yet WEE WOO* is still in?

    *-which would have been cute enough to make Top 30 but Cactus deserved Top 15.
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  7. Sorry I'm late (Cher Lloyd whomst?) with the tea, I just got back from vacay. The OneHallyu link @Slice of Life posted was ~the incident~, but it had a couple more photos than that innocuous (although the other photos are still PG, but we know Korea will make a scandal out of anything) one and was google translated. That photo is just the one his fangirls spread around instead to shield him and say that it was only whispering and his antis were just trying to bring him down with lies, they even said it's actually some hof bar in Daerim but...


    It's clear they're kissing in the other pics, and the interior looks identical to a gay bar in Jongno called Popcorn if you ask me! Even before the scandal some of the comments from Korean gays mentioned having seen him there and at Pulse & Looking (gay clubs in Itaewon), but I'm glad it blew over and didn't hurt his career regardless since he obv wasn't ready to come out. I don't think it got much attention after his girlfriend scandal came like a day (his label worked quick!) after, I only knew bc I obsessively stanned him in Produce 101 reading all the posts on Pann/Nate/etc. about him after he listed "raising cats" as his only hobby in his profile ddd, ideal hubby material.


    Also their whole mini album really is iconic like Slicey said.
  8. Holland is shook.
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  9. The best part is his uncle (who he'd lived with since he moved to Korea) making a statement to defend him after the girlfriend (which was literally just these pics) controversy, not saying that Yongguk has never dated, just that he's never dated a woman. The true gay ally.

  11. Remember this?



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @digitalkaiser // EccentricSimply // @Empty Shoebox
    Serg. // ThighHighs // @vikeyeol

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    0 - @Aries

    2 - Send Photo
    3 - Monkey0

    We enter the Second Phase of proceedings with another girl-group with multiple entries falling before even the halfway point. Pristin a.k.a WEH AH PWISTIN of Plediz Entertaintment, slightly improve on We Like's bottom placing flopfest with their debut track (and only single to really make much of a dent on the actual charts) Wee Woo.

    Yes. You heard that correctly...


    followed by a


    As a debut single lemme just give it props for at least being memorable in an almost insufferable case of stockholm syndrome via earworms way. On the flipside, as a debut single from a relatively big company featuring a number of I.O.I members and other assorted P101 gals that the fandom at large (including this forum) hyped as if it they were the next coming of the Korean Messiah, this is both disappointing and messy as fack. If I wanted to be really cutting, despite the catchiness and potential talent of the group, it's basically just a demo version of Love Options performed by the Busan High School Cheerteam's B Squad.

    The intro? Yes, sign me up, here for it, bop. The promise of those firmly 80's guitars, the whirling video game police sirens and that so stoooopid it's brilliant self-shoutout really do suggest we're in for a banger of epic proportions and then... well... it doesn't really go anywhere. I've been trying to place my finger on what it is that makes this song so half-baked compared to what it could have been - initially I placed all the blame on the jarring 180 shifts of the infamously trash "supa supa hero" first bridge and the out-of-nowhere-but-not-in-a-fun-way middle 8 cauldron incantation ASMR mumble.

    But really I think it boils down to three things.


    Without all the verbal whooping and hollering and the 'iconic' lines from the singer-songwriters of our generation, Pristin, over the top the instrumental is really very very very repetitive. The chorus is the same as the verses, the guitars don't change and there's not even a final whooooosh for the victory lap that should be the last go around. Those who mention it being a "demo" form kinda have it spot on.


    Dodging the lyrical content for a second (although the fellatio innuendos are a choice) the actual rhythm is littered with welps, yelps, hollers, shrieks and every onomatopoeic vocaloid sound one could make. There's actually very little uninterrupted singing in the song which makes for a stop-start-stop-start jerking (ahem) kind of feel to the whole endeavour. It's the equivalent of littering a sentence with unneeded punctuation so that it's practically unreadable - in the first minute alone you have:


    I get it's a song about emotions as sounds but a bit of non-staggered singing demonstration wouldn't go amiss gals.


    With the initial hype, you could well believe that Pristin would be the challengers to Twice's utter stranglehold on girl-group success in SK. Unsurprisingly, there certainly seems to be a sense of modelling the visuals and song structure to what had worked so well for the JYP unit. Nearly every mash-up i've found of Wee Woo (and most of We Like's) have blended them with Twice songs so it's not a comparison lacking traction. And whilst imitation is a form of flattery, it also doesn't necessarily mean lightning will strike twice (I crack myself up) and give you the same level of success. Wee Woo visually goes for that assign-each-of-the-members-a-set/theme concept Twice have done from Day 1 but what is the theme? Comedy witch school? Superpowers? If it's the latter then what does each girl have? Well - i'm here to help curious viewer:

    Xiyeon - "Pwincess" girl,
    Superpower seems to be intense static after her parents didn't buy a diffuser for her hairdryer.

    Kyulkyung/Pinkie - Roaming the Corridors girl
    Superpower is hair flicking and not being able to walk three steps without waggling her foot.

    Nayoung - Bathroom Attendant girl
    Superpower is busting the school plumbing and getting splashed in the face with toxic toilet water only for it to turn you sexy in the process (Spiderman could never).

    Kyla - Mysterious Emo girl
    Superpower is clashing fabrics, death stares and tarot card trickery (but actually levitation - we got this one well done Pledis).

    Eun Woo - Balloon girl
    Superpower is having her own Wilson from Castaway moment with a glittery Uncle Fan Balloon

    Euhana - Stuck on a Roof girl
    Superpower is... err... being stuck on a roof?

    Yuha - Gym girl
    Superpower apparently some kind of super strength except she's doing 1.5kg dumbbells at most whilst lounging around on treadmills

    Rena - Badass Pre-Chorus Rapper girl
    Superpower is wasting the emergency services' time

    Roa - Burger girl
    Superpower is choosing lunch joints next to pneumatic drill heavy construction sites

    Sung Yeon - Launderette Girl
    Superpower is not locking the machine door proper before putting it on a 40 degree eco-spin cycle.


    And if that in any way seemed to make logical sense or seem to provide some kind of clear narrative then you sir are a supa supa hehwooooah.





    Salami: I hated this so much when it first came out but it’s grown on me since. Those first lines in the chorus though still has my teeth on edge. But who copied who, Pristin or TWICE? The MV to this and Signal are quite similar.

    Junglefish: I hated this when it was released but it’s really not that bad. I stillthink that stupid supa supa hero part ruins the flow of the song, but other than that it’s pretty cute and the girls sell it.

    Slice of Life: I bop every single time and I know (do I?) my boo @Kuhleezi submitted this so I can't really break ha heart by shredding this song to pieces... but this is a little too draft_006.mp3 of what could've been a more fully realized song. Unlike most of y'all, I don't actually hate the superhero bit. I can't hate my girl Xiyeon's part xoxo.

    Eliminathan: They wore me down with this song since they promoted it for so long. It's fine. [SQSH: Eliminathan not giving a song a 10 is the gag of the season]

    Ceir: -Insert ambulance emojis here-

    I really didn’t think the song was that good when I first listened to it. Then, two hours later I was singing “Wee woo wee woooo!” to myself at work… [SQSH: I can go one better than emojis my friend...]

    PHEW. Who is this Wee Woo demo singer? Those ad-libs I mean... PHEW.



    Send Photo: Damn was I perched for this from the teasers but the rest of the song is a mess outside of the “wee woo” bits.

    Aries: Completely and utterly dismal.

    McQueer: This really sounds like an unfinished demo. Like the potential to be a great song is there, but they never reach it. And the supa supa hero bit is still terrible sorry.

    Monkey0: How is this different song from that We Like nonsense? There's nothing distinctive about this



    EccentricSimply: WHAT A DEBUT SONG. It has the hook every great pop song has, the cutesy parts, the Iconic rap, the borderline annoying vocals. I can’t believe there was a day I thought this was anything other than the masterpiece it actually is.

    Cotton Park: This is song won me over (despite myself) with the very first neo-disco guitar and bass riffs, even enough to survive the life-affirming announcement, "We are Pristin!" I give a lot of extra points to this hot mess of a song, mostly just because I love the groups performances of it and their general charisma. And Kyla.

    He: A pretty competent debut, and a total earworm. Props to the girls for participating in the creative process. Yes to Rena and Pinky.

    Ryan_Riot92: These gurls are the real SUPA SUPAHEROES! The transitions between the sections of the song can seem kind of awkward but I feel like that plays to the advantage of the quirkiness factor of this track. The track is very cute and charming without being completely in your face. These girls definitely have great synchrony too.

    Serg.: Why is the forum giving Pristin so much shit when they've came out with THIS?

    Karmarisma: Here's a Pristin song I CAN get behind.

    GeiPanda: It took a looooong time to click with me - like literally 8 months after it was released. But I’m glad I gave this a chance… it’s a really unique and unusual type of song that also manages to be super catchy.

    Empty Shoebox: What is it about Pristin that I like so much? Is it because they sound so happy (in a similar vein to Lovelyz 'Now, We')? Maybe. Just listen to that 'We! Are! Pristin!' if you don't know what I mean. This was one of the few tens that I never considered for an eleven. Not sure why not. Just didn't feel as special as the others.

    Vikeyeol: The Gee of this generation, except without the impact and success, but terminally catchy and too iconic for most to handle. [SQSH: Ddddd this definitely feels like a compliment laced in backhanders.]

    ThighHighs: We Like is rough garbage, but Wee Woo is a solidly amazing debut jam. “We! Are! Pristin! Annyeong!” is a properly iconic beginning to a singles discography. Some parts of it are a bit rough around the edges, like the beginning of the pre-chorus, but then the second half of the pre-chorus comes in with Yebin spitting into that pay-phone and then by the time the chorus comes around, my arms are in the air. Basically, this song brings out the gay in me, and I couldn’t love it more. [SQSH: I wonder how many people it made homophobic in turn...]

    Kuhleezi: I still maintain that hook is one of the very best of the year and there’s nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind on that. The superhero part grows a bit on you after some time, I swear.



  12. I was about to drag but then I remembered I gave 47 10/10s and there's only 100 entries.

    I should have just tanked everything but the JJ Project song
  13. I should probably mention that originally I tried to give “We Like” a zero and “Wee Woo” a -1. I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for the eagle-eyed unnie @Squashua.

  14. Also, @Slice of Life your loving words were real sweet and I must confess I've realized what a bop Energetic is in the next past few days and I'm sorry I didn't rally behind it at the time x
  15. He


    This is too little too late now, isn’t it?
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  17. Supertrashing something you wouldn’t even give a 10 makes me weep for all the songs that could’ve been here instead.
  19. I deserve everything and anything, but not fucking One Republic dd
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