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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. No!
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  2. [​IMG]



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Aries // Eliminathan // Junglefish

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    2 - @Kuhleezi // Salami
    3 - Monkey0

    Joining the now infamous cataclysmic near-KPJ-apocalyse-bringing fallout formerly known as Holiday at the bottom of the Beige Class 3 entries is the omnipotent, omnipresent JYP brigadeers' 5th single overall and 2nd of 2017 - a foreshadowing ode to miscommunication between blob-headed alien businessmen and East-Asian schoolgirls.


    The patterns and journey of reacting to a song can take many twists and turns:

    Sometimes it's a love at first listen kind of affair - even now you bop like you're one of Hyolyn's backing dancers whenever said track comes on (Vibrato, Heart Attack, I'm Ill, Wiggle Wiggle, Flashback are some of my own in this category).

    Sometimes it takes a few more plays, a few music video watches, a few more tied-to-a-chair-and-held-at-gunpoint-moments-by- @Slice of Life -until-you-accept-WemPhleghm-isn't-a-complete-write-off for everything that's going on to click in your noggin. (RE: see Dreams Come True and Heroine as the biggest examples from this year for me).

    And then there are... other songs that frankly refuse to let you decide if this is a good thing for your singing along to or sheer ear poison or trashy fun or the saviour of pop or everything at once.






    Phew the time of it i've had with this track. I first listened to this when I went to visit @ajmkv in the Alsace and our mutual disdain for those spoken word garblings that punctuate the song like angry 9B pencil scratchings was evident. I barely touched it for a long while after that, because it really wards off the listener from giving the rest of the song a chance was helped along just a tad by the now infamous rearranged version (maybe one of the first times I can remember people being so enraged as to actually completely rework a song):

    It does help a smidgen but more as a gateway to the rest of the song which, lo and behold, is actually quite an interesting mini-curveball for TWICE's sound and feels more like a true successor to TT than Knock Knock was. There's something about it that's incredibly low-strung, almost chill which are two adjectives one never puts with TWICE or JYP in general considering their endless promo/release schedule alone. The verses and chorus, despite the use of meme-aiming onomatopoeia rather than lyrics, are not delivered in a squeal or a squeak but also buried a little under an 80's synthy radio static. It really does buzz along at its own pace, and a more "adult-sounding" one at that, which is probably why the MiMo (vastly underused unnies here) parts end up jarring so much.

    Over the coming months I would fall out of liking this song, then back on board with the Japanese language version then forgetting about it once Likey arrived and then once again revisiting it with this rate and not being mad at it. The video is campy kitschy fun with the styling being kooky retro, the superhero theme actually being well executed and the extraterrestrial stalking taken up to stratospheric levels so divisive yes, but really not their worst offering at this point.

    Oh and if the rearranged version isn't working for you either, then give the 80's revamp a try.





    Salami: I hate it. It’s so jarring, I don’t know what I hate most about this song. None of it works.

    Empty Shoebox: This just isn't as memorable as other songs, and the 'signal bonae' bits don't sound great.

    Monkey0: I checked the lyrics, it didn't help. This "song" proves why humanity is not ready for a contact with alien civilisation. Musical gibberish. [SQSH: Looking to TWICE for societal-critiquing, deep lyrical content was a mistake in the first place]

    Kuhleezi: There’s no denying the chorus is an earworm, but even if it was the most amazing thing in the world (it’s not), it couldn’t do anything to salvage those trainwreck verses, that sound like they belong to another song altogether (as well as in the trash bin).



    Send Photo: honestly it’d be a 10 if I were rating the rearranged mix [SQSH: This reads as shade but you gave it an 8 so in the middle pile i'll put you for sending mixed signeuls.]

    Ryan_Riot92: This is my least favorite TWICE release this year however that doesn’t mean I don’t love it … BECAUSE I DO! There’s a mature sound to this one yet it still maintains the cute quirkiness of TWICE. It was such a treat hearing a chorus from the other members rather than the two vocalists. Tzuyu and Sana shine so well in the chorus. My only gripe about this track is I think it could have had some rearranging to be absolutely perfect.

    Slice of Life: I'm so conflicted on this. On one hand, I use this so much, y'all have no idea. But on the other hand, I use a version that is very different from the official one. Listening to the original version now, I still hate Mina's and Momo's rap sections so much (actually I even hate Dahyun's and Chaeyoung's as well). These rap sections seriously ruin a perfectly killer single.



    ThighHighs: The spoken-word gibberish that kicks off the song is an absolute no, but once the song starts properly going, I love it. The verses are catchy and pretty, and the chorus is a frenetic gem with the bloops and blorps that you’d expect from a song sending a signal into space. One of my favorite things Twice has released.

    RUNAWAY: they really impressed me with this song. it’s SO GOOD.

    Eliminathan: Mina unnie hypnotised me into giving this a 10.

    Karmarisma: Let me oppose all the masses and say that nasal drip queen Momo and nasal sweetie Mina are the best parts of this song along with the 'hey hey hey' bit. The rest are supporting acts. [SQSH: Nasal Drip Queen is my aesthetic, hands off]

    D is for Danger! : Momo and Mina are center stage here and hog all the lines, which I love. People tried "fixing" Signal by getting rid of the opening rap section, but I actually think it makes it worse. The quirky song structure really helps it stand out.

    Serg.: She is the mother I've never had, she is the sister everybody would want, and the friend everybody deserves. I don't know a better song. I don't. (Also whoever doesn't like the Mimo chorus is wrong, it stops the song from being one notey and way too cutesy and wraps it around perfectly with a little bit of edge on the literal~ edges of the song). [SQSH: But what if that one note is lovely sounding and the added edge sounds like you're gargling cacti through a walkie-talkie?]

    Aries: When this dropped in May, my initial reaction was that JYP had finally lost it and given Twice a stone-cold, career-ending mess. Flash-forward to the end of the year and "Signal" comfortably sat at the top of my most-listened to tracks of 2017. I feel like kpopalypse's end of year write-up highlights what makes the song so brilliant far better than I ever could. [SQSH: Considering the only songs we have left in from their top ten are New and Fingertip, it doesn't seem like we vibe too much with kpopalypse alas.]

    EccentricSimply: THE SCORNED CHILD OF TWICE, NOT EVEN THE GROUP LIKES THIS SONG. But it still gave them a daesang, so I mean, how much can they actually dislike? I truly don’t care much though because I enjoy this more than I probably should. The nonsensical structure of it is actually something that I grew to enjoy a lot more and I mean… can anyone not enjoy SIGNEUL BONAE SIGNAL BONAE?

  3. There's only so many times I can tell people to get taste before it loses all meaning. Y'all are lost causes.

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  4. He


    I can't believe I gave this a 7.

    It's more of a 5 or 4.
  5. Good riddance.
  6. [​IMG]

    The superior version that I use and is 10/10:

    EDIT: DDDDD Just realized that we use the same version, @Squashua unnie.
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  7. Song Of The Year in Korea. Not any other song has that
  8. He


    That's a bit sad. That song is not even song of its month, much less top 5 in their discography.

    I wish Korea had time for several girl groups at the same time. Other than big 3 groups, I guess.

    They seemed to have time for Twice and Blackpink together, but we know YG took care of that. It really doesn't feel nugu girls, or even the mid tier girls can aspire at all to have a big hit. Maybe Momoland can pull off a T-ARA for a year?
  9. That rearranged version that was just MiMo erasure.


    First of all, I am disgusted at this low score for the bop of the year.
    Secondly, how dare you all.

    All of the HEY's during the iconique MiMo intro-outro broke the dang JIMIN-OMETER.

    A mess that the divisive part of the song was queen Mina and good sis Momo, their impact tbfh. Most of the positive commentary name-dropped them too get that promo sisses!
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    *well out of the 5 that are in the running but this gif was too pretty to not include and Twilight don't count so don't @ me iljins.



    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // @junglefish // Sanctuary
    Serg. // @RUNAWAY

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    @Alouder98 // Monkey0
    Salami // @vikeyeol


    So it's not quite an eternal love affair for ViViana Grande, the Hong Kong hailing, ageless stoner queen of memes and CF deals, as she finds herself as KPJ's bottom placed LOONA girl of 2017 (well, technically that goes to Duchess of the Frogs Yeojin who wasn't even nominated but most people generally forget about that song's existence much like how Blockberry Creative seemingly forgot about Yeojin being locked in their greenhouse for over a year or something).

    All is not lost however as Vivina Wonguilera gets that hotly sought-after accolade that all the unnies of 2017 want more than that Mama award they'll never get as long as TWICE, EXO and BTS still exist:


    You'll remember back in the Sonatine write-up decades ago that I included a basic ViViretha Franklin introduction for y'all that didn't know life did in fact exist before Eclipse & Kimberley Lippington. Let's revist that now!

    And that does cover a lot of it but i'll delve into Everyday I Love/Need You (I'm Not Clingy I Swear) as a single in the pantheon of the LOONAverse. DeVi Vivato is kind of a weird one in a lot of ways for being the only girl to be revealed through involvement with a sub-unit rather than by her own single release, which ended up kinda getting a bit lost in the shuffle sandwiched within a month of both the 1/3 debut and repackage. Without adding too much salt into the wounds of old, the result of this wonky scheduling would be poor ViVitney Spears being one of the lowest selling single albums in the bunch and one of the slowest solo MVs to crawl, as if with no arms or legs, to the finish line of the #LOONA1Million project for views on YouTube (only beating fellow 1/3ers Haseul, Hyunjin and the group gremlin maknae Yeojin to this mark).


    But what Vivril LaViVi lacks in musical impact, she's more than made up for in the insurmountable power of meme-ability she possesses. If you watch any of LOONA TVs (and for Chuu's sake, go watch them all - they're each a minute long and it's half the reason most of us stan these weirdos), this Pink hair purveyor native is a total scream feeling all our pain in "wtf am i doing here" stares, baby-faced grimaces and stoner-glee high as a kite smiles.


    This coupled with her seemingly eternal youth (she's an unconfirmed age but undoubtedly the mama of the group) and past modelling experience back in Hong Kong has also meant she's mastered the challenging game of looking really smug in CF advertisements:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get that Won Ms. Vivicia (struggling to hit the) Keys!

    Back to the song and many people stanned Everyday I Love You to HIGH HEAVENS when it came out partly because I think it was the first song that didn't feel wholly squared at the SK market and, y'know, had a beat to cling on to. It's a cute 90's throwback sung adequately with cameos from the whole 1/3 posse in a world where these things weren't split second easter eggs or narrative threads looping around a mobius strip. Sadly, the retro LOONA sound since got eclipsed (guffaw) by Yves Sl*y Laurent's magnum opus of loving one's self whilst blue-balling all the girls about town (which I think most EILY fans would probably agree is now their #1 LOONA solo song). Still, theories can still be built with hindsight and the talk that this video is a corrupted memory of Vivibot 3000's former life was seemingly confirmed in Yves's bowling alley soft girl love scene with a now blonde Vivi in New, whilst a mere woven plastic scooby conjured up a whole sub-plot about Olivia killing off Human/Angel ViVi in the first place. Phew, even we don't know what's going on guys don't panic.

    Whilst we'll talk about that more in Yves's write-up I will leave you with this, which sums up where LOONA is now the fanfics have arrived in Edenville:





    Empty Shoebox: This is very pleasant, but I won't be running out to buy the album.

    Eliminathan: I can't stop looking at her chin, Yuta from NCT's bussy is quaking. Haseul showing up to rap for some reason what a generous queen. [SQSH: This is probably a positive but now all I can imagine is Yuta & ViVi having a Chin-off so thanks for that sis]

    Slice of Life: I love how pure this sounds. I feel clean just listening to this. With that said, I just don't think this is all that? I mean, props to ViVi for powering through this song despite her limited vocal range and the production is truly outstanding, but with the level of quality of 2017's releases, this just doesn't cut it. [SQSH: This is the abridged version of my rambling thoughts completely].



    EccentricSimply: Awe, the pink haired princess of LOONA. We love a lowkey bop.

    karmarisma: This is a nice little throwback single with crowned ViVishnu and her geometrically V shaped jaws taking the limelight with sk8erboi who will probably be the 20th member of Blockberry Creative's spinoff male group LOONEY. [SQSH: NOT this having the potential to become reality dddd]

    Ryan_Riot92: Before Kim Lip came in like a wrecking ball, we had this cute lovable girl named ViVi. Innocent and sweet, she livened up the boring world of LOONA with a glittery retro tune. She is responsible for catching my eye and not letting me completely give up hope on LOONA … she showed me that there was still hope and for that, she will always be on my radar.

    ThighHighs: A true bop, and one of my favorite music videos of the year. ViVi is the epitome of like, soft pink. This is the girliest thing I’ve just about ever seen and I’m obsessed with it. The song is perfect and the production is appropriately bombastic.

    He: This track took forever to hit me, but it is so freaking sweet and dreamy. The melody is so simple but so gorgeous.

    D is for Danger!: Loona's very own Qri manages to pull off this 90s inspired solo. [SQSH: @GeiPanda - thoughts? Vivi doing Diamond is where her concept should head next though to be honest]

    Kuhleezi: This song is too pure for this world. I must admit, the thought of ViVi as Loona’s leader wildly endears me.

    Serg. : This was my favourite LOONA release until goddess Chuu appeared, it's just extremly lush all around [SQSH: YATH STAN PENGUIN TENNISU STALKER QUEEN RWA?]

    RUNAWAY: I freaking LOVE this one. I didn’t really have an opinion of it when it came out, but then I saw the video and and fell in love with LOONA. Come to think of it, ViVi was my bias before Kim Lip and Yves came along, but now it’s Haseul and I literally did not see that one coming. ViVi sells this song, even though her voice isn’t at its best, you can tell she loves to sing, and is having so much fun in the song and video, and that outweighs all the potential faults. Haseul slays with her rap too.
    The song is just so perfectly upbeat, carefree and so much fucking fun. TEN!



    Salami: My issues with this one is the vocals - feel like it needed a bit more power. It just floats along like a piece of nothing. [SQSH: I do kinda wish this had been the LOONA 1/3 debut track and ViVi had got Love & Live instead to be honest]

    Vikeyeol: I feel bad for not loving this like most of the forum seems to, but it does nothing for me at all. It's not even bad, just boring, which is honestly a worse offense. I've stanned everything Kim Lip onwards, don't kill me, Loonatics!

    Monkey0: This is their Lovelyz tribute, right? They earn Beige Lovelyz badge. [SQSH: Next stop Loonamon - Taupe Town to get that ABeige Badge].

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  11. [​IMG]
    Everyday I meme you....
    (Okay not everyday.... like third Wednesdays... of April...)
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  12. He


    Aw, gone too soon. But this is when LOONA started to take proper form and attention from us.

    Vivi is half the time not paying attention to her members, the other half she doesn't seem to know what's up. Sometimes she also seems done with it. Queen.

    Also, I howled at all your Vivi popstar names, @Squashua.
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  13. The Bionic robot cutout, I screamed.
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    @junglefish's HAIRY FRENCH TENS, HUH?





    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Junglefish // Monkey0 // Sanctuary
    @RUNAWAY // @ryan_riot92

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Eccentricsimply // Gintoki

    3 - Serg.

    We haven't had a boyband exit in a while so it seems like the raging oft-misandrist mob were more than ready to hunt down another. Fun fact: 19 songs out of 100 feature males in some capacity and this is the 10th of them to be cut before even the halfway line. How many more will survive the torch-n-pitchfork masses by the time we get to the 50th spot?


    Snuper then, for those who are only just getting acquainted with the gang, are a six member boy-group who generally serve throwback pop bangers a la their elders Infinite back in the day. You might also remember them scandalously beating SHINee as the top boy-group single of 2016 in last year's rate. How's that for underrated power? They're from a company that no one's really heard of and there's no wikipedia page for so CBA to research them but I know Snuper is their first (& maybe only?) K-Pop group and their name sounds suspiciously like Windmill. Why suspiciously?



    Dancing in front of windmills, fighting the mountain breeze in front of windmills, pretending to be Talim from Soul Calibur under windmills, basically just looking at windmills... it's all about the renewable energy sources (that apparently can summon up the stars? Government conspiracy confirmed.) Although i'm not always a massive fan of the askew overly-blue insta-filter they've lacquered all over this video, what I will say it is pure late Spring GORGEOUSNESS and continues their run of great looking MVs that began really with Platonic Love's prequel to Everyday I Love You's roller-rink and kept up with It's Raining and the give_the_gays_everything_they_want titled Back : Hug. An especially nice touch in my opinion is the use of whooshing camera angles that turn and spin with the movements of both the band's choreo and the mills behind them and really help elevate the jaunty, effervescent sound of this summer power pop banger. Seriously, this is punch-the-air, smile at the sunshine happiness and it probably suffered from the voting period being in the dead of winter.

    Plus I had, for the first time with a boy-band, a bias-wrecker situation when my usual fave Sebin (also known as @junglefish 's future husband and the only band member's name I knew) was suddenly usurped by a cotton candy haired oppa in a hot pink shirt who spent the entire video attacking me with his visual game.

    Say hello to WOOSUNG


    he can say "it's all good baby baby" to me any day

    The irony is that the commentary is stacked with people saying that this was a discovery for them or it really carried on the legacy of their other Sweetune boppery found in the previous singles (seriously, if you liked this - try Platonic Love, Back : Hug or It's Raining ASAP) only for them to release a new song with a low-budget MV on Monday that sounds nothing like this and has their old fans screaming into the void of the windmill's drone. Still, Tulips is a pretty name no? Keep up that enviromental theme hey lads and call me Woosung, i'm available and don't mind long hikes in the valley.




    ThighHighs: This is so fun. I remember when I first listened to it, the intro made me think this was going to be an instrumental chorus song, so I was initially just relieved to have an actual chorus. However, the chorus isn’t just there, it’s AMAZING! The “nanananananana” at the end is life-changing.

    Ryan_Riot92: These boys gave me something I didn’t know I was missing. This mid 00s euro-dance instrumental was such a nice surprise and really made me want to learn even more about SNUPER. “Back:Hug” was the real spark for me but “Meteor” turned that spark into a flame. [SQSH: This on-image on-brand but with the right amount of inspirational cheese analogy though].

    Slice of Life: Sebin and the gang are so pretty and it would've been criminal if this didn't make it to the final. This is nowhere near Snuper's iconic 2016 singles Platonic Love and It's Raining but it still such a rush of a song.

    Karmarisma: How do Snuper continue to be this underrated after having one of the most consistent 80s-90s boy group songs. The chorus brings out all these feelings inside me and the backing music is so happy and upbeat :')

    Aries: One of the gems unearthed by this rate.

    GeiPanda: Actually surprisingly good. I had very low expectations and they certainly surpassed it.

    RUNAWAY: Thank you to whoever entered this. Poor Back:Hug but hopefully this song has a chance. It’s so SO GOOD. We need more groups like SNUPER.

    Monkey0: Rich, full production, wall of sounds style, variation on 80s synnths and melody for daaaaays.



    EccentricSimply: I’m REALLY not trying to sink the nugu groups, but this track really doesn’t do it for me. Trop bops need to have a very special extra something for me to be interested and this one simply doesn’t have it. The bubblegum pink hair is A Look though.

    Serg.: Quite frankly this is shit, Platonic Love was on another level and this is just Beige of the highest caliber [SQSH: And yet you gave Beigelyz - WoW a 9.... Makes you think, huh?]




    Salami: I’ve heard this a few times and didn’t know it was this. It could be done by any of the thousand boy bands in K-pop but [SQSH: The cliffhanger is real]

    Empty Shoebox: The chorus is quite good, if a bit long. The verses, not quite.

    Eliminathan: I really like the song but the video looking like the inspiration for GOT7's 'You are' just reminds me that there were better male songs that year that should have been here instead.



    Cotton Park
    : Segen's Medical Dictionary defines Wind Turbine Syndrome as "any of a constellation [not making this up] of symptoms — e.g., headaches, insomnia, altered hearing — which allegedly affect up to half of people living within a 2-km radius of wind turbines. Just sayin'. I'm not worried about Snuper, since Monsta X evicted them from their wind farm a month later. Hope they're sleeping well. [SQSH: This is honestly one of my favourite commentaries so far - poetic and yet incredibly educational.]

  15. I was going to say that y'all have no taste with boy groups since this is already out, but I already knew that since exactly ZERO Astro songs made it and y'all won't let soft boy groups prosper.
  16. Scalp me




    * Sorry 'bout it EXP Edition


    Although if their new one had been released by any other boy-band i'd be bopping because the song is actually kinda good -
    don't @ me I know my taste sucks.


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // @Cotton Park // @GeiPanda
    @PopZeitgeist // Vikeyeol

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    2 - Monkey0

    Who doesn't love more painfully obvious stats? Oh most people? Well get used to it because this entry is going to be short and I need to use up some space on something. 12% of the songs in this final belong to a little-talked about, completely innocuous, unlikely-to-be-OTT group known as LOO-table-triangle and this can be split further into 2 songs from 1/3s members, 1 from Yves kicking off Eden's unit and a whopping 9 songs based around the LA contact lenses queens of girl crush Odd Eye Circle. Whilst Twilight by the Lip fell a while back, this is the first actual OEC track to fall and the accolade of failure goes to the indie-baiting underwater whisper bop known as LOONATIC.

    That's NOT how you spell Lunatic!!!
    some people may cry.

    Well it's a pun you moron so get over it.


    It's also the self-proclaimed fan name by many of the group's followers from before this song's release and then Blockberry Creative, being wily self-referential jesters, decided to give the fans everything they apparently wanted in one of their classic Youtube video blurbs:

    LOONA deciding to do something that had (almost) never been done before - gasp read all about it! Although what actually constituted as "dream pop" was not the second coming of Oh My Girl's Closer like we all were secretly hoping (at least I was) but a lot of over-processed, pitched up vocals on top of some jaunty video game bleeps and pop rock guitars. This ended up with some comparisons to a very distinct Canadian lady which may or may not have inspired this collision of KPJ & PJ worlds tweet:


    YES. That is INDEED the actual Grimes of Artangels/Genesis/Oblivion fame stanning for this yet-to-debut K-Pop group. Talent stanning talent e.t.c. And actually whilst Mix/Max&Match were out, I really did see this as the whole collection's weak link for that nightcore vocal processing but, taken as if it were a track aside from OEC, the English version (English?? In our K-Pop???) is actually pretty successful in capturing the same vibes Grimes' recent work was lauded for. It's really not so bad but certainly worthy of falling first from the OEC3's output.

    The video is a kind of Bloopers-meets-behind-the scenes/deleted scenes/might actually be scenes from screens we've not yet seen (now the Cinema Theories are happening) affair which is cool but not the seperate video with a standalone visual most fans were hoping for. Still, it's always a good time watching the girls be dorks and it did give us the ICONIC moment below when JinSoul continues her streak of almost knocking herself the f*ck out in Choerry's Purple Circle Twerk dungeon:





    Empty Shoebox: Problem with this one is that the vocals are too quiet. They really get drowned out.

    ThighHighs: This one is a lot of fun on the album, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to make it into the year end rate. The production is fun, but the way it totally buries the vocals, while an interesting feature, doesn’t give it a ton of replay value for me.

    Monkey0: Beige fluff, perfect musical representation for their fans. They're called Lunatics, right? Appropriate. [SQSH: LOONATICS, I mean clue is quite literally in the name...]



    Salami: I like the production but vocally it gets on my nerves.

    Eliminathan: I like the higher up octave that this whole song is in, the "I don't really care now" is painful to listen to though.

    Slice of Life: I still wonder what y'all see in this but werq I guess. I like this, I really do, but I do think some of y'all overrate this a bit too much.



    EccentricSimply: I prefer the korean version over the english one, but the “you make me feel so loonatic” is a cute moment. I quite enjoy this Grimes inspired track.

    GeiPanda: Grimes perfection.

    He: I love this little experiment. Sounds like a Grimes track, but slightly less inspired.

    Serg.: I wish the Korean version was submitted but this is still very much gorgeous, the vocals are so sublime and they match so well with the production making the whole song a big fluffy lush ball.

    Ryan_Riot92: The kind of unofficial but official half single from OEC, I guess? Still, it may not knock as hard as the other two but it’s my favorite of the OEC b-sides. I love the light and airy vocals on top of a glamorous instrumental. It’s fantastic.

    karmarisma: OEC faded layering works its charm again and this song is quite pleasant to listen to. The backing music is a little trance-like. The song is honestly so innovative that it stands out for that reason.

    D is for Danger!: I know most people get bothered by this, but I really like that the vocals are all fuzzed out and mostly in the back of the mix.

    Cotton Park: The chorus of this song always blows me away. It sounds more like a 1980's shoegaze sound than anything KPop. I love that they did an even more soupy English version of it, even if the video, just basically a blooper real, was disappointing and didn't do the etherial blisstones of the song justice. [SQSH: I kinda want a proper K-Pop shoegaze era now to be honest, even just a 90's trip-hop would also work for me - make it happen Eden gals.]

    Aries: This is what I imagine Cocteau Twins doing K-pop would sound like. I love how the vocals are buried deep in the mix and this is notably one of the very few (if only?) times where I prefer the English version. [SQSH: Definitely agree and the only time I can think of preferring the English Ver. in K-Pop too.]

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  18. Those who wrote commentary expressing indifference to Loonatic... y'all haven't listened to it baked, drunk, or a combination of both. It is literally TRANSCENDENT.
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  19. He


    I had not seen Jinsoul bumping her head!
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  20. Define "honestly."

    (I come from a town in Cape Cod (as you know) that actually had to tear down two turbines due to this malady, so naturally I was worried about Suhyun, Sangil and the rest of them. Honestly. Okay, cheekily.)

    So glad I'm not alone. (Liz Fraser meet Lip Kimber.)

    (Though I actually thought of Lush first, then Twins.)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
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