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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Wee Woo was actually a super interesting debut. We Like was just noise.
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  2. KPJ:



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Alouder98 // Ohnostalgia // Salami

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    2 - D is for Danger!

    As one of the leading solo unnies of 2017 (and 2016 before it), Taeyeon sees her chances for success fall further down the (mine) shaft as she loses all her solo tracks leaving only her appearance on SK's less preferred SNSD title track, All Night.

    Will she be mad though?

    NOT with this lucrative underground diamond plant of the Damned she won't.


    I get why people might not have been into this. Heck, I wasn't sold when it first came out of nowhere as a kind of "is this the first single? A promo single?? In MY K-pop????" experience. But plays after plays later, as the creeping Spring haze approached and the darker nights gave way to deep, burning atomic sunsets something about this honky-tonk threat of a... ballad? mid-tempo? vocal peacocking? really threw me for a loop. Soon I was strutting around the ill-fated cul-de-sac of olde to the near operatic warbling of Lady Tae as she brashly proclaimed she had love and she wasn't letting it out of her vice grip for nobody. It has a weird blues-esque feel to it that's as foreboding as it is captivating and it's always reminded a bit of Lady Gaga deep cut Teeth from the Fame Monster.

    The now infamous, polarising 'drop' that sounds like a creaky porch door from an old plantation house somewhere in the Louisiana bayous takes a few whirls sure but honestly this is Taeyeon at her most experimental, most daring and most at odds with everything SK stans/demands she stay in a particular musical box for which is why it kinda flopped by her standards and Fine came along dddd.

    Oh and less we all forget about one of THE videos of the year:








    Also shout-out to Taeyeon getting their first before Olivia Hye on the glowing eyes goggles. I so wish this Taeyeon would return at some point but, alas, it seems unlikely.




    Empty Shoebox: This song is just 'okay'. I don't think I'll come back to it again after this rate. Sorry submitter.

    Serg. : I'm struggling to give this a score, while I don't think it's a bad song I don't particulary like it either, ehh

    Monkey0: Points for experimentation but that "chorus" is boring.

    D is for Danger!: This isn't even a proper song! The verses build up to what's bound to be a great chorus, but all we get is a musical wet fart. Those rusty trombones make my ears bleed! What an utter disappointment.



    ThighHighs: This is a sexy lil groove, and it’s not what I would have expected from Taeyeon, but it doesn’t really go anywhere for me until the very last chorus. The video stuns, though, and the vibe is cool. I’d love to see her continue down this path, because with another try I think she could really nail it. She’s got the pipes to go for the whole diva-dominatrix vibe, she just needs to embrace her inner badass a bit more.

    Digitalkaiser: This was a ‘this rate discovery’, I never give the time of day, but maybe I should? Still growing on me after several listens, but I can see myself loving this.

    McQueer: I don’t think Taeyeon’s vocals really fit the production here but damn what a sexy slinky little bop, even if that odd synth in the ‘drop’ did make me lol the first time I heard it.

    Eliminathan: I wish the backing vocals at the end of the song happened every time it did the music break. Otherwise, this song is nice.

    Ryan_Riot92: Can I just say that I LOVE the vibe of this track … The delivery is great and Taeyeon’s vocals are great … BUT I cannot get over that lazy chorus …

    Ceir: Her voice is always amazing. And the change up in sound was nice (Why was really the only other deviation for her), but the song needed a little more for me.

    Slice Of Life: I mean, we all love Taeyeon when she's not singing ballads... but I still think this is overrated. I still bop and all that but this is no Why



    He: A ver elegant bop from Korea’s favorite leader. The song builds ups so nicely, but that breakdown has always bothered me a bit.

    Eccentricsimply: Not Taeyeon coming up with something extremely unexpected and snatching us all? I love the minimalism in this. There's not much going, but it's still pretty appealing.

    Cotton Park: I was really disappointed with this at first, mostly the way the bottom drops out to nothing right when you think it should bboom bboom. But, Taeyeon somehow makes it work with a coy delivery and haunting middle eight that stuck in my head and made me keep coming back to it. I thought Taeyeon had a great year.

    karmarisma: This song never went anywhere but I still...loved it for some reason? Kimchi sneaky sly fox Taeyeon's voice alone made the song but I was bopping to whatever that melodic fart sound that chorus was. But HOW COULD YOU ALL NOT VOTE FOR COVER UP - THE BEST TAEYEON SONG OF THE YEAR.

    Kuhleezi: I just love how restrained she sings in this. Taeyeon is an incredible vocalist and here she proves she doesn’t need to go all-in to prove it. I find my problem with most ballads is that they’re more vocal show-offs than actual songs, and the best thing is Taeyeon’s soft “I got looooooooooove” at the end of the bridge runs leaps and bound over most vocalists anyway.

    Salami: Taeyeon solo is usually boring and I don’t care for her as a member of SNSD either, but she blew me away with this. Obviously it was going to be a one off. The non-chorus was such a surprise and the rest of the song is perfection. Another contender for my 11. I wish she’d promoted this properly and made it the lead.

    Alouder98: Queen of sultry mid-tempo bops. Queen of R&B. Queen of Jazz. Queen of slaying every concept. Queen of edgy visuals. Uhm Jung Hwa who? Lorde Voldemort when?


    And finally GeiPanda who takes us back to the star of all the Wee Woo gifs last time (if you can remember that far back):

    "Wonky tuba."



  3. And @RUNAWAY, whilst I completely understand your frustration, and I imagine others feel the same, if you could private message before, or at least @ me next time, you chose to post passive aggressive comments like:
    that would be appreciated thanks. I honestly don't want there to be animosity between any of us so i'd rather talk it out when/if there are issues.
    No one else's Super Trash is leaving until Top 60

    We've got some storms a-brewing before then


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @eliminathan // Monkey0 // RUNAWAY

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Empty Shoebox // @ohnostalgia // Sanctuary

    3 - Karmarisma




    Synonymous and near-vital to modern day life as we know it, how do you use yours? What was your first mobile phone and did it have that pixellated black & white version of Snake on it which felt like the cutting edge of all technology back circa the very early 00's?
    • Many people use it to communicate with others they've only seen a filtered face-shot and/or headless torso of.
    • Some people still use an outdated function called "calling". A voice? On MY smartphone?
    • There are also those who play puzzle games about candy, or roam around cartoon campsites or send various awkward angle nudes with a comedic sticker to make all of that just a little more approachable.
    What I can guarantee most people are NOT doing with their handset is sitting about gagged for the next portrait only K-Pop music video.


    Yes, KARD riding high on the Brazilian super-stan crest of a tropical-house wave after Don't Recall did things in actual countries but not South Korea decided to almost rush-release a new single and get DSP some much-needed-to-keep-them-out-of-the-red coin by tying that release in with an LG phone sponsor. Now frankly I didn't even know LG were still going but I had an LG Chocolate at one point (because I like things with food names) and I had my one and only MP4 file of Jessica Simpson's These Boots Are Made For Walking on that gizmo so I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Then the Key-Point-Dance video teaser was released and HO BOY, did I play that near-dancehall drop on a loop.

    Legitimate fireeeeee but what was with this aspect ratio? What's with the grey dour colour palette? Still, rumors (kekeke) swirled on the forum that this would be another trop-bop in what was seemingly becoming the KARD sound so to speak (not to mention everyone else's in 2017 across the globe).

    Well guess what Mimi:


    Well at least they were until a few months down the line in mid-summer this latched itself on to my brain and wouldn't let go. It is a bit on the reductive/repeated side but like you may often read in the GAY PJ forum thread - one more (r)app with the same people on it is never a bad thing. Was it released too early and got lost in Don't Recall's behemothic grasp on the Finnish music charts? Did people not bother until there was a video out that didn't make them think their screens were broken because the framing was oft-pretty atrocious especially during the dance sequences? Was orange just too daring a colour for our fragile skintones? Maybe we'll never know the answer but if people could STOP releasing portrait MVs now that would be fantastic.





    EccentricSimply: I don’t… have a lot of patience for KARD’s releases, but Rumor is by far their song I like the most so far. Not to mention I just appreciate the existence of a co-ed group that can function without stans sending the girls death threats for sharing a group with their oppas.

    ThighHighs: The aspect ratio of the video is still no good at all, but the song itself is great. I love hearing J.Seph doing a bit of singing, and I love the chorus. The choreography video is everything.

    GeiPanda: BM’s voice in the chorus is almost comical in its delivery. I think this is one of my most preferred KARD songs though.

    Ryan_Riot92: Eh … it’s my least favorite track of theirs but … I still enjoy it.



    Salami: Gutted Hola Hola didn’t get through which is my favourite of theirs, but this is a close second. That instrumental is amazing. [SQSH: Unsurprisingly, Hola Hola is my least favourite of their releases.]

    Junglefish: I love Don't Recall. [SQSH: Which might sound like a read but Jungle did give this an 8.5 and Don't Recall higher so I will take this as a positive]

    He: I still love this. The chorus is just ace!

    RUNAWAY: Yas my submission made it and I still love this more than any of their other singles. In love with the melancholy and J-Seph’s verses and BM’s chorus.

    Monkey0: Dark Oh Na Na. Additional points for J.sepg singing and LG sponsorship.

    Eliminathan: The vertical video is a mess but I absolutely love this song. KARD really did the same song 5 times and I loved it every time. Take notes Beigefriend [SQSH: Get ha @junglefish ]

    Slice of Life: This has quietly snuck up on me and now I think this is my third most favourite KARD single after Don't Recall and Oh NaNa. That Somin chorus is just transcendent. I still need her to step on me and make me her binch.




    Empty Shoebox: Maybe I just don't 'get' this one, but I can't think of anything about it that I like. Especially compared to other songs here.

    Serg. : We need the audience to not buy this

    Karmarisma: Probably my least favourite KARD song so far...

    Send Photo: ddd I know I sabotaged them but I’m shocked this is the one outside of Don’t Recall to make it. Easily their weakest single with Hola Hola. [SQSH: FLOP STAN - that 6 score was a sad day for J.Seph when he heard].


  5. Flop @eliminathan
  6. Sis 2/6 of Gfriend's similar sounding songs are not up to the same level of quality as the other 4. I don't want to name names but those songs know who they are.
    KARD on the other hand have 5 bops on their hands whether or not they sound the same. So GFriend could learn a thing or two about consistently churning out the same song without it dipping in quality.

    I'm talking about Love Whisper and Me Gustas Tu btw because their other songs go OFF
  7. [​IMG]
    Not everyone has a multi-million selling single. Well, KARD doesn't.

  9. I'm a Cheshire so I like my bops as unsuccessful as possible. If it ain't flopping I ain't INTERESTED OKUUUR!!
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  10. I guess that explains why you stan KNK.
  11. He


  12. [​IMG]

    KNK's EPs sell more units than CLC's.EPs.
  13. Sis I sell more units than CLC and I don't even have an EP out.
    I like KNK by the way ddd
  14. The truth tea hurts.


    The only group CLC will ever outsell is LOONA
  16. KPJ's ReVeluvs reading your post:
  17. Red Velvet are my faves because 90% of their songs are a 9 or a 10.

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  18. Remember when KARD were a thing?
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