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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. DDDDDDDDDDD MAKNAE @Alouder98 FOUND ROTTING HELP love you maknae

  2. I’d like to share this if I could. I still watch this ALL THE TIME.
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    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // DigitalKaiser // He
    Island // @ohnostalgia

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    BEST FICTION // Empty Shoebox

    1 - Salami

    3.5 - @eliminathan

    Perhaps as controversial an entry as the last one but for entirely different, outside-of-KPJ reasons, Raingurl marks the one and only entry for burgeoning house-rapper Yaeji. Now there were concerns in the commentary that Yaeji should not be included in the rate due to her not really being "K-Pop" per se, which in the most direct sense is true - she doesn't form a part of the idol industry, doesn't interact with it and is firmly based in the US (and judging by those deep bass house beats I don't even need to check to know she's in the underground New York scene). On this side of the argument it would be the equivalent of including Rina Sawayama in a J-Pop rate, right?


    Well again, yes if this was just an K/J-Idol rate absolutely but there's still more complexity to this. Yaeji was born in America to a Korean family but was schooled largely in Korean, a reverse of Rina (who was born in Japan but grew up in London, UK). Equally, the first song I heard by Yaeji, drink i'm sippin' on, features predominantly Korean lyrics compared to all of Rina's output in English. Those are but two factors one could consider when you try and determine how much impact an artist's nationality/upbringing/residency places on how you might categorise their music. No it's not K-Pop in a Big 3 sense but maybe it sits on the periphery of/adjacent to the indie/underground spaces other artists that were people's choices in this rate occupy. Thus we lie in a much more grandiose, but very real, issue of diasporic identity combined with musical identity and how both artists see themselves in that map of identity but also where we place them arbitrarily for a rate like this. It's a difficult one to assess without asking Yaeji directly if she'd be against such a grouping.

    Ultimately, I felt considering we had numerous indie and underground artists included on ballots who also don't engage with the Idol scene / aren't idols and also can be considered independent or underground musically whilst not necessarily working in South Korea or solely with Korean as their main language, that Yaeji's inclusion would be okay. I'd rather this rate be seen as a musical celebration of everything great that Korean diversity and cultural spread has had a hand in helping/influenced than being exclusive to people's music tastes.

    With that mini explanation just to alleviate some worries about this song's inclusion out of the way:





    I mean BOP and a half. I can only imagine how could this must sound in a dark, smoky nightclub or lounge setting where you're kinda drunk and/or probably high on [enter recreational substance here] (@GeiPanda - did it pass the test oppa?). The hook is beyond catchy to rave-hypnosis levels, the production is glossy, mysterious and undeniably cool and the "Mother Russia in my cup" pre-chorus is a songwriting kii if there ever was one. It probably loses some of its vibe without being in that very distinct environment/frame of mind but it's undeniably contagious as far as downtempo house goes and Yaeji very clearly has a vision (as much of her EPs demonstrate). Also, the dance moves with the umbrella are one of the video moments of 2017 don't at me. I'm glad this has been getting critical attention globally because, if anything, it's fantastic to see a woman of East Asian descent receiving acclaim in western music markets for her own work. I don't know much about her personal life but I believe she's an LGBTQ+ ally too (at the very least)? Someone inform/educate me please although i'm still convinced this is @Slice of Life 's alter-ego.




    Salami: What. This song was randomly playing in a taxi I got in last week. I’d never heard K-pop in real life before, I didn’t even know this was Korean. But I knew I didn’t like it and I still don’t. [SQSH: I knew Amber would have a great car playlist].

    Empty Shoebox: No, this isn't for me. I'm not going to say any more because I can't really. I just don't like it.

    Serg. : It's pretty different from everything else here but it doesn't make me really all that excited.

    Eliminathan: The verses are pretty good but I'm not a fan sorry. It's still not worth like a 0 or anything that low.



    Alouder98: I played this for the whole day the first time I heard that hook but I've kinda grown tired of it now.

    Junglefish: In any other rate, I’d have given this a 9, but this is a K-Pop rate and 'raingurl' is not a K-Pop song. It’s a pop song sung by a Korean woman. [SQSH: I do completely understand the criticism of this song's inclusion oppa, I hope the opening paragraphs helped to somewhat alleviate why it stayed in the running?]

    GeiPanda: Some days I can’t stand this, other times I think this should be hung in the Louvre (down the back) - usually when I’m lit. [SQSH: Aha! So it did pass the text - you should really make this into a webseries.]

    Slice of Life: @ohnostalgia, my sweet, please don't kill me but this is just not my cup of tea. I still bop tho. That's all I'm gonna say xoxo.



    EccentricSimply: Icon of a generation. Honestly, she’s the only one that can make me care even a little bit about house music.

    Ryan_Riot92: BAWP! This is really such an incredible track. Plus it got the regular PJ hunties all hot and bothered too which is GREAT!

    ThighHighs: Drink I’m Sippin’ On should have made it in, too! My roommate heard this at a party in New Orleans last weekend. Queen of getting gays to listen to korean rap. [SQSH: Drink I'm Sippin' On is my fave of hers that i've heard for sure]

    D Is For Danger! : I like this a lot more than Drink I'm Sippin' On. The minimalist beat is right up my alley!

    Aries: I don't really consider Yaeji or her music to be K-Pop but fuck me if this isn't one of the best tracks of the year (in any language).

    Monkey0: Concept is indie Soyou? Perfect anti-thesis of Whisper Queen. It has punch, it's not repetive, fresh and egdy. I like it.

    Ceir: That 90s NYC club beat though. YES. [SQSH: You and Monkey0 either completely agreeing or swerving each other so drastically it's painful is all kinds of that complicated cuteness I live for. Keep it up oppas.]

    RUNAWAY: this song is really funky and cool.

    Cotton Park: Yaeji cranked out the best nerdster rap geek hop I've ever heard in 2017. I could write enough code to graph God listening to this beat. You think I'm kidding. [SQSH: Do it, I dare ye]

    He: Indie queen, friend of Hyomin, producer of the year etc. Really not only this song, but her whole mini is amazing.

    Karmarisma: I was expecting some sort of ballad but...I did not expect to be blown away. This may be the next best thing after FEMM's Fxxk Boyz Get Money and I am absolutely stanning Yaeji from this day onwards. Thank you for supertrashing this <3

  4. From here on, I'd say if an act is Korean and focuses mostly on the Korean market, then they're included.

    I know I brought this up earlier as well, in terms of Yaeji and Hojean. It's also why I stopped posting about them here, as they both reside in the US and don't interact with the Korean music scene at all.
  5. HA. I wish. I'm not as cool as this unnie.

    I'm just preparing for @ohnostalgia's wrath teebs. I'm not ready.
  6. He


    I think her output also being in Korean muddles this point though.

    Yaeji doesn't seem to be too apart from the Korean scene either.

    This should be scored higher, either way.
  7. She's really not in the Korean scene at all. She and Hojean both were picked up by Kpop (mostly indie) youtube channels because their names were Korean.

    And her out put being in korean is an exploration of identity, which she talks about in interviews.
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  8. I will supertrash Tiffany's Remember Me next year and nobody can stop me xoxo
  9. I think my favorite part of Don't Say No-gate was Peter's complete bewilderment about what was going on here and how quickly it escalated to a sub-forum wide EVENT!

    Squash, you know I love when you get all cultural studies on me. C'mon identity politics!
  10. There is way Don’t Say No should’ve missed the top 20. What the fuck.
  11. Wow Meeow! But I meant the production value, not the vocals.....

    Don't GET me started...

    And I get what @Ceir is saying about Yaeji.
    But.... 그개아니야... 그개아니야... 그개아니야... 아기야그개아니야... (x3) is such an amazing Korean mantra and should count for some... thing.... but.... it's not even in Raingurl... nevermind....
  12. Google Translate always makes me laugh: "That's not it. That's not it. That's not it. It's not a dog."

  13. I CONFESS,

    BUT KARMA(not risma) WENT &


    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Eliminathan // @ryan_riot92 // @Sanctuary

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:

    3 - Monkey0

    Another day, another exit for the LOONAverse. Was it a case that everyone came gunning for the Blockberry Bandits of Time, Space, Colours, Religion, Soft Sapphism, Genetics, Animals, Roller-Skating, Super Powers and various fruity forms after they managed to wangle over 1/10 of the final's entries? Would this have been treated better if it wasn't one of many OEC entries, and not even the only Kim Lip or Jinsoul featuring b-side in the rate?


    Oh sorry girls, i'll make this a quick one. Like 2Jin before them, when OEC's roll-out began we were greeted with a true friendship in the shape of the first girls revealed. Both blondes, both dorks with little spacial awareness (and definitely no idea how to utilise a video camera) and both most definitely talented visual queens with a penchant for falsetto high notes and air-tight harmonies. Tell me that these two going in for a slo-mo mock brawl in a parking lot isn't exactly the kind of dumb messery you wish you and your nonexistent in my case sigh friends were doing.





    But to Love Letter and honestly the more I sit with it the more I think it's the best LOONA B-side by quite a way, with See Saw being the nearest challenger. It positively glistens but not in an in-your-face or overly pushed way - it's really unfurls like the opening of petals in the glow of colourful springtime sunrise with the dew still sparkling crystalline on every edge. Delicate, deep forlorn vocals, dreamy synths that flood and swell at a single bubbling ad-lib and the final whoosh from the middle 8 with (i think?) Jinsoul's yearning quasi-belt and a KEY CHANGE. Not enough songs do a well-placed, well-earned key change frankly and this one is just the ruby shining on top. Seriously, i'm so sad they never released a video for it but, with the Cinema Theory events revealing more and more extra content from across the LOONA timeline, there's still hope there's a clip somewhere out there that can bring this to life visually as much as listening to it does my senses.





    EccentricSimply: The song I like the most in this “mini”. It’s ridiculous how good they sound together.

    Cotton Park: It's Kim Lip. Who cares. If you're going to give me beigey, fairly predictible, but very pleasant mid-tempo R&B-flavored pop, I'll take it with Lipperly Kim, please. And the Korean Khaleesi JinSoul on the side. That'll do. Nice song. [SQSH: I'm feeling a bit triggered at seeing the word beigey anywhere near this but i'll let it slide for your reliable Lipbalm stanning.]

    ThighHighs: I remember really enjoying this when it first came out, and it still holds up so well! What a chorus.

    He: Ariana coming through these two blonds. Just a sublime and intimate track. Jinsoul also proving she has a really nice tone.

    Ryan_Riot92: Talk about the duet of the year! Too bad this track didn’t get an MV because it would have been EPIC. Especially considering the artistic imagery and plot of all the LOONAverse videos.

    RUNAWAY: this is such a gorgeous ballad I’m so mad we didn’t get a video.....We got one for My Melody, Sunday, I’ll be There, but not Love Letter or Puzzle?! WTF BBC?
    Edit- or Twilight, Girl’s Talk, or D-1?!????!

    Slice of Life: NOW WAIT A DAMN MINUTE. HOLD UP HOLD UP. I don't think I've ever heard this before??? A goddamn mess. This is amazing! Why did I never check out the Jinsoul single album despite stanning the single??? I HATE MY INCOMPETENCE AHHHHHHH. [SQSH: Just messsssss at this. Poor LipSoul being passed over].

    Aries: In contrast to their respective singles, "Love Letter" is lighter and sweeter, with Kim Lip and JinSoul's voices blending perfectly.

    Eliminathan: The best subunit song from LOONA and it's not even one of the official subunits. They should have added Choerry somewhere and made this an OEC song.

    Karmarisma: There's this awesome bass in this song if you listen with a decent pair of headphones, and it's just so soothing. And once again the OEC voice layering and harmonisation works it charms *melts*

    DigitalKaiser: I do love this, but I’m also under the impression including some of these b-side loona tracks is a little much, so it did have an affect on my score. I do this so my faves can live don’t @ me on this day. [SQSH: I was going to @ you for the riggery your commentary suggests but then I see you actually gave it a 9.5, which isn't much of a descore, so @digitalkaiser improve your iljin skills of deception next time]



    Serg.: We call this Beige and thats where this should've stayed. [SQSH: Don't make me whip out the giving Lovelyz - Wow a 9 receipts again sis...]

    Empty Shoebox: This seems a decent enough song, but it's not my kind of thing, and there's so many other songs here that are.

    GeiPanda: I love the chorus, but I don’t particularly find myself returning to the song very often.

    Salami: A LOONA song I don’t dislike! I’m lost with how many members there are but these two are my favourites based on this.



    Monkey0: No wonder they need 500 pages of "mythology", music ain't gonna keep anyone interested. [SQSH: Guess that just means more bops, jams, bangers and the highest grade K-MV visual material for me then]

    Kuhleezi: Not as good as you’d expect a song from these two to be quite honest.

  14. I think I've since seen the light dd
  15. What did y'all give 10s to if all the bops are leaving now?
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  16. me stanning talent......but not tew much

  17. Speaking of talent, can we take a moment to applaud @Squashua for his fantastic writeups?
  18. If @Slice of Life let Yaeji into the K-Charts then I don’t see what the big deal was. The alternative was me suoertrashing Wannabe so really you should all be grateful.

    Thank you @Squashua for perfectly explaining why Yaeji should be eligible. We have Americans with Korean descent joining Kpop groups as a way of exploring their heritage. This is no different.

    Oh by the way she’s very cute live.

    And I thought I gave this my 11?
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  19. Love Letter grew on me like a week after I submitted my scores and it's my favorite Loona b-side now so I would score it way higher if we were rating now.

    And that's probably the reason it went out so early. It probably would go to top 20 if I hated it nn.
  20. Oh by the way @Slice of Life likes raingurl now. Character growth.
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