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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Yves contributes to bi-erasure confirmed.
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  2. Godfuckin'dammityeah.

    (BTW: Reading the LOONAtic writeup again and laughing out loud like literally and people are looking at me.)
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  3. When you STAY high and only gave Loonatic a 6.

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I can't lie, the chorus of that EXP Edition is epic.

    Also, I almost deleted this before I posted it because I wasnt sure I could take the draggings.





    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Cotton Park // @eccentricsimply // GeiPanda

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    3 - Monkey0
    [SQSH: We get it - Monkey0 has no time for the KPJ faves. We been knew]

    For the group with the most entries in this final, it's suddenly come a bit cascading down on LOO-Table-Triangle hasn't it? That's three songs gone in the last four eliminations.

    Chaotic is a deep cut from the Mix/Max & Match album by trio of power eye-sporting beauties known as Odd Eye Circle - a.k.a Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry - and it's a delicious slice of old school r'n'b harmonies meets up-to-date, pristine production. Seriously, I don't understand how someone could stan for Red Velvet's Perfect Velvet and not like this considering this is LOONA at perhaps their most SM-sounding. Vocally the girls sound perhaps the best they've ever done (no Kim Nose here) and the lack of shoe-horning any rapping segments in to a song that could've quite easily been smothered by it is a welcome relief. The whole chorus knocks and features some of my lyrics in the following:

    It's super pretty and the trade-off between the differing melodies/sounds of English and Korean make for a really catchy, high calibre slice of songwriting wrapped up in the silk bow of the three girls' voices. I don't really have much else to say about this one but I will finish things off with my own LOONA Alignment Scale because, hey, Chaos gets a feature and you're really just here for visual content anyway right?





    EccentricSimply: This is one of my favorite LOONA releases amongst all of their solo stuff and unit stuff, for real. This is the definition of a perfect b-side, the one that makes a album entirely worth the listen even if anything else isn’t worth it - which is actually not the case for this album in particular, but still, this song is one of a kind. That chorus is just amazing.

    Ceir: Eclipse’s little sister.

    D is for Danger!: I bet the boy groups would have killed for such a track! [SQSH: I'm not sure which boy-group this would have even suited to be honest. Maybe an NCT b-side?]

    GeiPanda: I do prefer this over Girl Front, although I can see why this is not the promoted song. Super sensual and just effortless.

    ThighHighs: To say that this isn’t what I was expecting from OEC is an understatement! A moody, sexy, midtempo banger that’s delivered pretty much perfectly from the gals, this one is a true unexpected highlight.

    He: OEC just bring it with the mid-tempo and slow jams. Too good.

    Serg. : The intro to the song is the only lowlight.

    Slice of Life: Gets even better in time. Kimberly absolutely shines here for obvious reasons but I think Choerrydactyl and Jinsoul also kinda sl&y. There's something about Odd Eye Circle's vocal chemistry that just works. Why y'all stan Loonatic more than this, I'll never understand. [SQSH: Well Chaotic just about beat it here so you won out on a taste front sis].

    McQueer: The production on this is SO GOOD UGH!!!!!! There are so many little intricacies that elevate this from a standard mid tempo R&B bop to serious ear candy.

    Cotton Park: Another earworm (ew) from Mix and Match. This one so very steadily paced and sensual. I occasionally wonder what someone like Lee Hi or Jimin Park would do with this little package of soul, but Kim Lip is in it and I love her singing more than anyone really should, so I don't dwell on it.

    RUNAWAY: Would’ve preferred Uncover to be here, but Chaotic is still a jam.



    karmarisma: I love the layering that OEC has brought back into the music sphere and the song is just so sonically interesting and somehow trancy. I quite like it... [SQSH: This is almost too positive a review for a 6/10 so i'm going to plonk you in the beige comms just fyi.]

    Eliminathan: This song was a bit weaker to me compared to their others but it's still above average.



    Empty Shoebox: I'm not really getting anything chaotic from this song. It's because of that disconnect that I'm marking it down. [SQSH: It's a quiet chaos, an internal strife. You could also argue you don't get much 'wee' or 'woo' from Pitstain's Wee Woo if we're using this logic for example]

    Monkey0: We cancelled dubstep in K-Pop around 2011. This is unacceptable and they still make it sounds boring and repetive. [SQSH: I'm confused if you stumbled into something else here because literally nothing about this song is dubstep except maybe the one wobble in the 5 second intro. Everything else is indie-courting downtempo r'n'b with some subtle trap beats?].

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  7. He


    Chaotic is dubstep?!

    This song deserved much better.

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  8. Dddddddddddddd I'm living for @Monkey0 unnie's new role as Head Hater of KPJ. Hating Twice and now LOONA? Iconique.

    I weirdly agree with @D is for Danger! oppa here? I can totally hear EXO or TVXQ sing this song too. Or Longguo & Shihyun kekeke #promo
  9. Vixx would try it, too.
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  10. YATH.

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  11. Everyday I Love you is so pretty and sunshine-y. It's a perfect fluttery feel good track that never fails to put a smile on my face. It works in every season, to be honest.
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  12. Hey, have you guys seen the next song eliminated?

  13. He


    Boo, where you hacked?
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  14. [​IMG]


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // @RUNAWAY // Send Photo
    Serg. // Squashua

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    BEST FICTION // @Ceir // @digitalkaiser
    Junglefish // Salami // Vikeyeol


    Some songs are massive hits sparking dance covers, millions of MV views and a thousand reaction videos of American gays missing all the best parts of the video because they're too busy checking they look good in their webcam. Some songs fizzle out after initial hype and many more never get to stand atop the international stage of notoriety.

    Not this song.
    Not this tome of KPJ lore and integral to our own LOONAverse.

    I could ramble on for a while about how good musically Seohyunnie Grande's black widow soul-pop boperoo is but really the music no longer exists and all that remains is the circumstances that surround this song's release written down in myth and legend for generations to come.

    Welcome, humble gentleunnies to a tale we bards call:


    The Date: JANUARY 16th 2017

    It was a Monday. The weather - cloudy, grey, bleak.

    Tensions had been building across the tale end of 2016's winter, negativity had spread like the plague and the small cult commune of KPJ unnies had found it a cold, brutal season. With the new year came new hope - the sub-forum eagerly awaited Seohyun's solo release
    (and CLC's Hobgobberz but that would eventually get caught in the eventual crossfire) but they weren't prepared for the cataclysmic events that would transpire in this once peaceful land....

    A simple double-post, like a butterfly wing in the middle of the ocean, could cause destinies to change and life as we know it to be warped forever.

    [SQSH: Considering the video limits in a single post, from the above quote onwards I will be summarising and/or amending the number of the many many embedded videos that were delivered like a clip from an assault rifle in the heat of battle. This is a family show so censorship is necessary]

    The grumbles of warfare and discontent reached the ears of the Lord of the whole PJ continent above such noise they did make....

    Soon, the trainees of this dungeon utopia could no longer bite their tongues and their butt pads went flying like the smoke of the cannon into a red evening sky......

    [SQSH: The maknae @Alouder98 would grow more sharp tongued from this affair, no longer a boy but a fully fledged Iljin within the year. He would also learn how to spell Seohyun properly in time]

    Suddenly it was time to decide on the justice within the Court of Jeju as to what would befall who, whom and to what degree...

    The seemingly-calm yet enraged member, who was once known for his glorious upkeep of P101 in the public's consciousness, pondered this question, his finger hovering over a post with another 5 Don't Say No links embedded as a response. Before he could pull the coded textual trigger, a voice from above boomed from the now parted stormclouds...

    Which only resulted in a sub-forum wide thread opening spree with titles calling everyone "C*NTS" and essentially going off-piste in the most clusterbomb exit possible (if anyone has the screenshot, you may ask them for the historic proof of this seismic event in the KPJ legacy):

    I wasn't kidding with the clusterbomb comment, as the sudden appearance of the Moderators descend for the first (and pretty much last time since) on our humble Unnie-topia:

    And then life continued on.
    CLC's Hobgoblin became the Yunalesca-esque summoner sending away the entity known as Roux's Don't Say No-gate into a distant world but, much like FFX's Sin, Roux would appear again in many forms over the year just to remind us he was in fact right about LOONA and we were still all the worst despite ATRL, Reddit, OneHallyu and Netizenbuzz being all right there. This eventually culminated in the whole event winning the prestigious GRAMAMA for Mess of the Year and being forever immortalised in the Hall of Disdain/Infamity probably lying somewhere in @Slice of Life's dungeon surrounded by Filipino typhoon season frogs and other amphibians a.k.a. Dara's remaining fanbase.

    My forum searching skills are terrible so this is lacking all the visuals that truly map the story (The "Roux Was Right Simpsons parody" courtesy of @send photo, the screenshot of the infamous threads that were created at the height of the meltdown) but feel free to ruminate on how your life has been affected by the legend of this fabled tale. Don't say no now, you'll only get a poisoned bolts & chains arrabiata for your efforts sis....





    Ceir: Triggering.

    Salami: Probably the worst song on the mini. I don’t like how she sounds on it.



    Eliminathan: The chorus is the only good part of this song but I really like the chorus. Also that Judy Jetson hooker look.

    Empty Shoebox: This is another that I find 'okay', but difficult to explain why. [SQSH: Because it's basically Ariana under a K-Pop filter?]

    Junglefish: Not a bad song at all, but I’m just not really here for solo Seohyun, even when she’s feeling her Ariana Grande fantasy.

    Cotton Park: I adore Seohyun, but I swear there's something wrong with the production of this track. It has this weird hollowness to it. Maybe it's just the video, but the first few times it came up in the playlist, I found myself adjusting my audio settings. It's a great song, but the production sounds reedy and thin. [SQSH: Reedy and thin? Must have been getting lessons off Jessica then].



    Karmarisma: Seohyun rounded off SNSD's fire solo debut trio with this firey debut from our supposedly innocent, prim and upright maknae. And it is so lovely to see her come out of her shell. The album was such a treat. I'd never say no to something like this. [SQSH: Again, a 7 seems quite low for such a review. Hard-to-impress unnie indeed]

    He: The maknae that could (transform into Ariana). Seohyun is so talented, and I hope she can have a nice career post snsd.

    Monkey0: Never really cared nor liekd Seohyun because she came of as boring case of overachiever. Usually with dead behind eyes aura but this song is really good. Nothing revolutionary but well done bop. I was under the impression it was release like two years ago so that's about how impactful it is.

    Ryan_Riot92: KPJ Meme Queen 2K17 and ha impact!! The song it very nice and has a lot of soul which is really something you don’t see to often in K-Pop. The glamour is on another level. As wonderful as this song is … I’m mainly giving it high scores for the iconique meme it has become on our forum. When will your faves?

    Sanctuary: Seohyiana Grande snapped with this.

    EccentricSimply: Ah, queen of killing men that hurt her and attending his funeral. Seohyun’s solo debut took way too fucking long to happen, but she delivered such a great title and mini that I can’t be too mad about it.

    Serg.: I actually really love the song, from the production to her vocals and especially the mysteriously charming video, scamming queen Seohyun really did THAT

    Slice of Life: Seohyunia Grande did thaT. This is so Yours Truly-era Ariana Grande and I'm living for the gig. Still one of the very best SM solo efforts.

    D is for Danger!: One of KPJ's many meme queens!

    ThighHighs: A Forum Icon. Aside from it’s iconic meme status, this song is actually really competently produced, written, and sung. I wasn’t expecting a lot from Seohyun, as I’d previously found her to be kind of a personality vacuum, but she really impressed me and held her own. The breakdown isn’t all that great, so it isn’t a perfect effort, but I’d be interested in what she brings next. [SQSH: Dddd at the crowd-cheer backed breakdown into the chorus being my fave part]

    RUNAWAY: The fact that this song became a forum meme makes this even better. Honestly, NOT giving this a 10 would feel wrong with how absolutely iconic it’s become. [SQSH: There's a lot of people who must be feeling wrong right now Roux was Right ]

    Aries: Even if this didn't set the Gaon charts alight, Seohyun gained forumwide meme acclaim. And that is something no amount of music show wins can buy.

    Send Photo: Scream, I lowkey want this to win. [SQSH: Alas I don't think it was ever going to win but a top 30 would've been nice. At least she got the Mess of the Year Gramama I guess...]

    (or maybe just repress it for the future idk)

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  15. He


    Iconic write up!!!

    It really brought me back Alas, I only witness this from the sidelines.

    Our first scandal as a sub-unit. We made it through.
  16. ddddfgghvjnnnm I hate you so much.

    Also that artwork, I can't. I feel like the actual roux is smiling at me.
  17. This literally induced a PTSD style flashback.
  18. Ariana Grande clones are the best types of Western clones in k-pop.

    Ready for Tiffany to release a No Tears clone.
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  19. This kills the @Alouder98 leaves the @Alouder98 slightly readjusting his wig.
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