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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)

  1. Eh... no. No, I don't.

    Nuh uh. Unless you mean Super Junior's new hiDden members....
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  2. And tying with Rumor but graced with one more 10-pointer...



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // Empty Shoebox // McQueer

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Cotton Park // Gintoki // Send Photo

    3 - Alouder98 // Monkey0

    The ONCEs aren't pulling their weight in this rate as we see the third of 5 TWICE songs fall before we've even reached the half-way point. I'm even more gagged that this was beaten by Signal of all tracks considering the overwhelmingly negative response to the alien-bating super-powered jingle and what I thought was universal praise for Knock Knock's cutesy slumberparty charms.

    That being said....

    I prefer Signal to Knock Knock.


    Actually, controversially, Knock Knock is probably my least favourite Korean title track by TWICE because even if

    C̵̛͕̠̹͕̻̀̏h̷̗̥̻̀̈́͗͒e̶̜͑̑ŗ̵̪͎̝̲̦̽̊̈́r̸̞̮̖̒̑̒̂͆u̵͔̩͍͓͉̲̍̌͘ṕ̷̢̀̋̐̚ͅ ̷̻̣̤̩͌̚B̵̢̧̧̲̥́̔̃̈́̚͝ë̸̛̤͉́̅͂̕̚ḩ̵̼̆B̷̨̹͙͍̪͋̆̈́͛̕ȩ̵̯͙̼̬̄̀͠h̷̡͈̭̰̬̻̃̍̈́

    has since become grating and borderline obnoxious with age, in a pre-TT world it was actually kinda a bop (at least compared to what lots of other bands were churning out). Knock Knock on the other hand, was set up as a sort of quasi-sequel to the Haunted Haus "i'm a mouse duh" dress-up smorgasbord and with that foreboding synth wobble intro there was all the promise we were in for an even sleeker, iron-tight ridicu-banger than TT was. Was it too early to hope for their Genie or their Run Devil Run?

    Yes. Yes it was.

    Because ultimately Knock Knock, a cautionary tale of investing in a timepiece so when that one gentleman caller does arrive you're actually ready to open your door (but what if you live in a flat? or a dungeon with no door, only bars?), really reads/sounds to me like a Barney & Friends end-of-episode jamboree trying to teach the word 'knock' to pre-schoolers. Because if they haven't learnt it by the 118th KNOCK (of which yes I counted every single English spoken/sung knock in the song for the purpose of journalistic research) then you might as well just give them a crayon and call it a day.

    The fact the video also seemingly points to a cutesy girl-party slumber session being rudely interrupted by a stray old man with a keyboard (JYP being a creep) and culminating in them freezing to death in the snow a la Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining because not a single one out of nine of them remembered to take a key is both a turn and natural selection at work.


    Oh well, even if i'm not a fan at least it did bring us another iconic Momo Carey moment in the shape of the below:





    Empty Shoebox : This is my favourite Twice record. Very cute and fun. It's a mid table ten, so it was never in contention for an eleven, but was never in any danger of being knocked down to a nine.

    Ryan_Riot92 : QUEENS!! My favorite TWICE release this year. I just love the university vibe and playfulness of the entire track. It really let’s TWICE shine LIKE THE FUCKING STARS THEY ARE.

    Karmarisma : The best thing about this song is that it makes you feel happy. No matter what the situation, put Knock Knock on and it's an instant mood boost. I also think that the opening bass is the best part of the song and It's a shame it wasn't used. [SQSH: I only feel underwhelmed.]

    McQueer : When this was first released I have to say I was disappointed. Coming after TT with it’s incredibly lush instrumental this felt a bit..slight. But after giving it time it’s really revealed its charms and its just TWICE doing what they do best, releasing super fun no frills pop music. It just sounds so warm and it feels like you can hear the girls smiling while singing this ya know? And maybe thats bull and they’re just really good at faking it but who cares? I love this song!!

    Slice of Life : This will probably go out earlier than Signal WHICH IS A HATE CRIME because Knock Knock is better than Signal in everything. Sure, it's kinda basic and doesn't really go anywhere but it's cute and bops hard. My girl Tzuyu only getting two lines though? Tragique.

    He: I stan this song. It’s just addictive, and that Momo frame is everything.

    Eliminathan: This was a weak comeback after TT but weak for TWICE is a bop compared to everyone else. Also Mina looks flawless as usual. I'm assuming this TWICE song will flop first so I'm warning you all I talk about Mina every time. [SQSH: Actually the third song out but I think the Mina stannage was expected from the off].

    Ceir: My favorite Twice song of the year. [SQSH: An unexpected CHOICE]

    JYP. OH, HIM?


    EccentricSimply: The song they released in 2017 that I like the least and it’s not even bad. Twice is just too powerful, I guess. That or I’m in too deep in their ass, which is very likely. I think the only true problem I have with it is that at times it feels like the song is trying to be TT, but it just doesn’t reach TT’s level.

    ThighHighs: It’s cute and fun, but it’s just so bland.

    Serg. : Generous, as I used to really hate the song but now it really grew on me, especially the Jeongyeons part and the bridge



    Salami: Loved it at first but it’s my least favourite single of theirs because it’s so repetitive.

    Gintoki: Generally I like what Twice do and I think they can do no wrong....but this is just a carbon copy of that, product of mass production, sure knock knock part is cute, but that's it.

    Alouder98 : This is my least favorite of TWICE songs by faaaar. Good for them for improving after this cause I honestly find this really cheap for a Big 3 song let alone the biggest girl group at the moment.

    RUNAWAY: this was too much for me. kinda messy and too frantic to enjoy.

    Monkey0: Late stage capitalism has nothing to offer, culture is dead, music is just mechanical noise, it serves solely to deafen the resistance. This is final call for great people's revvolution! [SQSH: this is kind of a masterclass in side-stepping actually critiquing the song - commentary is dead, commentary is just mechanical noise e.t.c.]

  3. Knock Knock is Twice's worst single. Don't @ me.

    Signal slays.

  4. I'm going to be upset if Signal and Likey aren't at least in the top 30.
  5. He


    Signal above Knock Knock?!!!

  6. Signal is fantastic, Knock Knock... isn't.
  7. I gave Knock Knock an 8 but if I had to rate it now it would probably be a 6 nn. Signal on the other is in my top 3 TWICE songs.
  8. Get in, queens, we're going Signalling.

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  9. It's bumper to bumper head-to-head
    ties for the next few updates



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @digitalkaiser // D is for Danger!

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    3 - @Kuhleezi

    The beauty of K-Pop is that any and every group can have a bop that shocks the masses KPJ into actually noticing them for a hot minute before they then fade back into obscurity. It doesn't matter the number of years hiatus or how many members you juggle about, this cysterdom will always be here for a bop when the day arrives.

    Say AWWWWW OOOWWWWHHHHH to this year's entry into the "WHO-GU? Oh, but yath." pantheon last year occupied by Berry Good's very very good Don't Believe.


    And much like Berry Good's ode to unbelievable sapphicism, Want You To Say is a basic, bright and breezy trop-bop perfect for summer but released in the dead of Autumn emulating a big 3 counterpart's much bigger hit and you might be forgiven for thinking it was their debut because Play-hew? Berry what-now?

    (on that last point anyway).

    Because if you were in the K-fold in 2015 you'll remember their actual breakthrough should've been with this absolute stormer of a 90's sing-a-long jam.


    Vocals - check ✔
    Not in retread schoolgirl outfits - check ✔
    Hooks - check ✔
    Self-promotion via naming the song after your own group - check ✔
    In that same white one-room box set nearly every bargain basement nugu group uses -
    unfortunately check ✔✔✔

    And that's why i'm less enamoured with Want You To Say than I should be. I like it but it's no Self-titled-title-track and there's no doubt it's derivative - like a less effervescent Red Flavor to be honest - and the best segments gets saved up for a 10 second outro. I mean not even its ballot placers @junglefish and @ryan_riot92 could muster a 10 for the poor dears and that's sad huh? Still, congrats on actually making it to a second single ladies, well done on still sounding relatively good (even if the dolphin sounds of that chorus end-line punctuation can be a bit grating) and hurrah for being able to repurpose Stellar's Crying sets under insta-filters now that they've escaped into the horizon away from their monstrous entertainment company.





    Aries: Nothing of note. Faceless, trop-house lite.

    Kuhleezi: This really irks me. The beat is decent, nothing exceptional, the chorus is as bland as they come, and their vocals are particularly grating. Next.

    Karmarisma: Playback's debut is honestly one of the best girl group debuts ever. So this mediocre tropical house follow-up was quite disappointing and I preferred Untold Story 1000x more from this album. It sounds like one of those typical summer songs Jay Park releases every year. [SQSH: #JusticeforUntoldStory #JusticeforHitThePlayback]



    Eccentricsimply: I’m not too keen on this. They are cute though and they sound pretty good.

    Alouder98: This is cheap but the basic side of me loves it so much. I'm low-key pressed that the best part of the song (the ''play your favorite song'' at the end) lasts only like 5 seconds.

    Cotton Park: I really thought that "Playback," their eponymous single that seems like it came out ages ago, was one of the most underrated KPop singles ever, right up there with "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Girl's Day, "Do You Feel Me" by Mister Mister, and "Ribbon" by B2ST. Unfortunately, "Want You To Say," while pleasant enough, doesn't give me much more than the tsumami of samey but relatively punchless K-Trop that was a key theme of 2017. They have a lot of talent and great visuals and I'm confident they'll once again match that kryptonian basssmack they delivered with their debut single. "Want You To Say" ain't it. I do like it, though.

    McQueer: I had to dock a point because I’m still pissed that final bit was expanded upon.

    Serg. : This is not bad but can someone explain why is the main? vocalist producing goat sounds in the background of the chorus? [SQSH: I like to think it's more aquatic mammal in tone. Think Dory speaking whale]

    PLAY AT 1.25x SPEED


    Empty Shoebox: Well, this isn't bad at all, is it?

    Eliminathan: A good tropical bop, nothing to be mad about in this song.

    ThighHighs: A basic bop, but a gorgeous bop. I can only say that I’d listened to their previous singles once or twice and found them serviceable, but nothing special. But this song is truly something else!.The chorus is properly infectious, and the post-chorus that comes in after the last chorus is absolutely stunning. This is one of those songs that can lift your spirits any time it comes on and will be on all of my summer playlists.

    Ryan_Riot92: Oh no … not another tropical bop! But wait … this one actually knocks! WAIT A SECOND … MY GIRLS PLAYBACK ARE BACK!!! It felt like forever but they finally came back and showed us that they are still here and ready to throw down. HA:TFELT even wrote the lyrics to this track!! Anyway this track is a fun summery bop and would have been better suited to be released earlier in the year but hey … I’ll take it!

    Monkey0: clean, packed with energy and fun tropical bop. If you deliver something simple make sure it's done properly.

    Slice of Life: God I still absolutely listen to this so much dddd. I know it's basic and this genre of music is fast becoming a joke, but when that chorus starts, I lose all self control and bop like my life depended to it. Fix me, mawmas. The rap section is trash but it is compensated by that amazing double chorus in the end. [SQSH: Weki Meki title tracks found rotting tbh]

    D is for Danger! : There's something about this song that just makes me happy when I listen to it. I like how warm it feels.

  10. Wow, 71? It's so good though.
  11. I'm never gonna recover from this hjalp.
  12. Just what are people hearing in 'Signal' that I'm not? Are they playing the record backwards or something?
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  13. Playback should have stuck around for a while longer, but I'm just happy they made the final at all!

    Also, re-listening to Don't Believe and JUAT a banger!
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  14. That’s exactly what we do during our weekly Twice Mass, where we offer flop nugus to our goddess Sana.
  15. My commentary said Knock Knock was their worst single but it definitely is Signal. I hate it.
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  16. Stuck with Want You to Say on the same score is...


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @GeiPanda // Monkey0 // @Serg.

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    3.5 - @karmarisma

    It only took 30 songs, yes almost a third of the final line-up, but finally the last girl-group with more than 2 entries is knocked off their spotless record perch. Would anyone have thunk that with all the KPJ girl titans in the game that it would be rebranded goth rock-pop nugus Dreamcatcher coveting this particular spot?


    Wake Up is an album track off the gals first mini-that's-longer-than-3-songs Prequel and i'm just as shocked as you guys were (might have been?) at this squeezing through the semis. Chase Me? Sure. Sleep-walking? Definitely. Fly High? Thank goodness. The fact that someone chose this for their ballots whilst poor Good Night and its haunted forest couture got left in the realm of unchosen purgatory is still a mystery to this day, not even taking into account that it's come this far.

    That being said, if you were like me and had a momentary emo phase in the mid-00s where you weren't really emo but just went along with it because that's what the people you were friends with were doing, straightened your fringe because you thought it looked sleek but went home listening to Shakira, Beyonce and Kylie anyway this might give you MAJOR throwbacks. All the Japanime guitars scuzzing out in the post-chorus, the angsty delivery, the catchy yet almost grunted out chorus melodies... it's all very Paramore circa Riot! and that's not a bad place to be.

    BUT, only to prove my fake flop emo credentials, what I always end up singing and thinking of when I hear the chorus is THIS slice of pure unadulterated 00's RAWK ddddddd:

    New Dreamcatcher stans being suddenly
    sooo into angst and rock right now like:





    EccentricSimply: The anime vibes on this one are REAL, it’s pretty perfect. Siyeon’s voice on top of the guitars on the chorus just compliment the thing soooo well. I’m so glad they found this niche that fits them perfectly and I mean, this is only a b-side on a mini album. Can you imagine how powerful their first full is going to be? Gosh.

    ThighHighs: A jam. They put so much energy into all of their songs. You can sense their performance ability just from listening to their songs.

    Monkey0: Dem guitars!

    RUNAWAY: god this is good. I love a good k-rock song and this delivers.

    Serg. : I've been in love with Prequel ever since it came out and Wake Up was just THAT song, I am living my anime fantasy

    Cotton Park: Another blistering, searing package of intensity the likes of which only Dreamcatcher can bring.

    Slice of Life: Ddddddddddd I feel like I've heard this before as an anime opening song. Perfect hype song.

    GeiPanda: Wish this was the title track. I can’t help but absolutely be thrilled whenever I hear the first few lines of this song. [SQSH: I'd put it 3rd behind Sleep-walking and Fly High as far as Prequel goes but there's no denying it was a STRONG mini]



    Eliminathan: The chorus of this song is so up my alley it's ridiculous. I should have listened to all of their songs instead of the singles and sleep walking. That being said, I prefer the singles and sleep walking. The verses of this song aren't as good.



    Empty Shoebox: The components of this suggest that I should have rated it higher, but in comparison to the other songs here, I don't think I can. Maybe if it had more rise and fall. It seems like the whole song just goes on, rather than building up to anything.

    Karmarisma: I was ready for this song to go into hard rock territory with how it started off but then it turned out to be a happy anime theme song with some electric guitar backings. Disappointed again... [SQSH: I'm not sure where you got happy from sis - this isn't a Laboum single].

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  17. Let me just say that I actually appreciate the more relaxed pace... I think we can all agree that things have been busier than usual around PJ lately and I finally got a chance to come in here and catch up and I'm glad I haven't missed half the rate!

    My new fave is the K.A.R.D. song in all of its summertime Ace of Base-ness, with honourable mentions to 'I Like It', 'Wee Woo', and especially 'Knock Knock', which was way too adorable to kick out if you ask me.
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  18. He


    Also, 99% of this forum's rates wish they were as detailed and gorgeous as @Squashua's.
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    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Cotton Park // @eccentricsimply // Sanctuary
    Send Photo // @Slice of Life // RUNAWAY

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Junglefish // Monkey0 // @vikeyeol


    And so to the former Wonder Girl doth this not-so-great honour of first out of her class go with the indie-courting German geriatric ditty I Wander, featuring reliable guest rapper Get Happy Get Gaeko. This is going to be a weird post for me because I honestly don't have much of a background with Yenny, this song or even the Wonder Girls really outside of Be My Baby / Reboot / Why So Lonely. Heck, it took me until this rate to even realise HA:TFELT (which I presume is pronounced 'Heartfelt' rather than referring to a felt hat) and the pink haired lady from Why So Lonely were one and the same but I'm going to try and write a little anyway.

    First things first, let's wander into another BEIGE_APPROVED certification:


    Well done on having no one truly properly hate your work sis, only the veiled contempt of indifference, and in some respects when you're formerly considered a "pop" musician and then decide to stray into self-proclaimed more "artsy" territory there's always going to be that dissonance between what your old fans expected and what you decide to curveball with instead. Curveball is somewhat of understatement in this case as FELTH:AT decides to swerve K-Pop's trend for using English in their songs and aims the MV preamble firmly at the Deutsche.

    Furthermore, this is a 2-for-1 deal as you get two singles with 10 minutes (!!!) worth of MV time based focused on memories and (what I may be wrong in presuming?) a very deft, beautifully-in-its-melancholy stylised depiction of dementia. Being this kind of narrative-driven, arthouse short film-esque packages comes with both positives and negatives however...



    It's a super interesting release scheme for both your videos to give clues to one another and slot in together story-wise - suddenly both releases are crucial to understanding the other. I Wander focuses more on Yenny and the man outside of his home whereas Read Me is more enveloped in the Dementia/time passing/memories themes I mentioned earlier and feels more "art" than the narrative of the former. I also very much appreciate when an artist has a point of view aside from what we usually see in K-Pop and wants to try out some new things visually with new collaborators. The opening montages in both MVs are gorgeous and certainly examples of some of the most competent film-making for MVs last year.



    You'll notice I spent the above talking mainly about visuals and that's because there's a sense that when you devote so much time to the message and the "art" so to speak, the music (what Yenny is actually selling us) kinda gets forgotten. I remember watching these for the first time trying to work out and absorb the story unraveling in front of me so barely acknowledged the music at all. I Wander the song is also not helped from having breaks in the MV where the music drops out for a story segment before returning to the same melody. Now upon listening to it aside from the videos, I definitely see the appeal more although there's no denying that I Wander is repetitive (i.e. doesn't really develop), low-key and quiet in an impact sense so there's no surprise that some of the voters didn't really engage with it.

    To be honest, I think Read Me is absolutely the better song and video in every way and some of the love for this derives more because of a love for Yenny as an artist than necessarily being people's favourite song (would this have even been balloted if Younha had released it for example?). Still, 69th place for an indie arthouse ballad with rap feature is pretty darn impressive when you think about it.




    ThighHighs: Really pretty.

    Eliminathan: It was a bit of a disappointment that HA:TFELT went full indie while Sunmi is getting all the attention, I would have liked another "Ain't Nobody" from her. The song itself has no faults though, just disappointing that Yenny is a good singer and this type of song isn't showing that off, even if the falsettos are nice. The story about the cute hobbling old homeless man in both videos is cute.



    Empty Shoebox: This just sort of...happens. No real rise and fall, so I'm not getting any emotion from it.

    Serg.: It doesn't really hold my attention for too long

    Monkey0: Let's be real, this is her "art." project so it's boring and a bit pretentious. It's nice to put on your chill playlist but it shouldn't be included on this list, especially since she released so much stuff worthy this year.

    Junglefish: I know the artist formerly known as Yenny is doing it for the art and not the charts, but this just bored me to tears. Still, her voice is lovely and I really enjoy Gaeko’s rap.



    Sanctuary: Queen of Arts Not The Charts. [SQSH: Do you think CLC use this mantra?]

    He: Talent.

    Cotton Park: I know this was the year of The Gashina and Sunmi, but Yenny will always be my girl. She just melts me and this is one of the meltiest little underappreciated classics from 2017.

    Kuhleezi: This is just so soothing and refreshing, a true K-indie gem. I feel the rap bridge, while necessary to switch things up a bit, could be slightly better to really make this song flawless. [SQSH: Agreed, I think Punchnello does a better job in Read Me for example]

    EccentricSimply: If this is the type of music she’s going to keep releasing the best decision she’s ever made was to leave JYP. I’ve been in love with it from day one. Yeeun’s voice is one of my favorites and the vibes in here are so damn good.

    Slice of Life: Indie-baiting kween kekekeke. I love this so, so much. Chill yet emotional. Serious yet cool. This is NOT the path I wished Yenny took but goddamn is she good in this faux-indie phase. RELEASE A FULL ALBUM, KWEEN. Also I know @junglefish hates this. I just wanna tell you, whore, that you're a whore. Kekeke. [SQSH: We been knew]


    : Yaeun wanders even further into her indie melo territory with this and I wander whether her wander is looked upon favourably in these parts. I love the Wander Girls.


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  20. [​IMG]
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